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Individual & Institutions!

It is always the INDIVIDUALS who make up an institution, but the INSTITUTION is always BIGGER than the Individual. It is not because the INSTITUTION has an impersonal character, but because with an institution many individuals make their LIVING, EARNING, fulfill their ASPIRATIONS and therefore the aspirations of many get reflected through these INSTITUTIONS . Further the INSTITUTIONS are not TIME-BOUND and carry something called the INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY. It is still the individuals, who make all the decisions on behalf of these INSTITUTIONS. These INDIVIDUALS could be guided by written principles or by the “SPIRIT”. But it has been noticed that the guiding of the spirit is not always desirable or reliable, as the personal preferences, prejudices creep in and corrupt the “weak and willful” spirit. Therefore there are written constiutions, religious books, binding precedential judgments which are referred in guiding the INSTITUTIONS.

Some of the prominent INSTITUTIONS are the Government, the Church, the Banking system governed by a Central Bank, the Judiciary etc. The Government governs the territory and its people. The Government is the most visible of INSTITUTIONS and it accommodates the maximum number of INDIVIDUALS in its service. Whether one likes it or not, it always impinges on one’s life. So where do we draw the line between the INDIVIDUAL and the INSTITUTION of the GOVERNMENT? That is where the CHURCH, TEMPLES, MOSQUE, PAGODAS, GURDWARAS come in. These religious INSTITUTIONS profess to provide SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS to the individual. Jesus’ famous saying, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s” (LUKE 20:25) brought in a clear demarcation. The currency/coin that bore the mark of Caesar had to be rendered to Caesar, but the body that bears the SPIRIT of God SHALL be rendered to God. Never was this distinction so beautifully expressed nor exemplified so aptly.

JESUS had to fight the institution of the Jewish Religious hierarchy. Pilate washed his hands off, as he saw that the dispute was with reference to a religious issue and not a TEMPORAL issue relating to the realm of the Caesar. Any INSTITUTION breeds CRONIES, RATS, CARPET-BAGGERS & MEGALOMANIACS and when Jesus fought against the INSTITUTION, he was pitted against not only the visible top hierarchy, but also against the dregs of the institution who derive their pelf and prosperity from that INSTITUTION. They would rise! An ordinary soldier smites JESUS on his face and asks him to predict as to who had smitten him. These rats, megalomaniacs, carpet-baggers and cronies are let loose against the INDIVIDUALS who are seen as a threat to the INSTITUTION. None questioned the high-handedness of the soldier. The INSTITUTION does not rein in the rogues who do cantankerous and nasty things against INDIVIDUALS who are accused/ alleged to have hurt the sacrosanct tenets of the INSTITUTION.

In effect any INSTITUTION grows to its fullness to  hurt the INDIVIDUAL, who is perceived to bring about a change for the better, to the Individual.

COMMUNISM was an Institution that successfully took over the Government/Administration from the Czars of Russia. The monarchy, that existed was also a hierarchification that helped the peasants to do the limited duty of cultivation and the Monarchy with its contacts and resources sold their produce at a place of demand and thereby procured higher rates for their produce thus enriching the peasants, but over a period of time the same Monarchy, out-sourced its primary job of dealing with the peasants, to the Feudal lords and the Priests. This insertion of a new tier between the Monarchy and the Peasants brought the worst  in the INSTITUTION of the Feudal Lords and Priests. They had to facilitate the AMBITION of the MONARCH and squeeze the peasants for higher produce. In effect the INDIVIDUAL’S prosperity, freedom, life and leisure get diminished. So COMMUNISM appeared with a HUMAN face and put an end to the MONARCHY of the Czars, but the same COMMUNISM as an INSTITUTION became RIGID and INSENSITIVE to the INDIVIDUAL. Thus GORBACHEV presided over the dismantling of the INSTITUTION of Communism in Russia.

In effect an Institution is nothing but a group of INDIVIDUALS who take over the “IMMORTAL” aspect of the INSTITUTION and run it based on the PHILOSOPHY those INDIVIDUALS subscribe to. In the process the original priority of HUMANISM gets eroded as the INSTITUTION tends to get IMPERSONAL and projects itself as doing good to the maximum number of people at the cost of the  LIBERTY and WEAL of the FEW! The most are ASSIGNED DUTIES and the INSTITUTIONS are manned by the few- who not only alter the priorities of the INSTITUTION but tinker and meddle with the INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY of the Institution.

The Jews who were in the land of GOSHEN at Egypt, after the death of Joseph, did not become slaves overnight. They were brought into slavery by the Egyptians over a period of time and the unbearable culmination of inflicting excruciating atrocities on the slaves happened 480 years after Joseph’s Premiership. It took a person like MOSES, to see the INSTITUTION of THE SLAVERY OF THE JEWS and do something about it.

We need a clear sense of HISTORY, so that the INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY of any INSTITUTION is not tampered with, as all INSTITUTIONS have had their beginnings in HUMANISM and then thru the manipulation of HISTORY by some INDIVIDUALS, the collective memory of the people are altered to their detriment.

Secondly, more than the RIGHTS, we as INDIVIDUALS have to preserve our LIBERTY. LIBERTY is RIGHTS IN ACTION. I have the Liberty to drive my car on a HIGHWAY, but my RIGHT to drive could be prevented by the police because of necessities and exigencies, but when the police perennially prevents me from driving my roadworthy car and me with a valid licence, my LIBERTY is curtailed for no REASON. It is that constant deprivation of LIBERTY that erodes an INDIVIDUAL’S RIGHTS.

Let us preserve our LIBERTY from oppressive INSTITUTIONS by being conscious of our sense of HISTORY and secondly HUMANISM. As Jesus said, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s” (LUKE 20:25), let us not surrender our LIBERTIES for the so called GREATER GOOD OF THE MANY as propagated by some rats, megalomaniacs, carpet-baggers and cronies who have taken over the INSTITUTIONS and altered their INSITUTIONAL MEMORY to suit their priorities.

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