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Since the advent of the Tamil Movie, SAAMI, there have been a lotta songs which contain the word VAADA addressed by the heroine to the hero of the movie.

VAADA in Tamil could mean either ‘something which never withers’, for example there is a flower called VAADA MALLI, which in translation into English would mean JASMINE WHICH NEVER WITHERS. This VAADA is the shortened form of ‘VAADAADHA’. But the theme of this blog refers to the meaning COME, which is used on one’s equals or inferiors.

A wife calling her husband or a girlfriend calling her boyfriend VAADA was an anathema in Tamil usage a decade back. But with the advent of BPOs and other IT companies, the average age difference between the couples have not only decreased but have ceased altogether. So in a working atmosphere, when they start off as colleagues they address each other as VAADA and VAADI. Later when they either fall in love or discover that they are in love, the women do not retract, but maintain the pre-matrimonial form of address, causing a lotta consternation to the previous generation.

This form of address, for me is not only a manifestation of the equality which has been claimed by women at their homes, but also a recognition by the Tamil society of a certain equality between married couples.

Personally, VAADA sounds better than ENNAANGA? ENUNGGA? YEANGGA etc…

But one should watch the following links and especially pay attention to Suchitra’s voice when she calls the hero Ajith, VAADA BIN LADAA.

Another song whci i recall is VAADA VAADA paiyya. in the movie by Jeeva.

A colleague of mine said that now-a-days women have lost all respect for men and have started addressing them in such derogatory terms. I consoled him thus: You see, SOME women have started treating SOME men like this. It is merely a symptom of women not feeling comfortable with SUPERIOR MEN, who neither get treated this way, nor allow such treatment. So it is an opportunity for INFERIOR MEN to fling their hooks at CONCEITED WOMEN- so i see a lotta hope for YOU with them. Go ahead, swallow your pride and get the feel!



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