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ASIF ALI ZARDARI , who by quirk of fate is the President of Pakistan, is the only political person in this world who has donned the mantle of an assassinated wife. He was known as 10%-er, for all the backroom support he was providing when his wife was holding office.

Had he stepped boldly, into the shoes of his assassinated wife, one cud atleast say that he wanted to carry on the democratic process initiated by his wife, but the slime-ball techniques that he exhibited by projecting their son as the heir and assuming power as a REGENT PRESIDENT, is to say the least pusillanimous.

Not only his mode of assumption of the President’s post is dubious, but his statements are PREPOSTEROUS. No Indian Prime Minister, nay even a Chief Minister of a state in India, would go public stating that a person, captured for any criminal activity, does not belong to the nation or the relevant state within 12 hours of the question arising. India has @ 600 districts and each is headed by a District Collector / District Magistrate and without their report, no Constitutionally appointed person would make a statement of fact, as time could reveal facts and also show that he was in the know of that fact. But our WIDOWER, makes a statement disowning Kasab @ Qasab, as not being a Pakistani, unmindful of the future possibility of him being exposed. At least he could have asked the Chief Minister of the province to make a statement and back it up as the president.


Dear Zardari, u r like the frog from the well which could not conceptualize an Ocean.

FIRSTLY, if one has a look at the map of Pakistan one can see that no part of Pakistan is more than 500 kms from the nearest territory of India. Whereas, India cannot be covered from Northern end to the Southern Tip by an overnight journey! Nor can the East to west be traversed by an overnight journey! 500kms is nothing but an overnight journey. And these distances are not filled by vacuum, but amazingly variegated culture.

SECONDLY, Mr.Zardari, out of all the languages spoken in your land Urdu, Punjabi and Sindhi are languages which are merely 3 of the 22 languages listed in Schedule 8 of The Constitution of India. These 3 languages form probably the mother tongue of less than 5% of the population of India. Yet Zardari has the AUDACITY TO TELL THAT THERE IS A PART OF PAKISTAN IN EVERY INDIAN.

THIRDLY, India is not a THEOCRATIC state- neither by its Constitution nor by its Practice. There are INSTITUTIONS that stand by the CONSTITUTION and HUMANITY. It is the land where the APEX JUDICIARY INVENTED THE BASIC STRUCTURE DOCTRINE AND OVERCAME THE CONFLICT BETWEEN FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS AND DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES, thereby had resolved conflicts thru fine judgments and refinement of thought and not thru crass force and muzzling!! The very composite nature of the society has brought a tolerance, which for a common Pakistani to appreciate might take ages.

FOURTHLY, if Zardari thinks that India is made up of the border districts abutting Pakistan, he is grossly mistaken. There are ethnicities that are diametrically different to his country’s ethnicity.

FIFTHLY, maybe India has been exporting Hindi Movies for the entertainment of the Pakistani people and Pakistanis might be influenced by those movies to such an extent, as to believe that, that was all India was about. If that were to be so they are grandly mistaken. There are movies made at a serious level in at least half a dozen more languages, which reflect cultures beyond their understanding!!

SIXTHLY, Pakistan has a population less than that of Uttar Pradesh (the most populous state of India) and India has more Muslim population than that of Pakistan. The dimensions that we are talking here are incomprehensible for a leader from Pakistan.

SEVENTHLY, at best a Zardari could qualify to be treated at par with some of the Chief Ministers of the major states of India, had it not been for the sovereignty of Pakistan.

Therefore, if he cannot get his facts right and be HUMBLE, the least he could do is to refrain from making those insidious statements, as if every Indian is carrying a part of Pakistan as a royal vestige!! The People’s power and the strength of the Institutions of India are incomparable, and its multi-culturalism, unparalleled.

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