Men & Maids of Relief!

Shorn of all aesthetics these are men and women who are not ppl who inspire one’s imagination, they just are safety valves of Relief. Depending on them is merely depleting and boring.
Freud in his book JOKES AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE UNCONSCIOUS alludes to a pithy saying:
“ A wife is like an umbrella, sooner or later one has to take a cab.”
I’m sure, every reader has got what it means. That comparison of an ‘umbrella’ with one’s spouse has happened merely because the institution had been reduced to one of RELIEF.
To not fall into it, one has to glorify Romance. What is that? Not that one should pamper one’s spouse with all the material needs – the reason being ‘needs’ met may provide a thankful heart but never a craving mind.
Romance is linked to the MIND. The person has to get preoccupied with the thoughts of the other- that’s Romance. When preoccupied with lovely thoughts our minds imaginatively improve it and make it colourful than reality. Reality may be drab, but the very thought of being with that person alters the surroundings because of an idyllic mental setting created all by they person. To prolong that is Romance.
From this relief there can be culmination but not a ‘relief’ as there is a craving to perpetuate that state of mind.
If one gets into the mode of building pressure through the process of natural welling up, that needs Relief, but when the Mind effervesces and builds up volume it needs Sustaining. That’s why in the first case, one catches a cab. If one enjoys the drops and droplets which splatter on him and the dripping of those edges off the umbrella and relishes each moment, the Mind looks for NO ALTERNATIVE.
When I read this Freudian book as a boy of all 19 years, it was posited by me with a physical meaning, which today feels CRASS, but with mellowing down and cooling of the hotheadedness of youth, the ‘joke’ is to be interpreted to sustain ways to enjoy the umbrella during rains.
OR Is it just that the same data is getting interpreted by a mind that doesn’t remember the exigencies of the youth? Maybe.

Mirror, mirror on the wall……?

Prior to the Supreme Court of India clamping down on dark film users on the cars, women, girls and fops used to never pass by the cars without turning their heads on cars which have their window screens up to have a quick peek at how they look. Now most of the cars in most of the cities have clear window screens thereby bringing in a disappointed look in the eyes of those who were used to using the mirrored walls on the cars.

I have also noticed earlier that girls, women and fops used to intently watch the mirrored wind screens and side windows and adjust their hair, sometimes quickly apply a dash of lip-stick or lip gloss and then turn around and continue their walking, little knowing that there were boys and men inside the same car who enjoyed the care shown by these girls, women and fops!


Yet, i have seen that some of the girls and women who were habituated to such mirrored images of themselves turning suddenly to have a quick look at their images and disappointed that the windscreens are clear see-throughs!

The following verses which appear in THE BIBLE at James 1:23 & 24, clearly says why ‘men’ look into the mirrors

Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.

If men look into the mirror the reason is simple, THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW THEIR FACES LOOKED LIKE; but when girls, women and fops look into the mirrored images, they want to make themselves attractive- which enhances their sense of well-being! That is a more polished way of looking at why girls and women look themselves in those mirrored window screens- but a more MCP view is that women and girls are NARCISSISTIC! I counter that as NARCISSUS was a young boy before he pined away and became a flower! If we get to Freud’s theory then Narcissism gets mired in all kinds of self-abuse theory!

I personally think that the Supreme Court of India has done a great disservice to those who were in the habit of quickly peeking into the mirrored images  on the dark screens of the cars to set their hair or looks. With this alteration in law, may be the security of the country has gone up, but I feel that the aesthetic component has taken a nose dive. Not every girl, woman or a fop has the facility of a vanity mirror……Further, boys have also lost a lot of fun which used to come out of the way of watching girls and women prepare themselves before a hurried rendezvous!

I am sure the dark films are going to make a come back and provide the Snow White’s step- mom-syndrome back on track! MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, WHO IS THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL?