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So they both had met in a railway waiting hall, more by divine inexplicability than by any human design. Boredom in a woman drives her to the nearest amusement, which better amusement than Man for a woman?
She walked up to him and asked: Do you have tissues?
He said: Do I look the type that carries tissues for women to clean their runny noses?
She was bolder than he could ever imagined, she retorted: Not for my nose!
As he started wondering why she left out that ‘runny’ in her nose, he saw her drawing her kerchief out to show him the kerchief  & waving as if the sixteen year old in her sprang back to life coquettishly after two decades!
He said : Shall we have coffee?
They both were married. Happily or not is a perverse question, wanting to prepare oneself early for either ‘compassion’ or ‘envious jealousy’ – you may wonder why envious jealousy? Simply because we can’t say: jelousous envy!

Jealousy cannot be said to be like zeal, zealous and zealously. The progression should have been noun, adjective and then adverb, but in Jealousy, the adjective gets shortened to become Jealous and finally jumps back to Jealously!
Why is that so? In its base form it is an Adjective because, it can stand only if it is to define a NOUN. So the base word Jealous is a dependent word to start with, and carries only a description of a person, thing or a place. It has NO SPECIFIC attributes, it takes the colour of the person who wears it.

(.. to be continued at my WILL)

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