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Murder for Love!

The murder is 7 years old, but the verdict is fresh. It has taken 7 years for the judiciary of the first instance to convict and sentence for life the fiancee Shubha,  her paramour Arun Verma and their 2 accomplices. This delay is despite the trial being held in the FAST TRACK Courts! We Indians, love epics, in fact, we do not want to conclude matters. If it is prolonged there is a false notion that there has been “THOROUGHNESS” to the proceedings.

Getting back to our story, Shubha was in love with a guy called Arun Verma (TOI, Bangalore dt. 15th July, 2010 puts him to be from the state of Bihar, whereas the other Newspapers have been cagey about mentioning the statehood of the perpetrator of the crime!) but in the meanwhile, Shubha’s father gets her engaged, against her wishes, to her neighbour and friend for 15 years by name Girish. The engagement ceremony was over in 2003 and Shubha  “forces” Girish to take her out for dinner and on the way back after dinner, they stop to see the planes take-off and land near the old Bangalore airport. While waiting on the side of the road, a guy walks up and hits Girish with a “shock absorber” and he is taken to the hospital by the alarmed Shubha, where he is declared dead.

Investigations reveal that Shubha was in “deep” love with Arun Verma and he had engaged the services of a history-sheeter through his cousin and the deed was done.

Well let me take you thru the compulsions of the woman Shubha.

She probably wanted to please her father by accepting  the marriage with Girish.

She couldn’t say NO to Girish or her father.

She did not want to  have an “illicit relationship” with Arun after marriage ( what noble intentions!).

Shubha did not want to “elope” with Arun, as that would tarnish the image of her family.

Arun did not want to share Shubha with Girish and therefore wanted Shubha to demonstrate her love for Arun by giving out the details of Girish’s whereabouts, so that he could get the deed done and keep Shubha in the dark.

Shubha wanted to be LOYAL to to ONLY ONE man and that privilege she wanted to bestow on Arun and not on Girish.

Shubha probably thought that when she was not directly involved in the ACT of murder, she would not have to bear the “sin” of the act, though as per the Penal Code she would be criminally responsible.

Shubha could have probably hoped that Arun Verma would fail and go to jail for attempt on the life of Girish, and thereby Shubha would have a happy wedded life with Girish, with no interference!

Shubha probably wanted to put to test the devotion of Arun and start their wedded life on the foundation of the secret of a MURDER MOST FOUL!

The mind is capable of taking its own convolutions before one’s TIME crystallizes the deed to ascribe ownership to the deed!

Shubha is very good looking. One wonders how a woman of such demeanour and carriage could do a deed so foul. I used to muse that Lady Macbeth was a woman who could never be paralleled, leave alone excelled in MURDER. But Shubha comes close to excelling  Lady Macbeth. Shubha knew Girish for 15 years as a neighbour and friend, yet for a few years of  co-habiting with a paramour, she forced her fiance to go for dinner, let out their location, stopped him to make Girish an easy target, set up a false story to set the police on a false trail, continued her life without any compunction after the murder, maintained stony silence as if murdering for LOVE/LUST was a good justification for murder!!

Wah! Wah! Wah! A murder most foul, by a fair lady!!

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