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Degrading grades!!

Now that there are going to be GRADES instead of MARKS, how does one benefit? At least not the bright kids.

If one were to apply for a University other than the one from which he had passed out, there is every likelihood that the welcoming university while processing the applications are not going to BUNCH all the applicants from different universities, who have scored the same grade, and might give greater room for ARBITRARINESS. As it exists, despite clearly defined marks, the principle seems to be SHOW ME THE APPLICANT AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE FORMULA!!

The Universities should be clearly told to grade the different Universities, so that the students know which Universities have a higher standing so that it does not come as a surprise when they finally seek admissions.

This GRADE business is nothing new. This was in existence in many universities and when the students tried migrating to other universities, the admission procedure prescribed that for the purposes of clear demarcation, the lowest mark of the spectrum of the grade should be taken for calculation purposes. Many students were prejudiced by such an arrangement. This new GRADING system is nothing but new wine in old bottle!!

The oblique reasons for which such a revamping has been done will come to light years later, when a whole generation of students have undergone the inequities thru exploitation by the rich and the powerful.

Except for the ostensible reason that the children would not GO THRU THE ANXIETIES of the board exams, i see no benefit accruing by the implementation of this system of grading.

Secondly, giving lop-sided continuous assessment in the hands of the school teachers is likely to discriminate against the “naughty” but diligent kids.  OBJECTIVITY would be lost. Instead of considering knowledge and understanding of the subject, criteria like obedience, punctuality, orderliness, courtesy etc. would be given importance and therefore the marks.

I feel that the system has been conceived in secrecy, for reasons best known to the persons who decided it, sacrificing the interests of the student community and their parents who struggle both with the changing system and their children.

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