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Medical Colleges and SOCIALISM!

The grasshopper whistled and frittered away its time talking of banning English as a medium of instruction but always relied on the rains which fell from the heavenly parliament- as they had more numbers in the parliament and whenever there was a crisis in numbers, they stepped in irrespective of their avowed creed and bailed out the incumbent government, if the dole was right! But the ant had no such godfathers! It had to slog and slog.

The winters are coming. The sins of the fathers are being visited upon the children. I don’t like it- but somewhere some balancing out has to take place. One can not advocate illiteracy and glorify poverty. The poor are to be ‘supported’- but not at the cost of more diligent neighbours.

So there has been a helluva lotta cry about not making NEET(NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY cum ENTRANCE TEST) the mode for admissions into all the medical colleges in India. The Supreme Court of India has struck down the admission mode through NEET only as prescribed by Union Government (btw the Constitution of India recognizes only 2 Governments viz UNION and STATES, there is nothing called Central and Peripheral!) The reason cited by the Supreme Court being that the MCI Act 1956 is NOT empowered under the MCI Act to compel the mode of admissions to the Medical Colleges in India. As simple as that!

There are the grasshopper states in India and the ant states in India. I have seen my brethren from both states and have seen them slog it out as well as while away their time in hookahs, beedis and vain talk! Admission time is the winter time for aspirants of medical seats! The grasshopper states have fewer medical colleges and the aspirants from those states will have to either shell out huge sums and get admitted in their HOME STATES  or pay even huger sums and study in states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat or Kerala (which have 70% of Medical seats in India)!

My question is IF ENGLISH SHOULD BE BANNED, WHY SHOULD THERE BE ASPIRANTS FOR ALLOPATHIC INSTITUTIONS FROM THOSE STATES WHICH ARE VEHEMENTLY OPPOSING ENGLISH AS THE MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION? Why are the people of those states putting up with such leaders who are taking them up the garden path? One of those leaders had got his son admitted in an Engineering college in Karnataka and he then went to Australia to complete his PG and the boy so educated  is presiding over a state which delivers  bulk of the parliamentarians to make laws relating to the UNION and some of the CONCURRENT lists. But his father wants ENGLISH eliminated for his constituents!

Now, they want their children to go to other states, not merely as students from other states but with a RIGHT! That DIVINE RIGHT which would bestow seats to them in the name of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and Socialism!

These Medical Institutions have a history and they did not spring up overnight. Some of them are minority institutions which have been built by those linguistic and religious minorities for EDUCATING themselves. These minority institutions have the sanctity of the highest law- THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA. These were not “gifted” by the munificence of some feudal lord, but built by some visionary of that minority or someone interested in the upliftment of the minority. One cannot use laws which do not empower the MCI to be made a tool in the hands of the politicians who pander to the vote-casting electorate, to give away these hard-earned assets of certain states and certain communities in the name of altruistic Socialism or Equality. DON’T ROB PETER, IF YOU WANT TO PAY PAUL YOU BLOODY WELL EARN AND PAY PAUL!

MCI is not exactly run by angels that once they are allowed to step in all the grasshopper states would get an equal opportunity! All one needs to do is Google the corruption scandals in MCI and the litany of such news tumble and show that indeed angels do not run the MCI.

A word of gratuitous advice to those GRASSHOPPER STATES- land revenue and intoxicants are entirely within the state list and a state like TAMIL NADU has exploited it to the hilt by ensuring that the revenue out of LIQUOR does not go out of the state of Tamil Nadu and last heard, collects Rs. 40,000 CRORE out of its TASMAC  operations. A state can live well only if its revenues are shored up and wisely spent for building INFRASTRUCTURE for the future generations to build upon. EDUCATION IS THE GREATEST OF ALL INFRASTRUCTURE. Otherwise, one can whistle away one’s life in wanting to force ANT states to learn Hindi, don’t learn English etc. etc.

I am reminded of the poem A PSALM OF LIFE by H.W Longfellow:

Let us, then, be up and doing.
With a heart for any fate;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor and to wait.

So the grasshopper states should learn to labour and to wait! The reward of our labour never ever comes IMMEDIATELY.

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