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It has been widely reported that provocative statements have been made by the Christian groups which go by the name of NEW LIFE and PENTECOST in and around the areas of Mangalore, Chikmagalur etc. in the state of Karnataka, India.

As per Article 25 of the constitution every Indian is guaranteed the right to practice, profess and propagate his religion. Any infringement on this guaranteed right may be got redressed through our Courts.

The moot question is whether one could bring into conflict one’s beliefs with that of another’s belief during propagation of one’s religion.

The answer , in my opinion, wud be that if one is making a statement of one’s belief and not derogatorily portraying the beliefs of the other religions and still if there were to be any conflict of beliefs, it wud not tantamount to denigrating other religious beliefs. But if the propagator contrasts one’s beliefs with that of the other and negatively portrays the other religion- especially in intemperate language, it would be not merely an offence ( Cf. Indian Penal Code Section 153A) but also a SIN.

Why a sin?

Do we have a right to destroy the belief of another, however desirable the alternative wud be which is being offered by us? No. Beliefs form the core of our being and any disturbance therein might dilapidate the very foundation of our mental equilibrium and existence. Further new beliefs take time to take root and therefore individuals cannot posit those new beliefs with implicit TRUST. Therefore to destroy one’s beliefs ( in whatever religious shape it might be) is a CARDINAL SIN.

Christians believe in ONE GOD with the concept of three in one viz. GOD the Father, GOD the Son and GOD the Holy Ghost. The system of faith is monotheistic . This is fundamental to the Christian faith.

It has been reported in the media that certain sections of Hindu organizations have stated that pamphlets have been distributed by X-ian organization stating that the HINDU gods are not true gods.If the allegations are true, it must be stated in all reasonableness that NO CHRISTIAN IS ALLOWED THE LUXURY OF SITTING ON JUDGMENT ON THE BELIEFS OF THE OTHER. He merely has been mandated to propagate the GOOD NEWS that the Messiah has come and the propagation is merely a LIBERTY, in a social context, and not a RIGHT.

Jesus says, if the town where u proclaim the Gospel does not entertain you in peace, SHAKE OFF THE VERY DUST OF YOUR FEET AND DEPART. He has not mandated Christians to go overboard and constrain people to adopt the message of the arrival of the messiah and His message.

Let me narrate the story of SAUL of Tarsus (later called PAUL). He was BREATHING THREATENINGS against the Christians and armed with letters from the authorities was purging X-ians in the synagogues, On his way to Damascus Jesus appeared ( or a blinding light) and said IT IS HARD FOR THEE TO KICK AGAINST THE PRICKS(feminists beware!). and he was softened into Christianity thru blindness. He was put on hold for three days and one Ananias was sent to him by GOD and his blindness was healed(?). God meets people according to his PREDESTINATION of GRACE and christians shud not arrogate to themselves such roles and leave it in the hands of the God they believe.

To state our CREED is one thing but to contrast it with another’s creed is silly, stupid and dangerous. Silly because a CREED is built on beliefs which are not based on provable facts. Stupid because one is not aware of the shifting sands on which one is standing, while threatening/warning others of standing on shifting sands. Dangerous because, it can spoil the brotherhood and amity, which are the only basis of PEACE and GROWTH.

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