Entertaining a doubt is premature acclimatization of the mind for defeat!

When u don’t know how good the field is,

or how high the bar is set,

how can a competitor presuppose a negative result, instead of getting ready for it?


Courage, i sometimes muse, is the greatest of virtues- as this would impel a person to seek out excellence or would be sought out and crowned. David might have been a shepherd boy, but the spirit of God drove Samuel to seek him out. It could have been Courage, confined to shepherding, but divine will seeks out the courageous. Jephthah, was one. Gideon was another.
Or are the examples cited, just a post facto reasoning justifying their elevation?  None can be certain.

Do we have data of those who had the courage, but were left out for other reasons?

In the absence of such data is it right to come to such an inescapable conclusion, or is it just an exercise of the human mind to look for some trait and certify that trait to be the cause of all good things that followed?
But one can believe in anything, as it is not subject to absolute and objective reasoning. Further it could be a choice which hurts none and hence none has the locus-standi to object to such reasoning.
The trouble is only when such a conclusion is clothed as a scientific and unimpeachable fact!

All beliefs that do not bring  harm to the individual or the society, should be ignored by the society and ought to be supported at the individual level.


Conscience like the phoenix rises out of the depraved mass of ashes when it is least expected and asserts itself to such an extent that it ain’t possible to shirk or shrug.

One may need the forgiveness of one’s past before restarting one’s life again.

Not disowning but recognizing the irrelevance of the past experience.


Can u start judging for the purpose of making choice and not merely for sitting on judgment?  Yes.

But the line is so fine that the trouble when one starts judging is that one tends to believe that the so called TRUTH arrived at is universal, whereas when judging for making a choice one factors in one’s own limitations and the exigencies of the present circumstances.

Whereas for making an absolute judgment one has to have knowledge of TRUTHS which are immutable.

Since that is humanly impossible all judgments for making choices end up as beliefs. These beliefs may find favour with some who agree with us, but mere agreement of devotees is no proof of having arrived at the absolute TRUTH!

Hence belief coupled with humility is the only humanly possible Truth.


Can the flower,

that fibrillated at the buzz of the bee-

at its blossom,

having lost its scent and its hue now

sit sorrowful and seek pardon at having fibrillated

at the heat that it can’t feel now?


Can He? Reflects yr assessment of His capability as to whether he could or not.

Once this is settled in the affirmative, the next question is Would He?

Which means whether He would WILL his capabilities to be directed towards what u desire?

Now the subsidiary question is, why would He will to deploy his capabilities in yr favour?

Now u have to know or believe that He knows yr expectation and that u r worthy to receive His line of action favourable to u.

Now if He could and would, then the question When arises. Since u as well as yr desire could be limited by time, it becomes imperative to obtain an answer to this.

This is mostly to sustain yr Hope and expectation.

After this point, nothing sustains a man except His grace!


Belief is the perfect substitute to man’s imperfect understanding.

Since facts are not knowable always, structural beliefs step in to fill up the gaps.

Job’s predicament

A vision which has become shameful to hold any longer- because of the fallen standards and dilapidated hopes.

Unless the situation alters for the better drastically,

even to reclaim the vision seems impossible, leave alone realizing it!


A petty thief steals a pen and seeks God’s help to get away,

a murderer after committing a murder either seeks God’s aid in escape from capture or retribution,

the scientist looks up to God for enlightenment

– we thru our actions draw to God.

Good ones lead us to him for growth, and rotten ones to him for forgiveness, or out of fear and retribution.
To put it, we thru our actions are constantly defining our language of interaction with God.

May it be good and progressive.

DEVIL’S advocate

A devil’s advocate, primarily is a person who wants to arrive at a predetermined conclusion after eliminating thru disproving ideas and facts against his predetermined conclusion. It is a process of elimination which is the tool to carve out the adverse ideas and facts and thereby arrive at the TRUTH.

In contrast, is the system of belief where choice is made, if the ideas or the facts are in consonance. To play the devil’s advocate one needs to have enormous knowledge and the power to exclude, not the power to choose!

To become a devil’s advocate, one has to have a duality- a mind to reject and a heart to give direction. The objective of the advocate is not to gloss over the foibles, but to verify and if found true to arraign and prevent canonization of the unholy!


Conscious action

Time is the measurement of interconnected action and based on the regularity of future actions . Which has led humans to believe that TIME exists definitely in future, which is a fallacy.

In the absence of Action and Consciousness thereof, there is no Time!


Society Vs. Suicide

Suicide is an offence which is the only act of harm done and the perpetrator is never available to be punished or to repent.

The society can tolerate an unpunished criminal, but it cannot tolerate an unrepentant one. Thereby all religions assign hell to the successful suiciders!!

Further the society which glorifies LIFE cannot be seen as recommending something (Death), which itself – by the mere fact of living- is not practicing.

As an extension of this idea, it is unable to take a call on EUTHANASIA also.

Had it been because of HOPE, that the society in a short while wud be able to provide relief to the despondent and retrieve him/her from Death as a relief option, i’d have agreed. But denying someone his wishes, because of the society’s helplessness, is a sin.


There are factually verifiable beliefs and factually non verifiable beliefs.

Of the factually non verifiable beliefs, one should not look for intrinsic merit, one should look for the efficacy of the belief vis a vis the believer.

Belief in the intangibles brings changes in the direction and perception, which are subjective preferences.


Hi Guys,

Sunday, therefore another day to hear the sermon and hold one’s peace at church, and to set the record straight in the blog.

The theme for today’s sermon was EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN.

We all face only one shortage and that is TIME. Had things been the way it was prior to Noah’s time, we’d have had all the time to do 2 things:-

1. to ascertain from those older than us ( maybe a Methuselah could ask for details from Adam and wud have had an un-perverted narration of facts on history) and form true opinions. and

2. not having to rely on the biased & preconceived notions of the so called researchers who look for something,and when they find nothing, they substantiate their theories with straws- which get bandied about and make the issues hazier.

But Alas! that is not to be and here we are with limited time at our disposal and unless otherwise it is our job or is paying, we do not want to spare TIME to clarify issues, which are cardinal to our being. Hence an accurate HISTORICAL perspective may not be available to me, but I am also aware that anyone else touching upon this topic wud be under the same liability.

When we talk of EMPOWERMENT, we are talking of giving a greater say in the decision making process of the systems, and to ensure that – when the opportunity is well used by those empowered- if the objectives of the systems are met and those objectives are salubrious in the long run, then those suggestions are to be adopted- however contrary to the existing system the suggestions might be.

Practically this may not be so- as the system might need revamping before such salubrious suggestions are given effect to. Then, the suggestions adopted cannot see the germination thereof. And as already stated, we don’t have time to follow through, and the suggestions languish for want of implementation.

In a church if one talks of empowerment, what is one talking of? To be a member of a Committee of Appointments for the profs in the colleges run by the church; to have a say in the spending of the diocesan funds?; to become a priest and have a say in the politics of the Christian flock? Nay- there is a Christian side to the system. If one wants to be the forerunner to CHRIST, he has to be like John the Baptist and live outside the societal comforts. No protection, gotta call rogues as vipers, antagonize tetrarchs, get one’s head served in a platter( all for the sinuous dance of Herod’s victim’s daughter- Salome).

When such were the consequences , no woman was willing to walk in camel’s skin, eat wild honey and spew venom against the powerful. But now that the years of hard work of the staunch believers have borne fruit and in the foreseeable future none might be required to do the dirty and difficult jobs as described before, the chicks are putting pressure to be closer to the honey-pot and squealing for an occasional dip in it. The worst is that, men are eager to push their women folk in front and get their agendas fulfilled thru them! So much for empowerment!!!

