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According to the Bible, ADAM was made of clay but the woman Eve was created out of the man’s bone. And it shows in their ATTITUDE. Adam was CREATED, there was only one model available and that was God. So God made Man in his own image, but the Woman he created for Adam’s companionship. So he fashioned her after the needs of the MAN. A kind of FIT to a man’s needs.

Since she was made of a tougher material, she thought she deserved a better station in life and proceeded on her MISSION in engaging with a small talk with the serpent. The serpent was “SUBTIL” (subtle in Modern English). Subtlety is the ability to test the waters with an escape route, before the other person identifies the real motive.

Look at what the serpent asked EVE: Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?(Genesis Chapter 3 verse 1)

The serpent DOES NOT KNOW the commandment of God. Serpent is making himself knowledgeable about the proscribed TREE by asking Eve a question.Eve identifies the proscribed tree and is IMMEDIATELY met with a CONTRARY STATEMENT from the serpent against the Commandment of God. The serpent says:-And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die.

This statement is followed by an ATTRACTIVE PROPOSITION by the serpent:For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

The seeds of death were sown with those words. In this play SERPENT- exeunt!

From thereon the serpent had NO ROLE to play. This thought was enough. Eating of the fruit would make her like gods. And Eve ate the fruit first and then gave some to Adam too. So did the change take place the moment the fruit was eaten by Eve first or did they become “wise” after both of them ate? The answer is that the change was INSTANTANEOUS and the WOMAN DISCOVERED that She was naked as well as her man ADAM. But Adam must have protested that he wasn’t naked, before he ate the fruit, so Eve must have convinced Adam by telling him that HE (ADAM) could realize himself to be “naked” only if he shared the fruit that she had taken a bite of. Adam couldn’t take the NAGGING anymore.ADAM ACCEDED.

EVE was repeatedly telling him that he was naked and all he had to do was take a bite a to REALIZE his status. That is what BONE does to CLAY even today . The nagging must have been so bad, that to buy PEACE the poor fellow took a bite and we are all here tilling our grounds and telling our tales.

So i’d love Pinkola Estes, Germaine Greers and Simone de Beauvoirs ( feminist champs!) to know that MEN love to perfect the available  SYSTEMS, but women go around wanting to discover the NAKEDNESS behind the systems and spoil even those systems which are functioning well. And men to buy PEACE, become victims heeding to the nagging of their WOMEN.

(Listen ladies, don’t take it to yr heart, it is merely an interpretation of events based on high probability!! LOL)

Ram Gopal Varma and his guts!!

It needs guts and loads of it to say what Ram Gopal Varma says despite being in the show biz. His latest interview in THE BANGALORE MIRROR states: forced to make a choice between a beautiful woman and an intelligent woman, i’d rather go for the beautiful one, as i am already intelligent and there is no need of inteliigence in a woman!

GUTS is because he makes his personal preference appear to be the NORM. Let us look at it this way, probably had he been great looking and lagging behind in intelligence probably he’d have preferred “intelligent woman” (pardon my oxymoron!) and would have given reasons as to why he preferred an INTELLIGENT WOMAN. I am a strong believer that a WOMAN NEEDS BRAINS LIKE A FISH NEEDS  BICYCLE. She has to be beautiful, not outwardly, nor like the Paulian prescription at I Timothy 2:9:

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

but beautifully “expressive”. It is like the beauty of a flower that strives not to capture your attention, but silently “IS” expressing its beauty for the connoisseur to appreciate.It is that BEAUTY which is ELEVATING. Intelligence in a woman makes her EARTHY and not ETHEREAL. It is that ETHEREAL-ness in a woman which makes her beautiful. She makes “choices” but declines to give reasons because her reasons might hurt others, she is “kind” but never allows others to “use” her, she is “wily” but clothes her actions with excitement and tears that no man would dare attribute evil motives to her ( remember how  Eve ate the forbidden fruit and after having transgressed God’s command “gave some of it to Adam” too and ensured that ADAM was also guilty of the same transgression! Made him an accomplice sweetly!!), she resolves her conflicts in silence and well integrates her solution with emotionally charged tantrums, apologizes for inane infringements but keeps all those criminal thoughts and deeds to herself! That is what makes a WOMAN beautiful. It is this compendium of qualities which make her BEAUTIFUL in the eyes of a MAN. A severe “challenge” to his INTELLIGENCE. SHE is an ENIGMA, as the man needs proof and the woman conceals it with an “exterior” which defies the tantalizing “proof” that he supposes he discovered!!

Beauty is that. Let us go to the movie GONE WITH THE WIND and see those 2 women characters- Scarlet O’Hara and Melanie. The opening words of Margaret Mitchell in the book is , “ Scarlet O’Hara was not beautiful, but..” and goes on to show how beautiful Scarlet O’Hara was. It is such “beauty” that probably Ram Gopal Varma has been talking about.

