Conflation of spending tax money & Belief in social justice in Tamil Nadu

The election narrative in Tamil Nadu by the DMK party is that that while they were in power, they had empowered the socially backward social outcasts and that they had consistently devised economic programs for the upliftment of the economic conditions of such voiceless people.

The other party AIADMK, predominantly relies on their efforts at upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden without any discrimination.

Both are right in what they claim and assert. But as a voter one has to clarify what powers the electorate actually vests the elected MLAs with? Once we establish that fact, it would be easier to find out, what could each have done with such power.

Legislative power relating to the State list and the Concurrent List are the domains on which the MLAs could legislate on. The power to tax and spend such taxes and also to borrow in the name of the state, and leaving a debt for the state to take care off is also within the power of that legislature. But the important power is the power to legislate and make laws to maintain law and order and fulfill the hopes as expressed in the Directive Principles of State policy.

Enduring power is the legislative power to empower the socially backward classes, or so the DMK thought, having championed the cause under the teachings of EVR. India has a peculiar issue of caste, which by its very design could be empowering or debilitating. It is in empowering and liberating of those the depressed classes which was concentrated by DMK, while it was in power and it had ensured that much legislation had been carried through and implemented, which granted positive discrimination in favour of those depressed classes. However, the generations which had laboured under those unwritten caste rules had passed away and the legislations made in those days have reduced the gap which existed then leaving no scope for the younger generations to be guided by them except in small towns and villages of Tamil Nadu.

That should be seen as the period between 1967 to 1976. Which the late Kalaignar Karunanidhi used to describe as the ஒளி நிறைந்த ஒன்பது வருடம்.

Thereafter came the period of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR, which lasted from 1977 to 1987. During his regime much dole was measured out from the state government exchequer. It was a reign of providing relief to the masses from their day to day economic burden.

Yet, MGR brought in a special quota for persons purely based on economic consideration, which had a negative political repercussion, which he quickly withdrew. By then MGR had understood that he shouldn’t make any attempt to dilute the benefits legislatively granted to the downtrodden castes. Any accommodation on economic considerations was seen by the voting public as the usurpation by the upper castes of the facility created by the DMK legislatively.

I’d like to quote the Indian Express on this:

MGR further declared that certain percentage of reservation would be provided to poor among the forward communities. However, he backed down after the AIADMK’s virtual rout in the Lok Sabha polls of 1980.

The MGR government issued an order (G.O.Ms.1156), dated July 2, 1979, fixing Rs 9,000 as the annual income ceiling for BCs to get the benefits of reservation. To justify the G.O, the government cited the recommendations of the Backward Classes Commission, under the Chairmanship of AN Sattanathan, submitted in 1970. Then general secretary of Dravidar Kazhagam K Veeramani (now president) and late DMK president M Karunanidhi immediately opposed the move and, with many other leaders, spearheaded protests against it.

They argued that the order was unconstitutional and unreasonable, and said, “The Constitution clearly defines the beneficiaries as socially and educationally BCs. Introducing an economic element will be a wrong remedy to a malady which is essentially social.”

So the fact is that, MGR’s belief was not that strong relating to those that were held by MK. But MGR made a little tweak to the Dravidian narrative by earning a name as a generous giver, devoid of caste considerations. Even today AIADMK continues to be in the same mould.

Dr. J Jayalalitha tried a legislation on conversion, which in 2002 was thought of to be an effort to get close to a national party, the Ordinance was “Prohibition of Forcible Conversion of Religious Ordinance, 2002”.

These areas of carving out a quota for the economically backward, and prohibition of forcible conversion had already taken deep roots within the AIADMK, however they could not be made into enduring legislations as the people reacted, though at the nudging and instigation of the ever vigilant DMK, against such dilution of social justice, and Liberty to convert and be converted.

These have crystallised well and now what these two parties stand for is very clear – as each had allied with national parties which are in alignment with the core thinking of either the DMK or the AIADMK.

I am not sure if Dr. J Jayalalitha would have got the reservation of 69% for the Backward classes placed in the IX Schedule of the Constitution in 1994, had she been assured of her place with the masses, which she acquired subsequently in the 21st century!

