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why this kolaveri di?

This is a song by Tamil actor Dhanush, who has used typical Madras Tamlish to sing this song. What is great is that this song could have come only from Tamil Nadu. But why?

The reason is fundamental, cine songs in Tamil had reached such classical proportions that music directors in Tamil from Viswanathan- Ramamurthi, Illayaraja, A R Rahman, Vidyasagar have all made melody or rhythm or both the bed rock of their music making the music relatable to notes of other songs which had been made earlier. With Tamil lyricists also getting in a whole host of CHEMMOZHI THAMIZH words in,  common man was getting sick of all this pseudo classicism which had become all pervasive in the Tamil cine industry. Any new song was redolent of another song made by another music director a few decades back.

Coming back to,  why this type could have emanated only from Tamil Nadu?

Because anyone could straw paint out of paint buckets and sprinkle paint out of  dripping paint brushes like Jackson Pollock, but for the public and peers to recognize a person as an ARTIST, one should have exhibited classical skills. The IMPROVISATION would be accepted as ART only after proving one’s skill. That has happened in TAMIL CINE industry. If John Coltrane and Louis Armstrong had not played the classical notes to start with, their IMPROVISATIONS would have passed of as childish babble. Likewise since this song blends local Tamil with the inner feelings of  a dark complexioned Tamil boy going thru a crisis ridden adolescence, in the backdrop of  a dying classical background, an average Tamil guy identifies with this song  easily . A cultural thread that most Tamil boys carry into their adulthood.

This song is a BREAK FREE song from the classical mould, fashioned  over a period of time.

This song announces the arrival of TAMIL JAZZ BLUES. Actually, come to think of it, the -U- which is appended to every word is more the Telugu influence than Tamil. The Telugu financiers of the Tamil Cine industry seem to have put their little sting to the tail of every word.


Chennai is the Chicago of India, besides being the Detroit too!! LOL


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