Woman was not made to get into the hurly burly of leading in spiritual matters, but was created to be of support to man in his endeavors.

God said I WILL MAKE A HELP MEET FOR HIM. Help and nothing more. Eve wanted to rise above the status assigned and there she opened communication channels with the serpent and REVEALED the secret of the tree of knowledge; ate of it; gave some to the MAN- whose assistant she was- and thereby created the mess we are in. It may all be symbolic, but the symbolism has to be extended to squeeze out the implications.

I do not agree with the diktat of Paul that HE DOESN’T GIVE AUTHORITY FOR WOMEN TO SPEAK IN CHURCH. No doubt, this is a passage in the Bible, but when no such PROHIBITION was given by JESUS through all the four Gospels, there is not much weight to the Paulian prohibition.

Further when the disciples tried to stifle the shouts of Hosanna, Jesus’ command was that, if these did not cry out the STONES would cry out the Hosannas. Therefore, God could make anyone a tool in His absolute will. It could be a woman too.

While Jesus was still in the flesh, there is no record to show that he chose them for spreading the gospel. That does not mean that a woman shud not become one- but it also means that we shud not make it an overt agenda to make a woman a priest or a Bishop for the sake of making a woman priest or a woman bishop. Women shud become worthy before they breach the male bastion and then fix standards for their gender. That is how it has been and that is how it ought to be.

There was this Judge named BARAK (cf: JUDGES in the Bible), whose reliance on Deborah was absolute and had to share the glory, of defeating Sisera, with her. He was warned of such sharing and consequently the reduction in Glory , yet he chose sharing. If one wants to depend on women it is nothing wrong, but prescribing it for statistical purposes and for tokenism, is a TABOO.

CHRISTIANITY is a religion for proving it with one’s life and not thru one’s acquired skills and connections! May it remain to be so and let every sane Christian uphold the same.


He slipped and fell through the supporting net of life and thus his search for truth started.

None finds out the TRUTH except thru slipping and falling thru the net of societal sanity and religiosity.

But mere slipping and falling thru doesn’t guarantee the dawning of the truth. When it dawns one has to have the readiness of the self to have one’s eyes open to perceive it in all its ugliness and nakedness. It changes not only one’s world view but also one’s priorities.

the bad blend

He looked for two things in his woman DEVOTION and SERENITY.

Devotion to him meant that she doesn’t make herself scarce when he wants her and

Serenity, meant that when he wasn’t around and when alone, she shouldn’t worry by raking up jealousies and envy in her mind .

Each of those qualities was difficult to find and to find the twain in one was nigh impossible. He didn’t find one, so he embarked on finding one with either and inculcating the other.

But his life became a see saw. One declined with the rise of the other.

Serenity brought indifference and devotion brought anxiety.

His mission started! A chase of the mirage!


He after obtaining her emotional submission, would launch on the physical assault, that led her to drift from her partial consciousness to total dissolving and disappearance of the observing mind.

She was no more watching herself, much less him, she was rapidly losing herself on the onslaught of the strokes which tingled her being.

The man was observing the molten mass and redoubled his oaring, wanting to see her in that state of mindlessness!
That state was what gave him the ultimate sense of manhood.

The observer in him was severe and would not tolerate him being lethargic or giving in to the pleasures of so base a nature.
This observer within, made him a marvel in the minds of those women. They used to come out of those mindless periods, with a sneaking suspicion that he had seen them during those gaps of their consciousness- the thought that he was the author of their mindless state brought a sense of shame to them.
She would scratch him to see if he would talk about her dilapidated state of consciousness. His silence gave her a feeling that he hadn’t noticed her mindless state, which pacified her.

But her urge to get into that state of mindlessness impelled her to seduce him. He was crowned the king of her consciousness.
Now that he had mounted the tigress, he had no option but to duplicate her mindlessness. A task to which he was equal. She used to call him fondly ‘ MY GAP FILLER’ .

A true tribute to what happened, but none who heard her could sense even remotely the intensity and his dexterity of their union!


Hamlet had an opportunity while he found his uncle praying- did nothing and repented later.

David saw Saul asleep and did not kill him.That brought him the tribe of Benjamin later.

If God be with us, whatever we do would turn out fine.

Does it mean God wasn’t with Hamlet? It is not a conclusive inference- man is only granted the liberty to act and if he doesn’t exercise it for positive activity, he is not granted divine favours.

Hamlet merely regretted his inaction and did nothing further, but David sustained his activity and also took advantage of his generosity by announcing to Saul how his life was in David’s hand.


God is with the humble. Truly so, as the humble are the least willful, and any good that happens to them cannot be explained logically except by attributing divine intervention. Therefore when the humble are elevated, the masses are to be convinced that it is good to be humble and without any other trait or effort they could also be elevated in their due time.

There have been more humble people who have never left their station in life, than those who rose- thru that trait alone.

Humility is the ultimate expression of fear. There is nothing that is more demeaning to human spirit than HUMILITY. Humility of the spirit is when a person is thoroughly beaten by all the forces around. Moses, who was raised in the palace was weakened to such an extent in 40 years of wilderness life, that when God asks him to talk- he says he can’t. Such is the work of the forces that beat a man’s spirit to pulp. He feels that he has nothing to contribute, no purpose to achieve and nowhere to go.
In this state of disintegration there arises sometimes an illogical spirit, which if it is allowed to lead him may lead to power, but oftentimes to madness and delusion.
Rarely like moses, to a combination of both!

The lost self

For her it was going back to find -if she could find -what she had lost.

She was only sure of having lost something. But what, when, where and to whom she had no clue.
Her journey back to him was to find out if she could pick up the clues to what she could have lost.

Either with the hope that he might ask her about something which she could gather as having been noticed by him then, and now not with her.

And then retrace the time of loss, from the silence of the men who made no mention of it.
So her journey was a search trip, but the fool thought that it was a return of the prodigal for good.

He tried his best to entertain her, but he noticed her always looking for something.

An observer, instead of a participant. This puzzled him.

tackle sequence




decimate or decapitate-

but only in this order.

To practise in this order one has to have great patience,

immeasurable Trust in God and

a staunch belief in the doctrine of notice.


David importunes Uriah to go to his house, hoping probably that he would sleep with Bathsheba and hence could pass off the child as the legitimate child of the couple! When his plans failed, he sends a letter to Joab thru Uriah scheming his death. No contraceptives were available, in any case even if some quacky precautions had been taken they were not efficacious. Now, what Bathsheba did none knows.

She had ample opportunity to pervert history- being the king’s mom(Solomon), had attained a position whereby she could control the perceptions of the erudite and the knowledge of the masses! But it could be speculated that she could have threatened David- maybe persuasively that it would not be in king’s interest to be exposed for adultery!

In any case, David had decided to jump from covetousness to adultery to murder! Uriah was a brave fool, not wondering why the king should take such a great interest in him. But what amazes me is that even if uriah did not go to his house, why did not the bitch Bathsheba go and meet her husband who had returned from the front Alive!

A feminist view would be to view her situation sympathetically- that the pregnant dame was carrying the symbol of her fallen status and did not want to present herself with hypocritical chastity (it was exactly the type of hiding, that Adam and Eve went into after eating of the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, when the Lord came calling in the eventide!).
Coming to Uriah’s refusal to go home- had he got to know that his wife had visited the king in his absence (after all, Uriah was a commander in his own right too! and therefore must have had pals who had hinted). And was it the reason for his refusal to soil his pestle in her mortared unchaste pussy?

None could know the pain- except for Uriah-  had he known!
In all uriah , his wife’s child – all dead paved the way for a peaceful interpretation of history.



None has the right to pass a judgment on a fellow individual,

as he/she is a contemporaneous temple of God.

