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German technology weds Indian jugaad – SKODA style!

There is a verse in THE BIBLE, where Paul instructs the faithful NOT TO BE UNEQUALLY YOKED TOGETHER! I never understood that till I bought a SKODA car in India and sent the car for repair to a SKODA workshop. The problem was that the airconditioning was not working.

To a lay man, all that one has to do is check up if the gas is leaking and if it were to be, then fix the leaking point and then test it. Since the gas is expensive, one could use any other method to test the piping etc. Since there was no gas the Indian mechanic’s assumption was that there must be a defect in the piping and promptly, it was changed. After changing the piping, gas was filled and the problem persisted. Then the next change was made and the coil had to be changed. But, since inventory costs have escalated and there are no cost benefits for the workshop in stocking, it was discovered that the coil was not available.

Hereinafter comes the Indian jugaad – a sweet sounding female voice asks if i bore the name assigned to me at my baptism and after receiving a response in the affirmative, the voice turns sweeter and says, “Sir, the piping of the A/c has been changed. But during trial it was found that the COIL was ALSO defective! The problem is that we have RUN OUT OF a/c coils and we will place an order, if you want us to buy it for you.”

I have reached the end of my tether, so i ask that sweet sounding female voice, “Did you not test the coil before launching on repairing my car?”

“Sir, it was only during the trial that this problem with the coil was discovered. Plz tell whether you would pay for the work done and then allow me to take a booking from you for placing an order for the a/c coil or leave the car and take it after the  ‘COIL’ arrives?” I tell them that they better send the car and then place an order for the coil!

This is what is called as UNEQUALLY YOKED TOGETHER!

German technology is all about thoroughness in detecting a problem, assessing if a “DURABLE”solution could be found and thereafter launch on the work after taking approval from the client after explaining the problem, estimated cost and the duration. Indian ‘jugaad’is to fix first the apparent problem and ‘believe’ that there are no more problems and ‘THANK GOD and continue to live, till the problem resurfaces with greater intensity- and sometimes without remedy!”

This jugaad coupled with an incessant love for money makes them sequence issues in such a way that they maximize their profits without following the exacting standards fixed by the Germans in THOROUGHNESS in DETECTION OF ISSUES, RESOLVING THEM THROUGH DURABLE SOLUTION besides communicating with the customer by providing him the feedback regarding the cost, time for repair and what the problem is along with the implications of not attending to it promptly.

But we are a SOCIALIST nation, a word which gets defined as time goes by, by half baked brains which wear their concern for the “poor” and indulge in standard-less behaviour!

I love Germany because, they were the least colonizing nation and thorough in their approach with a comprehensive and durable solution but also the most maligned nation, just because one German was considered by the Allied powers as a genocider!



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