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Extradition & Julian Assange!

The British courts have decided to extradite Julian Assange to bring him within the jurisdiction of the Swedish courts. The matter in trial where the Swedish Prosecutor wants Assange, relates to Julian Assange’s alleged sexual crimes.

The interesting part about SEXUAL CRIMES is that when a CRIME begins and when the CRIME committed is condoned, depends on the GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION where the said SEXUAL ACT is committed. In Sweden the laws are very different from those in Australia. In Sweden the term “CONSENT” does not mean that once a woman gives her  consent,  till the culmination of the sexual act, the man is at liberty to have his member in. In fact, the CONSENT stands withdrawn the moment the woman withdraws her consent even during the intercourse. ANY DELAY IN WITHDRAWAL would tantamount to RAPE. So Julian Assange is accused of RAPE of this kind.

Secondly, the subsequent normal behaviour of the WOMAN with the seducer does not offer any immunity to the man from the woman bringing up RAPE charges later.

The most interesting part is that Julian Assange is accused of the charges of RAPE committed during the above mentioned bizarre situation, which make up the act, RAPE as per local laws and interpretations thereof . There were only 2 persons and one is accusing the other and the laws are loaded in favour of  the ACCUSER. The court has to merely ask Assange if he had had sex with the accuser and if he says ‘yes’, the next question would be with the prosecutrix and if she says that she withdrew her consent, ASSANGE stands condemned. Assange stands NO CHANCE in the Swedish courts with these kind of LAWS. Seems more like a NON REBUTTABLE RES IPSA LOQUITOR!!

Assange apprehends that he might be subsequently extradited to the USA and might be deported to the Guantanamo Bay. Well, why should ASSANGE not ask the courts in Britain to return him back to the British after the trial and sentence, if any,  in Sweden? I see no reason how the Swedish courts could extradite a person (borrowed from another jurisdiction for the purposes of making a suspect amenable to their jurisdiction) to another requesting state!

I feel that once a system is challenged, the beneficiaries and hangers-on of the system feel threatened and use every Machiavellian device to silence the threatener (Julian Assange).  Julain seems to be hounded out for this.

CONSENT in sex instead of helping WOMEN victims, are being used by unscrupulous women to silence people like Assange.. In any case, the biological laws of sex in men are  just like the Laws of Limitation, that once  TIME statrts running it doesn’t stop………………….till it runs the full course. But to help victims of “NO PROOF” cases, such LAWS were enacted and now the same aspect of NO PROOF is being used to put Assange in the dock. HOW PERVERSE!!

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