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King David & Berlusconi!

As per the Old Testament of the Bible, King David when he was stricken with age, was provided for with a ‘YOUNG‘ virgin to cause heat to his body. One ought to read the King James Version to get to the poetic expression, which is excerpted as follows from I Kings 1 chapter verses 1-4:

1 Now king David was old and stricken in years; and they covered him with clothes, but he gat no heat.

Wherefore his servants said unto him, Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin: and let her stand before the king, and let her cherish him, and let her lie in thy bosom, that my lord the king may get heat.

So they sought for a fair damsel throughout all the coasts of Israel, and found Abishag a Shunammite, and brought her to the king.

And the damsel was very fair, and cherished the king, and ministered to him: but the king knew her not.

The words which drew my curiosity were “YOUNG VIRGIN” and “KNEW HER NOT”! King David must have been around 70 years of age when this episode took place. It is not clear whether Ms Abishag was able to produce enough heat by “lying in his bosom”! Nevertheless Abishag’s story does not end there, subsequent to the death of King David, Adonijah, the son of David and Haggith wanted to marry her and needed the permission of the then King, Solomon. Haggith being the co-wife to Bathsheba, the uterine mother of King Solomon, approached Bathsheba and requested for the hand of Abishag on behalf of Adonijah. The bizarre developments which take place at this request borders on the internecine succession battles of the prince siblings: King Solomon tells his mother as follows:

And king Solomon answered and said unto his mother, And why dost thou ask Abishag the Shunammite for Adonijah? ask for him the kingdom also; for he is mine elder brother; ……  (I KINGS 2:22)

I have dealt with, what could possibly have been the motives for King Solomon linking Abishag with the kingdom of Israel, in an earlier blog.

In the present context, when i read the news item which said that Mr. Berlusconi, was to marry a lady 48 years his junior, it set my mind thinking on the heat generating concept promoted by the servants of King David! What is interesting about Berlusconi and differentiates him from King David is that Berlusconi has not waited till his body has stopped producing “HEAT”, instead has made arrangements ON HIS OWN in the name of MARRIAGE! Our PLAYBOY owner HUGH HEFNER, who must be beyond his seventies, also wanted to marry a YOUNG LADY and in the last few days before the scheduled date, the wedding was called off!

In the meanwhile there have been a spate of GAY MARRIAGES, both in the US and in the UK. So the definition and purpose of MARRIAGE have not merely changed, but people have started  making their own arrangements with companions and bringing those relationships under the umbrella of marriage!

When the old E V Ramasami Naicker, wanted to marry his helper Maniammai, there was a huge furore in the Dravida Kazhagam and some were of the opinion why a old man at that age had to have ‘PRURIENT” thoughts? It was presumed that marriage by an old man was ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF ‘CAPTIVE’ SEX!

But now i am happy and somewhat relieved that the society has accepted not only marriages between an old man and a young lady but between same sex also. Thereby the society appears to have matured to look at marriage as something which is beyond SEX and CHILDREN!

I for one am happy for BERLUSCONI, as i see him as a person who has concealed his tax commitments more than his liaisons! Whether the MARRIAGE would still have an ‘exclusivity of sex’ clause, would be interesting to watch. If the future Mrs. Berlusconi also decides to receive wild oats like her husband had been known for sowing earlier, Clarke Gable’s memorable line in GONE WITH THE WIND: “Who might the happy father be?” might be the answer to watch out for!

Long live mighty age-gap and gender indifferent marriages!


In The Times of India dated 07/12/2009 Bangalore edition at page 7, is an article titled IT’S TIME FOR ELINS OF THE CITY TO TEE OFF by one Vinita A.Shetty, where she inter-alia says that her psychologist friend hd said, “… cheat more than women because they can and because they choose when to resurrect their integrity and when to bury it under a mountain of garbage.”