So this election is very interesting in the sense that the real fight is between what these two Dravidian parties really stand for. That each of the Dravidian parties is vying with the other to dole out largesse out of the tax money is inconsequential. Tax money has to be spent anyway on maintenance, implementation of programs and infrastructure building. Corruption is not an issue in Tamil Nadu, though political parties accuse each other for the optics, and TN is the only state which electorally handed over the state exchequer to a person convicted by courts. I believe that there are provisions within the Constitution for remitting sentences and pardoning convicts, which i believe should have been exercised by the State when such is the will of the people, however to grant a pardon using those provisions in a corruption case would have definitely harmed the polity more! Anyway no attempt was made on those lines.

When people are not bothered about corruption and elect a party whose supremo had been convicted, one must arrive at a conclusion that those who had been accused and convicted were not corrupt above the plimsoll line mentally demarcated by the public; or that people thought that those who were themselves as culpable, cast the first stone and took advantage of the system, or that corruption was absolutely inconsequential.

From the narrative which is expressed, an outsider is bound to believe that the votes would be cast on what is being uttered. But i for one believe that Thamizhans and Thamizhachis collectively think differently from what is touted during elections by parties in justification of their alliances. The conflation, of the legislative power and the tax money spending power, doesn’t work with the Thamizhs.

I am impelled to quote what G K Chesterton in his essay had to say while contrasting the French with the English:

Let a fool hate France: if the fool loves it he will soon be a knave. He will certainly admire it, not only for the things that are not creditable, but actually for the things that are not there. He will admire the grace and indolence of the most industrious people in the world. He will admire the romance and fantasy of the most determinedly respectable and common-place people in the world. This mistake the Englishman will make if he admires France too hastily; but the mistake that he makes about France will be slight compared with the mistake that he makes about himself. An Englishman who professes really to like French realistic novels, really to be at home in a French modern theatre, really to experience no shock on first seeing the savage French caricatures, is making a mistake very dangerous for his own sincerity. He is admiring something he does not understand. He is reaping where he has not sown, and taking up where he has not laid down; he is trying to taste the fruit when he has never toiled over the tree. He is trying to pluck the exquisite fruit of French cynicism, when he has never tilled the rude but rich soil of French virtue.


Once I happened to ask Zorba what was the difference between these two parties.

Zorba’s prolonged silence made me think that Zorba either didn’t know the difference or that he couldn’t find the right words to explain the difference.

Instead of answering me straight, Zorba asked another question: What is the difference between a Cavalryman and a Dragoon?

I said, I know vaguely the meaning of a Cavalryman – a combatant on a horse, fighting for his country or a cause.

In fact the word Dragoon seemed like a spelling mistake with an extra ‘o’ to a dragon.

Zorba said: There is a unifying factor – both use horses and mount those horses. But the unity ends there.

I was all the more curious to know the functions of a dragoon – my impatience to acquire that piece of knowledge made Zorba give a cynical smile.

Zorba said, if only had you understood the function of each of the components in relation to the task accomplished, you would be able to understand the Purpose of those components.

Let us take the horse, which is common to both a cavalryman as well as a dragoon. The fortunes of a cavalryman is closely bound up with the fortunes of the horse. There has to be a synergy between the horseman of a cavalry and his horse. They both have to fight together. The cavalryman has to turn the horse in a battlefield and manoeuvre it in such a way as to not merely protect the horse but to generate an advantageous position so as to lance an opponent or use his sword with optimal proximity with his target.

I agreed, but asked Zorba: but how is a dragoon any different?

Zorba said: For a dragoon a horse is just a means to reach the battlefield. His relationship with the horse is neither durable nor is the horse obedient and perceptive enough to wheel or turn or stall or amble or trot at the call of the dragoon. The dragoon uses the horse to reach the theatre of war, thereupon the horse and the dragoon are separated. The horseman is no more an horseman but an infantryman, fighting his enemies on his own skills, as a unit with the other dragoon who have dismounted their horses. Their relationship with the horse is contractual and not abiding.

If Alexander the Great named a city after Bucephalus, his horse, it was a homage paid by that great warrior statesman to the synchronicity of purpose achieved during the war with his horse Bucephalus and NOT BEFORE OR AFTER THE WAR.

