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The Man met a Maid!

They started a game,

A game in which he had a fistful of silvern coins,

And she a string drawn purse at the opening.

He did not want her to give it in her hand,

And she wanted to take the silvern coins in her purse.

He did not know how much he held in his fist,

Nor did she.

But she said, “I can multiply it in time & hand it back to you.

If only you dropped it in the purse without counting!”

He was sceptical, but took a chance.

He put his fist into the purse.

No sooner was his fist inside the purse,

Than the string was drawn stifling the wrist.

He opened his fist and all the silvern coins fell to a jingle.

The noosed purseĀ  loosened

To let the opened fingers out.

She took the jingling string drawn purse and went singing all the way.

The man thought his coins were lost for good and left too..

Many months later she found him and returned

Manifold coins that his fist could never hold.

The man and maid still play the game

And increase the labour force!!

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