Read with the title, the above statement which the writer Vinita Shetty relies on, it means that the Elins of the Bangalore city are emboldened to catch their truant boyfriends/husbands/live-ins and club them to contrition!!

I haven’t seen greater wishful thinking than this in print. Ms.Shetty should bear in mind that not every male in this city, or for that matter in any other city would be a lamb submitting to the violent outbursts of a self-righteous wife.

To start off, firstly her nameless “psychologist” friend’s generalization may not be true. Even assuming that to be true, i am sure that not all married/attached men are gonna find unattached women/girls! The women/girls themselves might be married or in a relationship. There is no sound of one hand. Therefore the partners in adulterous relationships must be at least 50% attached women. To make such a sweeping generalization should indeed render that “psychologist” nameless!

Secondly, not all men are dependent on their wives to the extent Tiger Woods seems to have been. If the internet reports are to be believed, Elin Nordegren did not have much of an opinion of Tiger Woods when he attempted to date her initially. It was a FAVOUR bestowed by the Swedish on the Afro-American, despite her much lower station in life( had been a nanny et al). Mr.Tiger Woods doesn’t seem to have got over that initial awe despite his many years of marriage!!!

Some might argue that Tiger Woods was earning more through endorsements that he wouldn’t like to blow it all up like Mike Tyson. Therefore he wanted to behave in a way befitting his status of a winner of 14 majors. Further, ANGER is not an emotion in consonance with golfing. I am sure Tiger Woods must have tried finessing his peccadilloes after he was “CAUGHT”, by Elin, but failed.


Mr. Tiger Woods felt guilty and without that sense of “guilt”, he would not have been that defensive. Guilt could be because of any of the following reasons (but not limited to these!):-

1.In deference to the expectation of the woman wanting her man to be sexually loyal, had acquiesced to that expectation and had been behaving in a way compatible to her expectation.

2.Had taken vows at the time of marriage to remain sexually loyal.

3. Had professed belief in sexual loyalty to the spouse, as a creed.

Our Tiger must have done one of the above mentioned acts to have been convicted when confronted with proof of of his infidelity. That rendered him helpless. Had he been like Besson (the French Minister) or Berlusconi (the Italian PM), he would not have committed the initial folly of having acquiesced to unmaintainable conditions considering his proclivities and opportunities.

Moreover his continental mates might not have to please their spouses like the Americans have to. Americans are still labouring under the POP MORALITY popularized by the Evangelists, Preachers and Feminists. The Europeans have got over that phase.

Ms.Vinita Shetty should understand that in a man woman relationship there is no space for statistical truths. Much less for sweeping generalizations.

If the Bangalorean women start following Elin Nordegren, they may not benefit much. In the case of Elin, she was merely whacking the golden goose that was laying eggs which she as a nanny might not be even able to see- let alone sharing the golden egg. Elin’s success lies in having made the man run for cover under the burden of the guilt laid on his back so cleverly by the not so dumb blonde.

I am reminded of a nice apocryphal story. There was this cowherd who was used to milking cows of all hues. Cows which were unruly, the ones that used to kick at the touch of the udder and the ones which went straight with their horns like a bull against a matador. However this cowherd had his way with those cows that he subdued them and succeeded in milking them. One day in the forest this cowherd saw an animal with just one horn on its nose and more or less like a brown buffalo. He saw the udder of the rhinoceros and thought he could milk it. He went near the rhinoceros to milk it. The rhino came charging with a speed he could never imagine and in one spooning with its single horn tossed him after goring. The rhino left without pursuing him any further.

The wounded cowherd was found and taken to the hospital, where when asked what he tried with the rhino, he innocently said, ” I thought i could milk the one horned animal, as i had tamed even many a double horned unruly cow!”

Some women are under a mighty mistaken notion that all men are of the type known to them and that once they have succeeded in manipulating a single man, they think they could duplicate that with others also, but life with all its variety has not manufactured two persons with the same attitude.

