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Climate change and Al Gore.

I am an avid follower of the tweets of  Al Gore, the former Vice President of the USA. I used to wonder as to how Al Gore had the foresight to find a space for himself in Climate Change issues. Rather did the ISSUE need a politician? Now i am convinced that Al Gore is not only right, but also the RIGHT person. The following is the contents of the link posted as a tweet in one of Al Gore’s tweets:-

Pledge to call your Senators

Will you pledge to call your Senators this week and join tens of thousands asking the Senate to support a strong clean energy and climate bill that will create more jobs and less pollution?

On Wednesday, The Washington Post reported:

“Senate Majority Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has instructed Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) to produce a revamped climate bill as soon as possible, according to sources, a task Kerry intends to accomplish within two weeks.”

But lobbyists from Big Oil and Coal are already lining up to do whatever they can to gut critical provisions.

That’s why Repower America is launching its biggest calling campaign ever with an ambitious goal of 20,000 calls from supporters like you.

Take the pledge by signing the form on the right and on Tuesday, we’ll send you talking points and calling information that will connect you with your Senators.

This blogger had written showing how the INDIVIDUAL’S liberties are curtailed gradually by the Institutions. The oil and coal companies which started the process of industrialization have become functus officio and are no longer required, their functions which aided the progress of Human beings is drawing to a close. But they wouldn’t understand. The OPECs, COAL companies, oil refining companies etc. are all rattled by the prospect that they may not merely lose business, but might become extinct. They know that the INEVITABLE has to happen, but are attempting to delay the INEVITABLE. They are showing the anxiety shown by the horse traders just after the advent of automobile. These INSTITUTIONS have all built up their muscle and network over a period of time, and their arms are long and their pockets deep. It is not easy to fight these polluting energy producers FROM  the individual level.

WE NEED AN INSTITUTION. But the INSTITUTION to counter the polluting energy producing INSTITUTIONS is yet to be born. The face is AL GORE. He is the right person as he could withstand the pressure of these mafias and attempt to mobilize public support and get the right legislation in place.

Al Gore’s doomsday warnings are nothing but tools to get the fearful into the fold of the purveyors of ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. That the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035, Florida would disappear under the rising seas, humanity would be extinct are all the catch phrases to huddle in the masses to create volume to the ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. One should read SUPERFREAKONOMICS by Steven & Stephen. Especially the chapter titled ” WHAT DO AL GORE AND MOUNT PINATUBO HAVE IN COMMON?”, where the authors discuss environmental issues and what steps are being taken by the scientific community to overcome the aspect of GLOBAL WARMING. I am more inclined to believe the authors of this book than the Al Gore types.

Yet we need an institution to counter another INSTITUTION. One INDIVIDUAL cannot fight an INSTITUTION. An INSTITUTION has permanance which an INDIVIDUAL cannot have. Therefore an IMPERSONAL INSTITUTION is more essential. To fill in this gap comes our Al Gore with his new religion. The solution to the phenomenon of global warming is being worked out by some of the best brains in the world. Yet for the geo-engineering to succeed one needs governmental funding and public support and this cannot come until a POLITICIAN like Gore popularizes the fear and drives the citizens to awareness and compliance to the new environmental laws.



FACT, as i understand, is to represent things as they are, and HYPE is to add one’s own masala to the implication of certain FACTS and either GLORIFY the FACT beyond reality, or interpret the FACT to ALARM beyond possibility.

This debate on FACT versus FICTION has been a topic of the erudite, but seldom discussed when the implementation of certain policies are stabilized. In the 50’s and the 60’s, in India, there was a general feeling that OWNERSHIP OF LAND in the hands of the few resulted in large scale poverty. So the government had brought in stringent measures thru land ceiling acts, labour laws and crippling wealth tax. These measures were used to ensure that the RICH DID NOT GET RICHER. At least, the RICH would not be able to add any accounted WEALTH. If they did they had to pay exorbitant taxes. These measures DID NOT  accentuate the poor to DO, whatever they could, instead set up a good excuse for them to crib about the RICH having large land holdings and thereby depriving them of the opportunities. This story was further fueled by the politicians who, in the process of DEMOCRACY smelt the benefits accruing more from the poor and kept the poor at loggerheads with the RICH and continued their orchestra. Till the time came, where the LABOUR LAWS and LAND LAWS were made defunct because of the evolution of the IT and ITES industry. They did not need SPACE ( read as land in the Indian context) and needed only the LABOUR of the educated, who were not dependent on any one company for their livelihood and weal. In fact, the engineers did not want to work for the same company for more than 2 years as they saw that as “stagnation”. Thus the story of BANGALORE was born and the FALLACIES propagated by the Nehrus, Lohias, Indiras, Jai Prakash Narains and the Communists, came to be falsified. This theory that LAND could be  the only source of INCOME, was a thoroughbred HYPE. It is the HUMAN INNOVATION that helped man to get out of the morass of poverty.

Likewise now the International community on climate change, had been in an alarmist mode, stating that the glaciers of the Himalayas would be all down the drain by 2035. All that based on a “fact” said to have been uttered by an eminent scientist. There have been no scientific study on that. Is it because  we do not have time to understand, or is it because there is a group of carpetbaggers who do not want to give us  time to clarify FACTS from HYPE? I think, it is the latter.

The unholy nexus between the Medical practitioner and the Pharmaceutical companies is not news anymore. When the swine-flu broke out, even the World Health Organization went on an ALARMIST mode and that benefited the pharma companies. It is also no news that many trial drugs are used in the cities and villages of India and the results, if any, are communicated to the pharma companies for their “reasearch”. These practices are truly beneficial to the medical practitioner and the pharma companies immediately, but the patients who take these drugs are not told the possible side effects and their ignorance in many areas are taken advantage of.  The pharma companies  use them as guinea pigs and instead of paying the patients for using them as specimens, the doctors peddle it as special medicines and charge them too. INNOVATION has to have some sacrifices you see, therefore, they sacrifice the gullible patients before they take a patent on the drug!!

HYPE helps the economy to boom in many ways. For example, in NOIDA, GURGAON and DELHI showing the Common Wealth Games of 2010, the prices were pushed up ti dizzying heights half a decade before the year of the COMMONWEALTH games.

HYPE is nothing but an extension of RUMOUR -MONGERING, with the difference that for the sake of CREDIBILITY, references are cited. It creates volume to the TOPIC. If we see the HIMALAYAN glacier episode where Pachauri and others are in a damage control mode, they were CAUGHT hyping and therefore confessed the TRUTH, otherwise the HYPE would be allowed to continue so that persons with commercial interests would be allowed to exploit and the HYPERS themselves would be benefited in some way unrecognizable by the masses!

Hype is essential in galvanizing opinions, but they should be used sparingly and only for SOVEREIGN purposes. When Joseph Goebbels went on airing the NAZI victory it served the morale of the German forces. Hype should be used sparingly and only for truly national and human purposes and the hype should not be allowed to  be taken advantage of by persons having COMMERCIAL INTERESTS, otherwise we may end up having a situation like DEATH OF A SALESMAN, by Arthur Miller.

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