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Kushboo & DMK!

Dravida Munnetra Khazhagam (DMK) is the party founded by Arignar Anna, with the avowed social philosophy that without Political Power there is no scope of converting the party’s Social Phiolosophy into a Social Reality. In the process they went iconoclastic and truly went around damaging the statues and the priests who, they claimed, exploited the masses in the name of Gods and Goddesses.

Cut back a few decades later and we find a Mumbai born Muslim girl, who could not find her feet in Mumbai  Hindi film industry make it to stratospheric heights in the Thamizh film industry. Kushboo was elevated to the level of a GODDESS. A temple was built, with Kushboo as the presiding deity!

TamilNadu has 69,000 temples and the 69,001st temple was dedicated to Devi Kushboo.

Now DMK, a party that prided on Godlessness, has got a new member. Kushboo is a primary card holding member of the DMK!!

A Goddess in the fold of ATHEISTS!

I LOVE IT. DMK may still be a Godless party, but now with Kushboo around, DMK is not a GODDESSLESS party!!

Tamil Nadu, i love you and the politics which has no precedent and is always setting new mile stones in INNOVATIVE POLITICS!!

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