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Very heartening to know that  Steven Slater quit his job after 28 years of service as a flight attendant in JET BLUE airlines. Not because he quit, but the way he quit! He announces in the PA system in the aircraft, ” To the passenger who called me a mother f***er, F**K you. I have been in this business 28 years. And that’s it, I am done.”

He leaves the craft via the slide and that after he put his luggage on slide before he himself slid down!!

He is the MODERN DAY Moses. Moses quit the comfort of the Pharaoh’s PALACE and was thrown in the wilderness. From there he clawed his way back to the Pharaoh’s palace with the HYPOTHESIS that JEHOVAH wanted Israelites to worship Him in the wilderness. Moses took away the workforce of the Pharaoh leaving behind a devastated Egypt to fend for itself!

Steven Slater by quitting in this dramatic style has become and icon of all those who are “trapped” in their jobs, merely to eke out a living. But even the worm turns and it did. The overwhelming support extended to Steven Slater is heart warming. One has to read all those comments in Steven Slater FB, it is truly expressive of pent up volcanic emotions of the common man.

Moses “rescued” a defined set of people,  but Steven Slater  has elicited an eruptive emotion from the submerged consciousness of the sheep!!

Now u don’t believe that, then check out this link- gutsy girl!

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