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I love to hear the story that ARNAB GOSWAMI of TIMES NOW is INCORRUPTIBLE. And  I have indeed heard it from many who claim to have known him. But of late I wonder if he is that same ARNAB who they are talking about. He has become more as a male version of BARKHA DUTT. I am not sure if either of them would take it as a compliment!

Both are disruptively interruptive ( pardon my coinage out of necessity),  egregiously autocratic, they sprint to suspecting connections among persons holding contrary opinion, well informed, adamantly opinionated and hang a badge of honesty to their own opinions. All the above self promoting traits are seldom displayed, except subtly by others.  But these siblings of platform grabbers are unparalleled in self promotions.

Both believe wrongly that TIME is running out- yes it is, but it is for them that the time is running out and not for TIME itself. In their eagerness to fast-forward future, they believe that those who are to arise in the media are in a pupa stage and these two siblings are the early ones to evolve into a butterfly and believe that the other pupae are DEAD! I like to remind them that the FUTURE would be better equipped than this generation to handle not only their challenges but also those challenges which the future generations would be creating out of their own wrongs!

Arnab is cut up with SRINIVASAN of BBCI/IPL/CSK/ IC just because he managed to circumvent a coup by a group belonging to another region and in effect got the motion passed by the “working committee” of the board according to his convenience.

What is interesting is that there are 2 prominent members who could not have been restrained into silence except by the QUEEN BEE! They have not shown up till now (wanna take a guess on these two?) One is a commissioner and the other is sitting on the dead man’s chest (LOL)!

Is it that the queen bee has silenced the back-room manoeuvrings of the DRONE FROM THE WEST- WHO PERCHES on SUGAR a  lot?

Sons-in-law are NOT SONS, they are MORE than Sons. They have to be protected at all costs- so before the pointer gets to the queen bee, the drone was silenced. Honey it is all about money- it can be indexed somehow- that is why marriages end up in alimony- but who decided to leave out the ‘e’?
That MUMBAI INDIANS won the IPL edition 6, in 2013 defeating CSK,  is a reward that should be given more to the MUMBAI police, for the timing of their churning the media frenzy! Surprisingly, after the MUMBAI INDIANS won, the MUMBAI police had fallen silent so that the drums of ill-gotten victory of the MUMBAI Indians could be well heard above the cacophony they had instigated through the likes of Arnab who clutch at straws and go on endlessly with a panel of like minded and loud-mouthed panelists! Thankfully the DRONE has fallen silent, at least he seems to have realized that he is merely a regional satrap functioning with his media buglers with no army to march on!


This programme called WE THE PEOPLE in NDTV 24/7 anchored by Barkha Dutt on 20/01/2013, was relating to the issue of Rape. I watched the programme and there were two retired Justices, and eminent persons including Ms. Flavia Agnes in the panel, which discussed the issue of RAPE in the Indian context.

My impression was that they came very close to the crux of the Legislative issue but somehow prevaricated tangentially leaving the core unattended to.

The crux according to me is two fold: firstly, the definition of the offence, which is essential for conviction. Secondly, the sentence part which would prescribe the maximum sentence prescribed for that offence.

The law of the land starts with the various legislations passed by the Legislative bodies and ratified by the head of the State or the Nation, as the case might be, to be called as ACTS and the rules/regulations made thereunder. Subsequently, if a matter is escalated to the courts, the judgements of the High Courts would be binding on those States to which the jurisdiction of the court extends, if there is no case law on the same topic if not decided by the Supreme Court of India.

The courts could however strike down the provisions if they are in derogation of the Fundamental Rights and other rights enshrined in the Constitution of India. This is the scheme, in a gist.

So, the definition of RAPE needs to be amended suitably. There could be discussions on end on this topic with no conclusion on it- so select committees and interested legislators could thrash it out. My ‘idea’ is that if HOMICIDE could be classified as MURDER, CULPABLE HOMICIDE and DEATH CAUSED THROUGH RECKLESSNESS& NEGLIGENCE, sure RAPE could also be classified into different categories and the corresponding sentences be prescribed through suitable amendments to the Indian Penal Code.

The real issue is how to ensure that the judges and justices throughout this vast country would be compelled by LAW to impose uniform penalty?

There is this Section 303 of the Indian Penal Code, which prescribes that if a person had been sentenced to life imprisonment and during that period commits MURDER, he shall be visited with DEATH PENALTY! There was NO DISCRETION LEFT FOR THE JUDGES. This section was struck down by the Supreme Court of India, on the grounds that the sentence was offensive of the provisions of Article 14 and 21 of the Constitution of India. So essentially, this Section 303 of the IPC, remains in the statute as a dead letter. No amendment has been made by the Legislatures or the Parliament to ratify the striking down of the provisions.

The point i am labouring to make is that, when a statute- in this case the IPC- could contain a provision prescribing a FIXED PENALTY for a particular crime, it is statutorily possible to bring an amendment to the IPC by imposing a fixed penalty for any of the three classes of rape, which i suggest to classify RAPE into.

This taking away the discretionary power of the judges would enormously help codifying a law which would be stringent and also provide the necessary deterrence!

