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He after obtaining her emotional submission, would launch on the physical assault, that led her to drift from her partial consciousness to total dissolving and disappearance of the observing mind.

She was no more watching herself, much less him, she was rapidly losing herself on the onslaught of the strokes which tingled her being.

The man was observing the molten mass and redoubled his oaring, wanting to see her in that state of mindlessness!
That state was what gave him the ultimate sense of manhood.

The observer in him was severe and would not tolerate him being lethargic or giving in to the pleasures of so base a nature.
This observer within, made him a marvel in the minds of those women. They used to come out of those mindless periods, with a sneaking suspicion that he had seen them during those gaps of their consciousness- the thought that he was the author of their mindless state brought a sense of shame to them.
She would scratch him to see if he would talk about her dilapidated state of consciousness. His silence gave her a feeling that he hadn’t noticed her mindless state, which pacified her.

But her urge to get into that state of mindlessness impelled her to seduce him. He was crowned the king of her consciousness.
Now that he had mounted the tigress, he had no option but to duplicate her mindlessness. A task to which he was equal. She used to call him fondly ‘ MY GAP FILLER’ .

A true tribute to what happened, but none who heard her could sense even remotely the intensity and his dexterity of their union!

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