My lady friends especially THE ONES on the side of the Woman’s lib would argue that MEN FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WITH MORE BEAUTIFUL BUT LESS INTELLIGENT WOMEN. Maybe they are right, and as a wag put it MEN SELDOM MAKE PASSES AT A WOMAN WHO SURPASSES!

Let me conclude with one of the statements of one of the greatest researchers of human mind said about woman: Sigmund Freud- “Despite my 30 years of research into the feminine soul (pardon his presumption- as if they had one!), i have not yet been able to answer ………the great question that has never been answered: What does a woman want?”


I cannot let a Sunday pass without a sermon. Not by not listening to one, but by not delivering one. When i attend the church service the best time to cogitate upon the topic of the sermon is the sermon time. When the  Pastor ascends the pulpit, i switch off to what he has to say. I had listened to a whole lot of sermons and none of them were inspiring. The sermon should make me ACT DIFFERENTLY. To make me ACT DIFFERENTLY, within that 20-30 minutes, the Preacher should say something that INSPIRES ME. Alas! The Preachers have nothing inspiring to tell. Simply because they are not ORIGINAL THINKERS. They are a part of the DUPLICATION PROCESS of the system.

I do not assume that i am a original thinker, but i hope that the preacher would someday turn original and shed the KNOWLEDGE obtained in the seminaries, and READ THE BIBLE AND SAY SOMETHING THAT WOULD APPEAL TO MY MIND AND ADD INSIGHT TO MY THOUGHTS. But that has not happened yet.

So i unilaterally decided to do some thinking. It has perversely led me to the stories of the WIVES of some of the eminent biblical characters.

The characters are EVE- the wife of Adam; Noah’s wife and Lot’s wife.

Each is peculiar. Eve did not have a role model, being the FIRST WIFE and probably was ambivalent, as to whether Adam was the only man she had to serve! She had to consult the SERPENT and went about it in a way, which by hindsight, seems to have had disastrous results. She was thoroughly convinced that she could enhance her husband’s understanding and thereby improve his lifestyle and her’s. The effect of what she did is reverberating thru the generations. Her intentions were GOOD, but the EFFECT of her ACTION was BAD- in fact ROTTEN.

Noah’s wife’s name does not figure in the Bible. We only know that she went into the ARK and came out alive. She comes out as the first WIFE who was obedient to her own husband (pl ref. to Paul’s exhortations on that OWN HUSBAND stuff!). Noah’s story was the most incredible- he said that GOD was going to destroy the world though water and therefore had to invest heavily on an ark large enough to accommodate a pair of all living creatures and fodder for all those creatures to last out a prolonged period. I know of no woman who is living who wud have reposed so much faith on her husband’s story and allowed him to invest so heavily on an ark, animals and fodder! SHE WAS JUSTIFIED.

Then we come to Lot’s wife who found herself in a precarious position. In fact Jesus himself (in the flesh) says, “REMEMBER LOT’S WIFE”. Even her name is not mentioned and is known by her husband’s name. She had, or must have seen, what happened the previous night when the angels visited her family, and the trying times that her husband had wanting to buy peace. Lot offered his daughters (VIRGINS!!) to the mob, to appease them. But the crowd wouldn’t relent, they wanted those two angels in the guise of men. What perversion. I used to wonder, and still wonder, why the mob wanted THE MEN? If the men wanted to sodomize,  they could have sodomized Lot’s daughters too, but they wanted those MEN to be sodomized. Well, herein lies the crux. It was not merely the desire of the mob to sodomize, but they wanted to SODOMIZE MEN!! They wanted to make men play the role of women. It is that which drew the wrath of God!! (well i know it is controversial, but all original thinking has its controversies!!)MAN WAS CREATED IN GOD’S IMAGE, and here one finds FORCE being used to make them the RECEPTIVE FEMALE  OF THE SPECIE!!



GETTING BACK TO LOT’S WIFE, she turned and was transformed to a pillar of salt. So Jesus’ statement is  (read in the context in which it was uttered) to mean that when the DAY OF RECKONING COMES, DO NOT LOOK BACK TO THE PAST THAT YOU HAVE ABANDONED FOR A NEW LIFE!!!

I have taken these three wives, and specifically left out Sarah as she was merely a co-wife to Abraham. These three wives as per the available evidence were the ONLY wives of their respective husbands. The only wife who was saved was NOAH’S WIFE. The moral of the THREE WIVES’ TALE is that the OBEDIENT ONE SAVES HERSELF AND HER OFFSPRING!! (Eve brought the curse of pain during childbirth, Lot’s wife brought about the incest between Lot and their daughters!!!)


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