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The inferior mind is blind to the secondary, tertiary and multiple use of a particular product or situation. The superior mind conceals the secondary, tertiary and multiple uses from the inferior mind and glorifies the primary use- so that they could enjoy the same things for other reasons and yet avoiding crowding for the same objects and situations.

It is this distinction that distinguishes the superior mind.

Down the lane comes the communist and observes that the superior mind is not enjoying the same objects and situation for the reasons that the inferior mind is enjoying. He discovers the reasons and tries enlightening the inferior mind, but it is so dense that unless the inferior sheds his denseness thru experience, it isn’t possible to enlighten them.

They are stuck to the primary use- like the Jews enjoyed their day’s repose after a day’s work slaving it out for the Egyptians. But working for building pyramids was not definitely to their glory.

The Egyptians encouraged everyone in the name of Duty. Duty towards accomplishing the task of building the pyramid. But the superior mind was devising ways of perpetuating the name of pharaoh by housing the dead ones to trace genealogy and to display the same for an un-achievable pedigree.

Moses attempted to bring that to the consciousness of the task-wearied Jews. But to no avail. An inferior mind can’t perceive the value of freedom and liberty. They were dreaming of the flesh pots of Egypt, to the freedom and ownership.

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