Therefore he/she is not subject to another’s set of standards.

However one has the divine liberty granted to him/her to form an opinion

-to make a choice to accept or to lay off.

This is a liberty adjunct to one’s own existence, not a right to make absolute judgments.


No doubt man’s situation is pitiable, if only he would consider and see his own condition.

But if he finds distraction and believes in it, there is salvation.

Salvation not thru escape from the condition, but thru ignoring the reality.

But how to ignore, thru belief? Yes, when the belief is matured to Faith and overpowers the perception of reality!

When such a faith dawns, he has hit the threshold of his salvation.

Sustaining that faith needs greater effort. Then the daily/weekly STARCHING of the soul begins.

The MENTAL warrior

Mother fixation in him prevented him from seeing women having sexual needs. Further complication was that, in pursuance of such needs, he could never visualize a woman, make a substantive move towards display of her immediate need.
But Time, taught him to observe that one lil motion of hers to recognize that spill over.

Time, also equipped him with the means to seize that moment and convert it into an experience of a personal nature.
But whenever such encounters were successful, he also through his behaviour showed that he was merely fulfilling her need and in no way guaranteeing fulfillment of her future WANTS!
This finesse-ing, gave him the mental experience without the bruises to his soul!


Moses realized in all his 40 years in the doghouse

that merely because the Maker was silent on the ill treatment of a fellow human, it did not give him a right to kill a man;

that mating with sisters was an abomination;

that making a brassen serpent was an exception to the commandment of making any graven image;

that marrying an Ethiopian was another exception to the rule of marrying within the jewry!

Rules are truly made by the superiors for the inferiors to follow!

The best is that the superiors are not bound by their own rules- just like the House of Lords!

Worse still is that he was able to get God’s help to bring about sanctions on the rebels like Miriam, Korah etc.

Joshua and Caleb, backed the winning horse, they both loved life and foresaw that they could take over at the departure of Moses. The Judahite (Caleb was from this tribe) gets his hill, and the Josephite (Joshua was from one of the two tribes of Joseph) gets to lead– which means he gets to set the rebellious boys against the external enemies and deflect their ire from getting focussed on to him.

Patience with perseverence truly pays.

MONETARY policy?


The means through which a woman discovers a successful man!


Zorba’s only regret was that he wasn’t old enough

when she was young enough,

to be seen as a lustful object.

When God Lies

Your conception of God, defines yr relationship, expectation and attitude towards God in particular and mankind in general.

If one were to believe that God could call for a conclave of angels/spirits and give the liberty to one to be a lying spirit in the mouths of prophets- like what Micaiah (1kings 22: 22) said, it is questioning the sovereignty of God.

God Himself may not do this to his children, but when he finds that his children have exceeded in wickedness thru willfulness than weakness, He could resort to any sovereign device. But He never uses these against the humble ones before God! God’s will be done. Period.

One more to boot!!

Women get the accent right and the idea wrong.

In men it is the other way round.


Woman! Surrender your will, communicate your thoughts, fears, hopes and schemes- but hope not to get a feedback till the work is done; silently pray for his weal more than yours;

whether u knit your soul to his or not, knit with his fortunes which engenders greater trust;

and most of all scabbard his sword but drain him not to inaction- for he is thy hope and vehicle to yr fortune and peace.

Not for nothing that Abraham was called LORD by Sarah!


While marching to each his/her grave,

this couple dripped of adoration for each other so much-

that the onlookers forgot that they too were marching to the self-same one-way destination.

Some of them started believing in a similar possibility in their own lives,

which changed the way they perceived.

Positivity spreads for the better.

HOPE of the positive is as much an illusion

As the ANXIETY of the negative.

What we LOVE shud overpower ANXIETY,

And give direction!

Oh Delilah!

When vexation strikes, efforts cease engendering loss of love for life- at the worst end of the spectrum.
Samson was one of the victims of a feminine vexation. Delilah got a job from the philistines coloured with patriotism.

Maybe she was idiotic enough not to know the consequences of her action.
She probably wanted to demonstrate to the philistines that Samson was in love with her to the point of death!

the dilemma

When u make up your mind, it is easier for God to prepare u to receive what u want.

But when u can’t make up yr mind, god has to prepare u to receive whatever u get!

can’t to could

When u can’t, don’t. But merely because u can’t don’t think u wouldn’t.

U would if u could.

Try to become capable and u could what u once thought u couldn’t.

Life is all about moving from can’t to could.


When one’s survival instinct is high and choices are few, patience is inevitable.

Hope is the gap filler to fill up the mental space created by patience!

the diff

What does one mean by calling someone a CUNT?

It is very different from calling one a DICK, in the sense that a dick can be dysfunctional- which means it is structured to be capable of erection but not rising.

But when called a CUNT, it simply means he doesn’t have the structure to rise at all. A structurally deficient person.

mom to my kids!

What exactly does the MOTHER TO MY KIDS mean?

Is it that she carried the zygote of my contribution to term?

Or is it that she quenched the heat of my passion with her carnal captivity?

Or is it that she is the Goddess who gave me an extension to my life thru an heir?

Or is it that she relieved me of my purposeless lust and made my life purposeful?

Or is it that she protected me from other women and saved me from depravity?

Or is it that she shared my ennui?

Or is it that she made me see my falsity of keeping myself in a state of mental hermaphoriditism and made me fill the form of man instead of vying with the woman within?

Or is it that she gave me the look of a responsible person who could  move with respectability in the society?

Or more? My mind can’t see more at present- should i give up seeking more reasons? Nay, not till the Almighty gives me the grace to think up!

Justice Sen

Hi Fellow liberals,

This issue is about IMPEACHMENT of Justice Sen of the Kolkata High Court. The approval of the Chief Justice of India has been obtained and in his opinion the impeachment proceedings should commence.

The Constitution of India provides for impeachment of the high court and supreme court justices, as they should be under no pressure or obligation and ought to fearlessly discharge their functions.

The Supreme court of india is NOT the supervisory body and was not envisaged by the constitution to put pressure on the justices of the high courts.

Here we have a justice who made it to the Bench at the age of 45 and in all likelihood wud have 17 years – at least at the high court and unreasonableness NOT interfering, would be elevated to the Supreme court, which wud extend his tenure by another 3 years. Therefore a 20 year stint!

If the press is to be believed, the issue relates to the misappropriation of Rs.25 lacs, when he was the receiver. This deed was said to have been done in the 90’s when he was still in the bar. The deeds of his past have come to haunt him. Bad TIMES.

What baffles me is the effort made by some other Judges to coax, cajole, pressurize him to resign. All in the name of Maintaining the IMAGE of the Judiciary. Resigning is an option available to the Justice when he realizes that he had done an indefensible blunder/mistake, and as a recourse towards absolution he finds himself unworthy of the constitutional post and moves out on his own.

But when other Brother and sister Judges put pressure on him, it is neither an act of self-realization nor an act reflecting his contrition, but a PEER PRESSURE. This act by the other judges, whether from the Supreme court or the other High courts is an act of COMPULSION.

The Judges are not unaware of the fact that the impeachment proceedings are cumbersome, besides bringing in division in the parliament on parochial/ partisan consideration. Justice Ramaswamy’s case is an evident example of the said consideration.

Arun Jaitely’s statement that the judges are chosen/appointed by the judges is ridiculous. The judges may not have a state machinery to find out the moral weaknesses/willful misbehaviour of the persons to be elevated. It is the Government, which should apply its resources to verify the character of the persons to be elevated to the bench.

The CJI has given his opinion on the issue and the matter is to be looked into by the Govt.,and further by the parliament if it were to pass the mandatory hurdles.



