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Chastity, in the eyes of some men, is too serious a matter to be left in the hands of the woman concerned.

The implications are seldom understood prior to the consequences, and once they are visited with the consequences, the woman’s reconciliation is quick & without resistance.

Worse still is that they emotionally convince all around, that the past cannot be undone.

Bathsheba and her tantrums were well known. I wonder if it was Bathsheba who gave David the idea to get Uriah to get him to town, to ensure that the child could be passed off as Uriah’s.  When Uriah refused to sleep with his unchaste wife, whether it was King David who suo motu contrived to kill Uriah or was it at the instance of Bathsheba cannot be known.

If i let my imagination run wild, when Uriah returned and Bathsheba could not legitimize the child in her womb, must have suspected that Uriah must have got to know about her dalliance with King David and could have threatened King David with an ultimatum- either he gets Uriah out of the way and takes her as his wife, failing which, she would go public with the King’s ADULTERY!!! According to Mosaic Law, the punishment for ADULTERY was DEATH by STONING!!

Agamemnon, goes to TROY for the war and in the meanwhile his wife Clytemnestra goes unchaste with her lover Aegisthus. Not only that she went unchaste, upon his return conspires with Aegisthus and gets her husband Agamemnon killed!!! Clytemnestra could have had a million reasons- including the fact that her first husband, Tantalus, was murdered by Agamemnon; that Agamemnon came back with a concubine Cassandra; that she was left alone to manage with her own sexuality for a prolonged period- but all these are reasons adduced post facto.

I recall a statement that Winston Churchill made on one of his opponents: HE IS LIKE A PILLOW WHICH BEARS THE IMPRESSION OF THE LAST PERSON WHO SAT ON IT!!!

In both the cases adduced, it is the last person who had taken the woman who lives and the predecessor gets KILLED!!


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