Quintessentially, the Judges have only to option of weighing evidence and convicting the person, but the statute should be strengthened so that there are no whims of the judges coming into play when the offence has been established. Otherwise, like in a recent case, merely on the grounds that a person was inebriated and is young, judges may be swayed without any consideration of RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE and award disproportionate sentences. I am aware that it would be the prerogative of the Judiciary to arrive at sentences in the normal course, but if the ACT prescribes sentences which will also not fall foul of the constitution, the vagaries besetting sentences could be avoided.

WE THE PEOPLE, did not broach this point adequately, even though the person from NLSUI came very close to it.

Analyzing a problem is one thing but attempting to find a solution is another thing. I think, the second is preferable, as otherwise there is every chance of the whole matter petering into vain sensation!.





During their first trip to the US, BEATLES were asked by a fan at the JFK international Airport on the 7th of Feb, 1964, “ARE YOU FOR REAL?”

Pat came the repartee from John Lennon, “COME AND HAVE A FEEL!”

The Americans across the Atlantic had heard a lot about the lunacy BEATLES had indulged in, their music etc., but that was the first instance the AMERICANS had the opportunity of GETTING THE REAL FEEL of BEATLES. Humans are generally sceptical of what they hear and do not believe all that they hear. It is the RAW DATA that they look for. The RAW DATA may not reflect accurately the state of affairs, yet they get the “FEEL”.

Ringo Starr who was beside John Lennon started laughing at the repartee. The answer meant something entirely different to the ears of Ringo – after all they were Liverpool buddies you see? Contextually, the female fans heard what was said and they proceeded to HAVE A FEEL of the BEATLES. Rest is not merely history but HISTORIC.

With WIKILEAKS and OUTLOOK website (in India) putting out RAW DATA in the public domain, for those who care to read and listen there are ample stuff for them to make up their minds.

I am sure we don’t need a Barkha Dutt or a Vir Singhvi to shape our perceptions on the RAW DATA provided to us now. Now that we have the raw data they seem to be jittery, as to what conclusions we might draw. The melting of their HALOS seems to be of great concern to them. BTW, Roberto Cavalli’s black gown in the cabinet (!) of Nira Radia seems to have elicited the shy snail Tata into shedding of his halo too! Well to call Nira Radia’s audios in public domain as a threat to somebody’s privacy is ludicrous.


Thanks Julian Assange and Vinod Mehta. Thanks a million.

Oh! Barkha……when will u change?


A topic that mostly revolved around Tiger Woods and his escapades. Barkha Dutt, as usual, butted in incessantly and drove the discussion in the lines that she had pre-decided to go! This is nothing new, and looking for Barkha to realize and reform seems a vain expectation.

It was a great opportunity for DISTINGUISHING the differences between a celebrity who was leveraging his skills off his domain and a celebrity who was creating an AURA beyond the domain. Let me give an illustration: NIKE is a sports equipment manufacturer and is in the same domain as Tiger Woods is, as a golfer. NIKE could still contend that despite his unseemly escapades, nothing takes away the fact that he is the greatest golfer mankind has seen so far (14 majors!). But when GILLETTE, which is known for its shaving products, takes him as a brand ambassador, Tiger Woods has left his domain of specialty and has veered into a territory where he is leveraging his popularity to promote and sell shaving products.

Much worse is when Tiger Woods start endorsing a Management Company like ACCENTURE. When William T.Green, Chairman & CEO of ACCENTURE speaks of the “accessibility, affordability and accountability of  Education in India, and his prescription of making India a Global Education Hub,” there is a jarring note. What did Tiger Woods have to do with a global consulting firm, that could not manage the “affairs” of  it best known face (by hindsight)!! Therefore the point i want to make is that TIGER WOODS chose to use his visibility to promote brands beyond his COMPETENCE and thereby made himself vulnerable to PUBLIC SCRUTINY.

When one of the participating members, Dhabolkar was about to bring in the distinction, OUTLOOK Mehta butted in and the point was never again touched upon. Once i make a statement as an ANONYMOUS person, i am not deemed to be an EXPERT and the viewer is going to count my OPINION as another one in the ocean of OPINIONS. But when a highly visible celebrity makes a statement, he becomes a PUBLIC figure opening himself to scrutiny, by having stated an OPINION on an unrelated area and pledging his credibility.

In the case of Tiger Woods, he had made a statement that his “family” comes first. Which had subliminally added to his “image” substantially. Now that the whole world knows that he had an “EXTENDED FAMILY” consisting of bar-maids and whores, the CONTAMINATION of that FAMILY statement is merely boomeranging. It is that the viewer is HOLDING TIGER WOODS  at his WORD.

So to suggest that a public figure’s life should be beyond the pale of  public scrutiny, is LIKE demanding an unfair bargain: BUY THE PRODUCTS I ENDORSE. BUT IF I AM CAUGHT TO BE OTHER THAN WHAT I HELD OUT TO BE, THEN I SHALL USE MY PRIVILEGE OF PRIVACY AND YOU IDIOTS SHALL HAVE NO RIGHT TO SCRUTINIZE MY PRIVATE LIFE!!

But our desi angrezi steam roller Barkha would have none of the point that was about to be said. She as a moderator of the discussion was pathetic. Her questions were either leading or stifling!!

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