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This MARE had been groomed in convent school, where morality was laid on so thick, that she was perennially left with a sense of guilt. The easiest way to sense a guilt ridden soul is to check if they, at the start of any activity, indulge in a seemingly innocuous question IF THE ACTIVITY WOULD PLEASE THE ELDERS OF THE FAMILY & SCHOOL. If the answer is a YES, then the morality had seeped into their souls thru constant indoctrination.

The mares raised in a liberal atmosphere are more likely to do whatever they want and if thwarted, would ask WHAT IS WRONG? The liberal ones want to know the PRINCIPLES, but the convent groomed ones constantly require the mental REASSURANCE of their superiors. Herein lies the difference and consequently their behaviour.

This buxom mare, in its youthful exuberance and self-assured morality had launched into an enviable career. She was stately in her posture and brusque in her response, in fact the Stallions which nursed hopes of covering her, were not so confident in making their suit upfront. They were drawn into her moral structure and could not see her needs as any mare would have. Consequently they either stuttered, stammered and fumbled their way out or engaged in inanities, without having the guts to state their cause. Some stallions befriended her with the hope that someday the mare would relent and then they would turn victorious. Their HOPES were kept in perpetual abeyance.

In the sidelines, was a COLT that had sighted this mare and was smitten to the depths of his soul. But our colt was able to see thru the games that the stately mare was indulging in. None was repelled by her but her intimidating stature allowed none to verbalize their cause. Having been raised in a stud farm, the colt had seen the SIRING stallions treating the mares. He learnt early that he had to do three things, firstly, VERBALIZE, secondly SHOOT STRAIGHT and thirdly EXHIBIT NO SIGNS OF DESPAIR IF REJECTED(one can always fight another day).

His language skills broke her silence. The mare was no more able to deploy her silence and flummox the Colt. The stallions that were following her, sensed no threat in the colt. In fact they were happy that the colt was at ease with the mare, which got them tongue-tied. They thought that it was a sign of supreme INNOCENCE. An Innocence that is born of LACK of GUILT. It was only the colt which knew its surging passions. The stallions were not able to get even a whiff of it.

But the Mare was fascinated by the skillful use of the language by the colt and the confidence that betrayed no hidden passion. It is mostly our curiosity that forms the first step of our attraction to the opposite sex. Naturally, the mare from fascination moved into the next gear of mental curiosity. The mare did not mind making herself the neighbour in the grazing pastures. The colt was not only grazing but leading her to activity without the main question IF THE ACTIVITY WOULD PLEASE THE ELDERS OF THE FAMILY & SCHOOL? entering her head. She was beginning to TRUST him. Trust him with her moral principles. No more did the hackneyed morality bother her. It was a liberating force. A force that introduced her to LIFE.

One evening, while grazing with the colt, the sun was setting and anxiety was rising in the Mare’s mind about getting to the stables. The colt pretended that he was unaware of the drawing night. She neighed at him almost nudging him if it wasn’t time to leave. The colt in the flush of passion, shot the question straight- IF U WORRY ABOUT THESE TRIFLES, WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE THE INTIMACY THAT ONLY WE CAN FEEL AND, NONE ELSE CAN FEEL FOR US?

The question was too quick, she thought for a moment. But she sensed the opportunity of the INTIMACY in the darkness, outside the ken of the other stallions and mares. The colt heard that sudden swallow of her saliva that gave him the signal of consent. He moved in a jiffy to her back and she in total reception stood still, but as if she was stunned by his behaviour.

She was stirred as a tremulous petal and she could feel the flow of her reception. A stirring that made her feel like the female of any specie, when surrender was the form to tether the male to her soul. The colt mounted but the distraction of the whistle, from the groom from afar, brought her senses back and she moved out. The movement was so elegant, that it was a message to the colt that HAD THE GROOM NOT INTERFERED, WE COULD HAVE FELT WHAT WE ONLY CAN FEEL, AND NONE ELSE FOR US!

Both were hustled into the stables and separated. But the night was the most eventful, both for the colt and the Mare. The Mare could not forget the line: WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE THE INTIMACY THAT ONLY WE CAN FEEL AND, NONE ELSE CAN FEEL FOR US?

She was ruminating on the poetic content of that bold line. It made her tingle thru the night. She finally felt the LIBERATING power of CONFESSED LOVE.

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