A dragoon uses his horse and feeds it enough to carry the dragoon from one theatre to another theatre and the horse is never called upon to think upon the weal of his rider. In its free time it chews its provender and gallops to the next peg near the next theatre to be tethered for the horseman to become an infantryman and fight his battles and get back to his horse, if alive. If he dies or is injured another infantryman is recruited and the horse would do its duty within its limited remit with faithfulness. A dragoon’s horse has no loyalty or care as to who was on his back, he just needs his provender and rest. These dragoon horses are neither protected nor caparisoned after the battles are won. At best these dragoon could be called mounted infantrymen.

I asked Zorba, if those were the differences, which one is a Cavalryman and which one is a Dragoon?

Zorba said: I don’t know, but the horse stands for the Dravidian ideology. Find out for yourself and let me know.

Why did DMK lose TN 2016?

The question is NOT How Jayalalitha won the elections in TN, but How did DMK lose in TN?
Let’s go back to some of the fundamental assumptions which preceded the elections in TN.

1. There is anti incumbency, as historically since 1984, TN voters have never re-elected the party which ran the Govt.

2. Both the veterans Dr. M. K and Dr. J.J have not been keeping well, so if not now, the persons who had proclaimed themselves as CM candidates in this election,  would have a head start in the next

3. Dr. Anbu was the first who declared himself as a CM Contestant, forcing the hands of Vijayakanth, thereby putting paid for the hopes for an alliance of DMK with DMDK.

4. Once VAIKO cobbled up his Naidu/Dalit/Communist platform, Vijayakanth’s past vote percentage gave him the primacy to lead the alliance.

It is in this background that the elections in TN was fought.

In effect, since Dr. MK didn’t want to alienate his cadres and also rouse Azhagiri’s overt resistance, he declared himself the CM candidate of the DMK.
In effect, it was suspected that Stalin was trying to upstage Dr. MK in a future date, after an imagined win by DMK.

BJP and the Congress did not make any open announcements, as the former was constrained by self doubts, and the latter had split into TMC of Vaasan and the other by Elangovan. 
So Vaasan fell in line with VAIKO and in effect there was Dr.JJ as the only serious candidate and the rest were either a pretext for someone else – like Dr. MK was for Stalin. The rest were all pretenders wanting precedence in the next elections.

For political parties it is strategy and vote banks – nothing else matters.

Voters may not be serious but they are sincere. They found that except for Dr. JJ, there was NO OTHER SERIOUS CM CANDIDATE IN THE FRAY IN TN 2016! 
Without sincerity there is no such thing as a promise . If one is NOT sincere about wanting to become the CM of TN, how can one trust the promises made by him/her? 
No doubt, Dr.JJ moves slowly, but her clarity in expression and request to the people of TN for their votes, based on citing her past performance had a RING OF SINCERITY, if not a ring of truth to it. However, Dr. MK’s request was a benami transaction of seeking vote for Stalin, and at his will could hand over, if not forced to hand over, the reins of the government if DMK won. Dr. MK’s voice had the telling gruffness, but not the clarity. In effect, the people of TN had to choose someone who sounded sincere and that left her as the only choice, with a dash of sympathy – as they saw her combativeness and imperiousness had subsided and Sincerity stood out, albeit with a tinge of arrogance.

Therefore, essentially in TN if anyone asks for power with Sincerity, people do favourably consider that.
One of the main reasons for a strong showing was DMK’s guiltless promise of economic revival coupled with relentless effort. Why “guiltless”? because DMK felt that the scam allegations have already been paid for, in the form of the 2014 parliament elections. That was not entirely correct, people remembered the allegations as much as the 20 year old allegations against Dr. JJ for her amassing of wealth. But DMK cadres are not prone to introspection unlike the not so belligerent AIADMK, consequently, DMK’s campaign was vibrant, full-throated & remorseless. This gave an impression that DMK had won over the media, it seemed more as cornering the media space than fairly playing the game. 

TRANSFERENCE of Congress votes was total in favour of DMK, but DMK votes in favour of Congress was dismal. Probably, post win DMK did not want a congress with 25-30 MLAs, if DMK itself hit only 100 MLAs- that would make DMK vulnerable, which was the case in 2011, which invited a refrained jibe of “minority Govt” from Dr. JJ! This obviously cost DMK a strike at the power, unfortunately, DMK WHICH IS PRONE TO EXTROVERSION IS UNABLE TO SEE IT, MUCH LESS ADMIT IT! 
PROHIBITION, was not DMK agenda brought before the Tamil electorate, it was Dr. Ramadoss’ initiative, borrowed and drum-beaten as a tool against Dr. JJ ! Dr JJ couldn’t have agreed to total prohibition, as the parties would have asked her to implement it immediately, as she was in power. Therefore she came up with the “phased manner” concept, which probably went down well with the regular TASMACers! Who knows if the differential percentage was those who apprehended prohibition ? Maybe, DMK lost on that count too.

