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Moses realized in all his 40 years in the doghouse

that merely because the Maker was silent on the ill treatment of a fellow human, it did not give him a right to kill a man;

that mating with sisters was an abomination;

that making a brassen serpent was an exception to the commandment of making any graven image;

that marrying an Ethiopian was another exception to the rule of marrying within the jewry!

Rules are truly made by the superiors for the inferiors to follow!

The best is that the superiors are not bound by their own rules- just like the House of Lords!

Worse still is that he was able to get God’s help to bring about sanctions on the rebels like Miriam, Korah etc.

Joshua and Caleb, backed the winning horse, they both loved life and foresaw that they could take over at the departure of Moses. The Judahite (Caleb was from this tribe) gets his hill, and the Josephite (Joshua was from one of the two tribes of Joseph) gets to lead– which means he gets to set the rebellious boys against the external enemies and deflect their ire from getting focussed on to him.

Patience with perseverence truly pays.

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