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Nyanthara & Hinduism!

Nyanthara, quite popular in the Thamizh filmdom, has got herself reconverted to Hinduism. “RECONVERTED”? Yes, reconverted. That is what the Law presumes regarding persons of other Faiths who get converted to Hinduism.

I ain’t bothered about Nyanthara’s conversion or reconversion to this FAITH or that FAITH. I am bothered about how the LAW would treat her upon her embracing (!) Hinduism.

When a Scheduled Caste person gets converted to any other religion, he loses his status as a Scheduled Caste person. He is treated as a BACKWARD CASTE person. He would not be eligible to avail of the “quota benefits”, which he was availing of as a Hindu. The reason forwarded has been that as a Hindu, there is space for CASTE in its institutionalized form in Hinduism, and therefore as a member of the SC, he was SOCIALLY DISCRIMINATED. But once he leaves the fold of Hinduism, he goes into a FAITH which does not RECOGNIZE caste, therefore he is not under the BURDEN of SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION.

Well, well well….. that is the OSTENSIBLE LOGIC.

 But political consideration, goes deeper into the unborn future. C P RAMASAMY IYER, the then Dewan of Travancore state under Sri Chithirai Thirunal REALIZED that Hindus in the Travancore state during the early part of the last century got themselves converted to Buddhism, Christianity and Islam to AVOID SOCIAL DISCRIMINATION. So he is supposed to have convinced Sri Chithirai Thirunal with the help of the Census statistics and promulgated the TEMPLE ENTRY PROCLAMATION.

Be that as it may. When i was taking my School leaving certificate, each student was asked to provide proof of his COMMUNITY. I did not understand what COMMUNITY meant. I was not particularly a bright student, not that there  has been much change for the better after i stopped being a student. ANY ways, dutifully i reported to my parents that i was asked to present proof of my COMMUNITY. My dad pulled out a dog eared certificate and gave it to me to present it before the school authorities the next day, with the strict instructions that i  bring it back  the next day straight back from school without going for my evening round of cricket. Done, i go under the head CSI formerly SIUC of Kaniyakumari District, with an addition NADAR CHRISTIAN.

I did not get the hang of it then. Neither do i now. I can understand CSI formerly SIUC of KK District, but i cannot understand why this “NADAR” was added to my caste. Nadars were attending to palmyra climbing and eking out their livelihood, out of the produce of palmyra palm.

By hindsight, i have understood that i was BORN a NADAR, but that my forebears who were  HINDU NADARS somewhere down the line got converted to Christianity and therefore I remain a NADAR. There was logic. My forebears who got converted could not have been in any position to change their profession, so for the sake of convenience, born of their ILLITERACY, had to call themselves as CHRISTIAN NADARS. So here i stand befor you, the reader of my blog, as a CHRISTIAN NADAR. I carry the vestiges of the HINDU CASTE system tagged along with the FAITH i practice. NADARS, both Hindu and Christian are classed together in the social hierarchy, so there is no special treatment meted out to a HINDU NADAR unlike Scheduled Caste Christians.

Now, to return to our main theme- Nyanthara, “was” a Syrian Christian. Myth has it that Syrian Christians of Kerala were originally converted to Christianity from a few Brahmin families. So, if Nyanthara has been RECONVERTED to Hinduism, she should become a Brahmin Hindu!

There was this Syrian Christian colleague who used to pride himself on the fact that he comes from the BRAHMIN stock. It became a joke in the office- behind his back- that he was called a BRAHMIN CHRISTIAN. Now that Nyanthara has got herself RECONVERTED to Hinduism, she has become pure BRAHMIN!

By the way, Nyanthara has a tattoo in her body which is PRABHU DEVA. Translation of Prabhu Deva is LORD GOD! Hope she makes him her LORD and MASTER. Good luck to the Brahmin girl.

Now i understand why one has to carry one’s caste tag even after conversion- just in case someone gets RECONVERTED to HINDUISM, he wouldn’t be left CASTELESS! Good for India.

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