To say that this election was without anti incumbency is a fraud, the reality seems that SINCERITY, TRANSFERENCE and PROHIBITION went against the DMK and nullified the anti incumbency gains. 

Thamizh Nadu state elections!

Predicting the winner in the state elections of Thamizh Nadu is easier than formulating the pattern of media behaviour and psephologists. But, believe you me, there is an undeniable pattern to their behaviour.

They are a breed which surfaces every lustrum. Till then they keep providing ‘consultancy’, an amorphous rather a protean nomenclature which is fastened to any freelancing activity which takes advantage of knowledge and contacts for unimaginable gains. The gain is not for nothing, they monitor the trend of the voting masses. They ignore the non voting electorate and pitch on those who vote. Secondly they mingle to find out the aspirations of the voting types.

Aspirations being of two types, they do not inform that they segregate the economic aspirations from their social aspirations. Once this is segregated, they inform through various media that the whole electorate is after this or that SOCIAL ASPIRATION. This creates a bandwagon effect and coagulates further to the core the consultant created. Next he provides ‘consultation’ to a party to which he has been affiliated through ideology or remuneration. There he explains to the party think tank that there is a coagulating group which has aspirations for certain ECONOMIC ASPIRATIONS and unleashes it. That forms the manifesto of the party – a lure to hook the gullible voter.

Then there are those POSTULATES, which the clever ones formulate and propagate to the point of a cliche. E.g. ANTI-INCUMBENCY. – this is a standard piece of jargon which substitutes well when their predictions go wrong.

BANDWAGON EFFECT – this is one more jargon to the point of cliche, that it is a less sophisticated one and had been in use a lot longer than the previous one and probably heading towards retirement by the next lustrum!

MATHEMATICAL & STATISTICAL BS– when words fail, numbers are invoked to obfuscate facts. Facts are better countered by numbers than letters. If that fails, STATISTICS, which is alphanumeric is invoked, where they are sure that none would understand it and left wondering, as they believe that as they have not understood it, none can!

Psephologists are saprophytes, which live ON but not OFF!
These need the MEDIA.

Just as an army marches on its stomach, this one which used to live off the governmental newsprint and advertisement, lives ON ADVERTISEMENTS- the paid ones, not the governmental ones which are either statutory or bill based. The bill is a threat which a legislator could use against an interest group. The threat is that, the power of the day would make an Act, which might take the cream off, at one stroke.
The advertisers are companies mostly, who have a product or service, which are busy building a brand or staving off other companies from superseding their brand image. Therefore they fund movies which have greater viewership and cost more per telecast. They pay triple or quintuple the normal Advt charges and keep themselves afloat during the churning of the people who end up running the Govt. So  Psephologists start by making pre-election polls and purvey the desired results by going to those areas which would return their expectations. Since Psephologists are creating a voting group they start PROMOTING their affiliate party. They don’t care about their credibility, as even if one gets it dead right on the numbers, people believe that they got it by fluke; and if they got it wrong, they could slime out with their jargon or statistics. The flak that might follow would not be comparable with the benefits they could gain through being “friendly” with parties and the media. Each one is a playing referee, rather a referee who has punted in favour of one of the teams in which he is the main, rather spot referee!

The clever know that elections are Marathons in terms of Time. To be in the right side of the proverb WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE, would be a Trojan blunder of mistaking an army for a wooden horse. The game begins in the last ten days, before the polling day.

But the media and the riding Psephologists start the game early as they are the payees and don’t lose anything, whereas the political parties, who are the payers, by starting early might become burn outs, like Dr. Ramadoss and co. But the media and Psephologists have already taken out the fat of  PMK.

Politicians decide only when a decision cannot be postponed any longer. So they wait to catch evolving trends, which they themselves could have triggered through deft deployment of the media and Psephologists. 
After the burn outs come the NAIVE ENTHUSIASTS SANS IDEOLOGY. A person like VAIKO is capable, a good man and meaning well, but his belligerence is misplaced. He lacks the organisational skills to build a platform, consequently he needs a Vijayakanth and the Communists to provide him the base, which gets crowded and he gets lost.

The long players are the ADMK oops! AIADMK, which is in the form of Dravidian vehicle manned sorry womanned by a Brahmin and a Brahminical sympathiser, and the DMK. AIADMK has a form with a different substance, she did not make it that way, when Thamihzans voted for the putative goodness of MGR, the electorate approved of such a content-form contradiction . The next is the DMK, which is a platform which is being usurped by Stalin shooting over the shoulders of Dr. MK. Stalin has the pedigree but not the mettle of his father. People of Thamizhnadu don’t even remember that he was a state minister – the better part is that even the ruling party doesn’t talk of the decisions or opportunities squandered by Stalin as a minister! 

But people know one thing that Dr. MK is being egged on by his family than out of any ambition to become CM once more. Maybe Dr. MK would want to see the back of Amma more than he wanting to become the CM.

Therefore the subliminal question nibbling at the thamizh brain is whether to Give one final chance to the saviour of the backward castes of TN or to extend the rule of a woman, who through her own making, has made herself a one woman army lumbering up and down the state. She believes that she is THE WINNER and wants to take all the credit for it, so it is not that there aren’t any second ring speakers but that she is loath to sharing credit with someone else. So no second rung leaders are empowered to campaign with gusto.  

In this election melee, the advertisers and Psephologists who had been purveying their aspirations disguised as news and science, would be groping in the darkness that they have created and in the last week before elections, would give a seesaw majority to AIADMK and leave it for fate to decide and start working on theories and hypotheses to defend how they missed the AIADMK landslide. 



To the best of my understanding, which though not considerable, there is no provision in law to compel the Governor of the State or the President of India to  recognize a pre-poll alliance and thereby call the person most likely to command the majority of the house and offfer him/her the first opportunity to prove  majority in the House. However, we have followed a convention that the PRE-POLL ALLIANCES are RECOGNIZED and given much WEIGHT.

In the recently concluded elections for the State Assembly, there was a PRE-POLL ALLIANCE between AIADMK and DMDK (Vijayakanth’s party). Upon declarations of results it was found that AIADMK had enough numbers to form the government without the support of its PRE-POLL ALLIANCE partners. So, after the results, DMDK, by virtue of it having more MLAs than the DMK, decides to sit in the OPPOSITION and its Leader Vijayakanth is made the OPPOSITION LEADER. What a FARCE.

What is the idea of giving the OPPOSITION leader the status of CABINET MINISTER? Simple, in electoral politics the voice of the opposition- which has also got a minimum amount of seats- should not be allowed to go UNHEARD. That i think is the principle. If the PRE-POLL alliance partner of the WINNING SIDE sits as the OPPOSITION leader, how would the DEMOCRATIC SPIRIT be fulfilled with that arrangement?

This is not the first time that this has happened. But not framing RULES or LAWS on this point would be deleterious to DEMOCRACY! I hope our LEGISLATORS recognize this and take prompt action……………


HEADLINES TODAY TV has come up with a post poll analysis of the assembly elections in THAMIZHNADU. EXIT POLLS have been banned by the ELECTION COMMISSION and therefore the Psephologists have invented a method, which according to the WEBSITE takes samples by visiting houses randomly and asking the persons who had voted what their choice was.

Headlines Today News

This method of visiting houses is the WORST METHODOLOGY, as, now that the voter’s identity had been established and his house located by the sampling agency, there is 100% chance that a person who had  taken gratification for voting in a particular way, but voted according to his opinion- which would be against the interest of the gratifier- would not disclose the TRUTH.  And believe you me, the voters of Thamizhnadu disguise their preferences better than any other state in India- plz recall the Assembly elections subsequent to the Parliamentary elections of 1980! MGR won immediately after losing the Parliamentary elections.

Any sensible person would be able to assume, as to which party must have gratified more! Further everyone knows which of the two sides is likely to infuse terror in the hearts of the person who had taken gratification, and not voted according to the illegal contract!

According to the site DMK gets 48% of the voteshare and AIADMK gets 47% of the voteshare. Translated into seats DMK is supposed to get 130 seats and AIADMK 105- 120 seats. Well, this seat projection based on the voteshare seems the second blunder the HEADLINES TODAY POLL suffers from. The margins are not important for winning a seat and in fact a huge margin in a few seats may increase the voteshare but not proportionately translate into seats.

There is a third FALLACY which is being floated: THIS HIGH TURN-OUT OF 82% voters is a PRO-INCUMBENCY WAVE. Seems very unlikely. When Late KAMARAJ  gave a clean, efficient and growth oriented administration in the mid sixties, the people of Thamizhnadu were fully aware that Kamaraj was doing all that because of the pressure kept up by ANNA, besides their animosity for the  puppeteering from Delhi! So the electorate went and executed the improbable in 1967. Kamaraj’s PADUTHUKKONDAY JAYIPPEN- was nothing but a vain boast of a Right man caught in the wrong CAMP. The surge in the percentage of polling was a silent RESENTMENT of the puppeteering plus a PRO WAVE in favour of C.N.ANNADURAI. If anyone is willing to let himself believe that a 10% surge in polling is to ensure that the DMK and its allies MUST BE RETURNED to power, i have my pity on him. (if AIADMK loses then the argument would be that there  was rampant rigging by the winner, and therefore the percentage of polling went up!!).

The 80% voting is , according to me, a surge by the people of Thamizhnadu to dislodge a party which gave the people a fraction of what it made itself! It is a vote of silent resentment. It is a vote for a change and most importantly to deprive a person, of  a successive term to prevent him from covering up the deeds of the last term!

Let us see, and FRIDAY the 13th of MAY might exorcise a lot more than all our speculation.


With this evening all voting, hopefully, would be over. Why HOPEFULLY? Because there is every possibility that some re-polling might be in the offing for the captured booths etc etc..

What is interesting is that there is a screen that has been held between the Electorate and the Political Parties and that SCREEN will be lifted from this evening on. If politics is the ART OF THE POSSIBLE, one will get adequate dosage of that adage from now on.

What was the purpose of the screen?

Very elementary, in TAMILNADU Jayalalitha does not want to be seen to be close to the BJP, as that might irk the minority voters and before the end of elections,  if that hand is opened, it would be like showing your hand when TRUMPS are still held by your opponents.

The above theory is very well exemplified by the allegations made by the LJP leader Mr.Paswan, when he said that Mr. Nitish Kumar had shed his  SHEEP’S CLOTHING and  shook hands besides sharing the dais  with Mr.Modi of Gujarat after the last voter had cast his vote in Bihar.

Before the polling is complete every POLITICIAN is wary of disclosing that he/she is PRACTISING THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE! But after the Elections, he/she trusts the Amnesia of the voters and practises it consummately.

Mrs.Jayanti Natarajan of the Congress, when asked by Vikram Chandra of NDTV, as to whether INC would align with AIADMK, if the AIADMK+ were to obtain  30+ MP seats in TN, this morning  (13th May, 2009), she was uncomfortable answering the question but REAFFIRMED that DMK were their partners and they (INC) do not have such ideas. Well said.

All these stances taken by the spokespersons of the political parties are nothing but SCREENS that have been held by the Political parties to keep the fence sitters and believers of news channels lulled into a feeling of smugness.

Once the screen is lifted this evening, the News channels would start churning out the various possibilities as they would no more labour under the Supreme Court’s advisory of not publishing opinion polls before the last vote is polled. I am very much sure that the NEWS Channels are not going to reveal anything that our Politicians have not already thought through.

The interesting scenario would be in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, as the state assembly elections are also held simultaneously. Besides the distinction shown by the voters (like voting for one party for Assembly and another for the parliament), the post election scenario of alignments, realignments would be interesting to watch. Mr.Naveen Patnaik is in a real bind- whether to RETURN TO THE VOMIT or form an alliance with the INC!!

THE TRAGEDY is that all the HORSE TRADING, PLEDGING SUPPORT, GIVING LETTERS OF SUPPORT, MAKING PRO STATEMENTS are all going to be done in the interest of FORMATION OF THE GOVERNMENT. After all we Indians will have to have a Government.

Waiting for the screen to be lifted and the ACTORS enact their parts with consummate style and lull us again (hopefully) for another 5 years is a mounting temptation hard to contain for me.