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Agra. The very word evokes ROMANCE.

Shah Jahan had chosen his bride

Mumtaz, who was his soul mate.

The one who not only frittered

his time, but littered.

Only Mumtaz littered for Shah Jahan,

hoping that uterine siblings don’t fight unto death.

The fool Shah Jahan believed

& in deference to her charms, acquiesced!

Shah Jahan aids Dara,

Aurangzeb serves it up at Kashmiri Gate.

Aurangzeb cuts off water to Shah Jahan

Gets the Badshah to his knees.

Shah Jahan spends his last days sighting

The Taj instead of ruling the Empire!

Alas, the POISONED WEED had bloomed

In the pool of the Regal Romance.

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