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It is not often that one gets to see the Prez of the USA duck! He is somebody who gets on to the front foot and deals with the issues- as he perceives them! But yesterday we saw Prez Bush (we Indians Love him- Dr.Manmohan Singh), while addressing a press conference at Baghdad ducking, while a shoe was missiled at him by one of the members of the accredited(!!) press corps.

Notwithstanding the fact that the person was from the press; notwithstanding the fact that the missiler was a shiite; notwithstanding the fact that no matter what they say, the Iraqis resent the American presence in their soil,- it is to the credit of the American Prez that he had razor sharp reaction to duck the shoe. I must say that the missiler’s marksmanship was excellent. Had it not been for the Texan’s ranch-y reaction, it would have been all over his face.

I’m sure many would have liked it to have been that way. At least, the majority Iraqi population would have been delighted to see their aggressor being hit by the basest of all missiles.

Bush wanted to export his brand of democracy to Iraq- besides securing for the the local guzzlers  gas in abundance and at a rate that would support him at the gallups. Not only did he export it, but shoehorned it by eliminating President Saddam Hussain for the supposed WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION that the then President was possessing/manufacturing. But democracy cannot survive in an atmosphere where there is no basic postulate which presupposes democracy:-

Which are

1. that all men are created equal  &

2.that it is legitimate for anyone to aspire and compete for the top most political post in the country- subject to such limitations as laid down by the constitution or practice.

Iraqis are divided not only ethnically, but organized into groups merely on grounds of their ethnicity. It is, at best,  a feudal set up muzzled into a democratic form. The content is feudal. There are no issues or ideology distinguishing the representative groups. They at best see the Government as a tool that empowers the rulers to have unlimited access to the resources of the country and the right to suppress the rest. Political dissensions are settled not thru debate but thru coercion, might and elimination. In a way the Iraqis themselves have invited this doom on themselves. It is a pity that one of the regions where the Mesopotamian civilization once flourished, had to become a vassal state of another country from another CONTINENT on dubious pretexts.

When the Iraqi press wallah had the opportunity to save his own family thru toil during  these troubled times in Iraq, he blew it all up by flinging a shoe at the most powerful man on the Earth. The US security agencies after securing an assurance from the host nation, that an exemplary punishment would be meted out, may hand him over to the local police for jurisdictional reasons.

The look of George W.Bush Jr. after ducking and rising was interesting. It had the bemused  askance as to why an Iraqi would fling a shoe at his SAVIOUR? I think, that the Prez seriously believes that he had saved the Iraqis from the hands of the DICTATOR. Some self-redeeming BELIEF!!


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