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I was surprised when the entry fee to PRARTANA open air theatre on the East Coast Road at ChennaiĀ  was a mere Rs.120/- for the opening show of BOSS YENGIRA BASKARAN. Of course they collected ramp charges of Rs.30 per vehicle ( i call it vehicle as a “Scorpio” according to me is neither an SUV nor a car and borders on a mini truck) and many of those Scorpios were parked in the bays, obstructing the view of the late arriving aerodynamically designed Honda cars.

I was surprised because in Bangalore and Delhi, the rates of cinema tickets are exorbitantly high and on weekends there is a quantum jump, putting the budgeting families in disarray. As usual i asked a couple of my friends as to why the pricing was so “cheap” and the standard answer was that, by such pricing the exhibitors believe they would be able to attract family viewership. Not satisfied with the explanation given by them, i decided to google and ended up with an AMENDMENT to the Rules regarding Cinema Houses extracted below:-

Tamil Nadu Cinemas (Regulation) Rules, 1957

(vi) The maximum and minimum rates of admission to the theatres in the
Multiplex having more than three theatres with air-condition and with family
entertainment and restaurant facilities shall be of Rs.120/- and Rs.10/-,

G.O. Ms. No.405 Dated :20.05.2009

So that says it all. The Government of Tamil Nadu keeps stepping in and regulates the ENTERTAINMENT industry. What is more poignant is that SOCIALISM in the Thamizh Entertainment industry has reached such levels that there is a prescription of the minimum rate of the seats too, thereby compulsorily forcing the theatre operators to not only allot seats for Rs.10/- but also make it affordable for even an indigent idler in the society!

I LOVE YOU TAMIL NADU! Yaam petra inbam iv vaaiyagam peruga!! There is no such thing called as FREE ENTERPRISE, watching a movie is not merely a liberty in Tamil Nadu , but a SUBSIDISEDĀ  RIGHT ( at the cost of the Cine industry, distributors and exhibitors!) for every movie goer. The rest of the country has a lotta catching up to do!!

Entertainments Tax (Section 4)
A. Entertainment Tax on Cinema shows from 12.6.2000 onwards :
(a) At the rate of
twenty five percent of the gross payment for admission inclusive of the
amount of the tax for new films; and
(b) at the rate of
twenty percent of the gross payment for admission inclusive of the
amount of the tax for old films;

Now the Entertainment Tax on a ticket is 25% and that is supposed to go to local bodies and the States revenues. The state does not relent in the collection of Entertainment Tax for Cinemas but it squeezes the theatre operators and does a whole lotta SOCIALISM. There, it seems, is a more succinct expression forĀ  ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL and that is SOCIALISM!! If Peter has the capacity and the enterprise to provide a service or manufacture an item and create a demand, the society SHOULD NOT impose such exorbitant taxes and to compound to it by fixing a ceiling to the rates.

ANYWAYS some of the Thamizhargal believe that this is the way to propagate Thamizh!! Long live Thamizh.

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