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Whether humans cause the deepam or the deepam appears on its own without human aid, shouldn’t disturb a person who has no FAITH in the pilgrimage to the Iyyappan Temple in Kerala. It is purely a question of FAITH, yet if a person who doesn’t subscribe to that FAITH were to scrutinize the basis of MAGARADEEPAM on REASON, he ought to be a RATIONALIST with a ZEAL to spread SCIENTIFIC TEMPER on fellow human beings.

Except for RATIONALISTS, there is no REASON for anyone to question the “divinity” of the DEEPAM which goes off on Makara Sankranti. I have seen people belonging to other FAITHS criticizing the belief of the devotees of Iyappan especially with regard to the DEEPAM, which is think is nothing but a pot calling a kettle black. Any FAITH, has its bedrock a BELIEF which upo scrutiny would not stand the test of REASON. Where BELIEF comes in REASON has to end. They are  NOT  at VARIANCE with each otherALWAYS, in fact BELIEF is the CULMINATION of  REASON in certain cases.  For example, that the sun RISES in the East is directly percievable through our senses, but the TRUTH is that the Earth rotates on its own axis towards the Eastern direction and therefore APPEARS as if the Sun rises in the East. So the perception is overruled by a BELIEF in the discovered knowledge of science. But for our day to day living we need the sensory BELIEF more than the TRUTH. In the earlier case, we believe because with DILIGENCE we would be able to arrive at the scientific TRUTH by getting on to a rocket and “seeing” the EARTH from outside the EARTH. In the latter case, the Sun appears to rise in the East and it allows us to function our day to day lives with that belief- even though it is false.

Likewise, the FUNCTIONAL element in a belief is also the TRUTH, when it does not interfere with another’s LIBERTY or RIGHTS.

In the case of MAGARADEEPAM, there are millions of devotees who are not interested in knowing “scientifically” the reasons for the deepam. Don’t they have the LIBERTY to have a BELIEF in such an happening? They definitely do have the LIBERTY- then why do we disturb their FAITH and question the basis of such FAITH.

The High Court of Kerala asking for scientific proof for MAGARADEEPAM in the wake of the tragedy of the death of 102 persons, seems to me to be beyond the necessity of judicial determination. When pilgrims have been thronging, it is the duty of the local authorities, police, the state government to provide the infra-structure and also regulate the traffic for orderly conduct of the darshan on the given day. Merely because, a tragedy has happened the society cannot be allowed to scrutinize the REASONS for such aggregation of persons on one single day and discredit MAGARADEEPAM on scientific grounds and thereby hope to reduce the influx of devotees on that day.

Let us not merely respect others’ LIBERTIES, but also give all support and voice in protecting their LIBERTIES . May INDIA blossom as a land of LIBERTY.

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