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The greatest discovery, next only to Newton’s gravitation, made by a team of learned people was the BASIC STRUCTURE concept.

A discovery which limited the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS and promoted amorphous welfare of the group.

A shift from the individual to the group.

With Clarity, one can strive towards equality, but opacity brings inequality- since only the persons privy to the goings on behind the veil have access to the yardstick. Not only access, but also when vested with authority,the yardstick becomes gospel.

In group life interference is called for. But when the group, rather the rabble, infringes on the inalienable rights of the individual in the name of growth in disregard of the fundamental rights, and the Government keeps silent, it is to obliquely state that the constituent assembly had over rated the rights of the individual- as they had just got out of slavery!

Crystallization of the fundamental rights- however narrow- should be the starting point of any civil society. Day to day defining of the rights vis a vis the group objectives, leads individuals on the path of mental slavery to a system which could be taken over by lumpen elements in a democracy, all in the name of growth ( in India especially in the name of DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY)!

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