There are Berlusconis and Bessons who are like the wild rhinos. Women get sane and run from the mental clutches of these generalizing man haters.


The latest one which has been the cause of Berlusconi, the Italian Premier, hitting the headlines for offensive reason is his statement, “YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN INTELLIGENT!”, addressed to Rosy Bindi a matronly, bespectacled Leftist.  Naturally the feminist organizations have taken the cudgels for Ms. Bindi. Ms. Bindi herself had retorted, “I AM NOT A WOMAN AT YOUR DISPOSAL.” TO THE DISCERNING, THE RETORT IS REALLY STINGING, AS BINDI HAS MADE IT AMPLY CLEAR THAT IT WAS NONE OF BERLUSCONI’S BUSINESS TO MAKE A JUDGEMENT IF BINDI WAS BEAUTIFUL OR NOT AND THAT SHE WAS NOT LIKE ONE OF THOSE CHEAP WOMEN WHO PLAY BALL WITH HIM FOR ENJOYING HIS HOSPITALITY AND PELF.

The European culture has been less uptight than their UK counter part. Winston Churchill is supposed to have retorted in a similar vein as the following would show:-

Wife of a prominent politician to Winston Churchill (with disdain in her voice): Mr. Churchill, you are drunk!
Mr. Churchill: Yes, madam, and you are ugly. But in the morning, I will be sober, and you will still be ugly.

Winston Churchill got away with it for 2 reasons. One is that he did not provoke, secondly it was a social gathering in which the line was uttered. In the Berlusconi line, there are 2 things which are linked relating to the same lady Bindi, of which the BEAUTY part (if any) is apparent and visible. If the seen body is UGLY, you can imagine when it is said that she is MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN INTELLIGENT! Bindi is twice damned. Rightly the FEMINIST groups have taken up cudgels for the hapless Bindi.

Unlike in India and the USA, where imagined slights to women become burning issues, in Italy there seems to be sound reason based on which the Feminist organizations join issue. Berlusconi’s attitude towards women have been well publicized, yet they have been interpreted to mean that they are his “private affairs”, but when it came to a public figure, and a mean remark to boot, the issue has been taken up. Let us cut back and see the reputation of Winston Churchill. Winston had a clean reputation when it came to women, except for those smart one liners that he came up with, to momentarily stun them (When Lady Astor said that if she were to be married to him, she would put poison in his coffee- he retorted, “if you were my wife i’d drink it!!”). But by and large he was seen as a person who was loyal to Clementine. So many of his jibes were not interpreted to mean that he was a misogynist, whereas Berlusconi’s handling of the beauties have already built up enough steam in the minds of the FEMINISTS that they got a nice opportunity to blow steam.

Let us also look into the statement made by the Ex-Wife of ERIC BESSON, the Emigration Minister of France. His wife of 25(or thereabouts) years has said that even 25 years back Mr.Eric Besson, had had the good sense not to repeat the vow of “FIDELITY”, at their marriage ceremony. Besson was one person who had placed his word much above the LOVE of the woman who would bear his kids. And true to his propensity, neither was FAITHFUL (sexually) nor made any bones of his infidelities!! Now the divorced wife writes a biography and washes all the dirty linen in the public. But politically that seems to have no impact. France had learnt its lessons. When a woman could get married to a man who would not  utter his vow of faithfulness even on the day of his marriage, what kind of hope could she have on his FAITHFULNESS? If Sylvie(Besson’s ex-wife) did not mind it- why should the public mind it? Good logic.

Further, if Besson had the BALLS not to utter that vow and took his words seriously even at the prime of his youth, he could be TRUSTED ON HIS WORD, in political affairs. Even better logic.

At least, the French and the Italians have not made holy cows out of their women’s sentiments. They have distinguished between PRIVATE ISSUES and PUBLIC ISSUES. Hope Indians and the Americans of the USA would learn to discern like the Italians and the French!!

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