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The guy , who gave ‘FAITH’ the spectrum of meaningsĀ  possible for that one apparently simple word, if sighted by me, and if i am empowered to deal with him the way that i’d like to (of course without sin & guilt), i would torture him so gradually that i would feed him with all the posited meanings of the word FAITH and keep him in perpetual torture that he would forget FAITH and understand the meaning of the word MERCY!

He would beg for MERCY and give up on his illusory FAITH!!

FAITH in what? on whom? of what? till when? for what? It has become the greatest IDEA of preservation of a personal ILLUSION.

“Faith could move mountains.”

If the mountains didn’t exist to start with, Faith can still make one believe that the mountains existed and that they were removed by Faith & therefore they don’t exist now!!!

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