The inferior mind is blind to the secondary, tertiary and multiple use of a particular product or situation. The superior mind conceals the secondary, tertiary and multiple uses from the inferior mind and glorifies the primary use- so that they could enjoy the same things for other reasons and yet avoiding crowding for the same objects and situations.

It is this distinction that distinguishes the superior mind.

Down the lane comes the communist and observes that the superior mind is not enjoying the same objects and situation for the reasons that the inferior mind is enjoying. He discovers the reasons and tries enlightening the inferior mind, but it is so dense that unless the inferior sheds his denseness thru experience, it isn’t possible to enlighten them.

They are stuck to the primary use- like the Jews enjoyed their day’s repose after a day’s work slaving it out for the Egyptians. But working for building pyramids was not definitely to their glory.

The Egyptians encouraged everyone in the name of Duty. Duty towards accomplishing the task of building the pyramid. But the superior mind was devising ways of perpetuating the name of pharaoh by housing the dead ones to trace genealogy and to display the same for an un-achievable pedigree.

Moses attempted to bring that to the consciousness of the task-wearied Jews. But to no avail. An inferior mind can’t perceive the value of freedom and liberty. They were dreaming of the flesh pots of Egypt, to the freedom and ownership.


The greatest discovery, next only to Newton’s gravitation, made by a team of learned people was the BASIC STRUCTURE concept.

A discovery which limited the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS and promoted amorphous welfare of the group.

A shift from the individual to the group.

With Clarity, one can strive towards equality, but opacity brings inequality- since only the persons privy to the goings on behind the veil have access to the yardstick. Not only access, but also when vested with authority,the yardstick becomes gospel.

In group life interference is called for. But when the group, rather the rabble, infringes on the inalienable rights of the individual in the name of growth in disregard of the fundamental rights, and the Government keeps silent, it is to obliquely state that the constituent assembly had over rated the rights of the individual- as they had just got out of slavery!

Crystallization of the fundamental rights- however narrow- should be the starting point of any civil society. Day to day defining of the rights vis a vis the group objectives, leads individuals on the path of mental slavery to a system which could be taken over by lumpen elements in a democracy, all in the name of growth ( in India especially in the name of DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY)!


The cub asked the lioness, why can’t they hunt down a rhino and eat its meat. The lioness said that its meat isn’t tasty.

The cub- which had grown to a lion- met a rhino grazing alone. So, as it happened a few years after the question had occurred, wanted to find out if the rhino’s meat was that bad. So he ventured to ambush the rhino. Swiftly he clambered over the rhino and attempted a mouthful of grab, but the pachyderm in one swipe dislodged him and while still in the air, charged and tossed him in the air.

The lion scampered back to his pride, with some sensible ideas.

He fathered many a cub, and one of those iconoclast cubs asked him, ‘why not hunt and eat a rhino?’.

Said the wise old lion, ‘ its meat isn’t tasty.’ – with a silent prayer, god if my cub ventures, let him come out safe!

Some experiences can’t be transmitted thru WORDS.

But if one survives long enough, one arrives at the truth untold, yet his answer to the question, will be the same as that of the previous generation’s.


Sympathy is the most dangerous of human emotions.

It makes one feel better about oneself without saying it

or worse still without knowing it.


Stifling the throats of the human voices of norms, is a national past time! We as a nation hate standards, because we sympathize looking below and not like the Germans- who look up and hope that they could also reach the heights and hence strive! We love to sympathize and get en-webbed in mediocrity!

concealing words

She was the middle pillion on the motor bike and apparently her breasts were nuzzling against his back.

She was animatedly in conversation with her female friend behind- as the second pillion. The vivacity was not because of the topic, but the sensation stealthily felt and surrogatorily enjoyed.

new path

She did a lot of stand at ease on bed, that which started off as seeking a new experience became a meaningless habit. Now years have passed, she yearns for her past to have been more choosy and less wayward. The pining for innocence is the beginning for finding a new path and the rewriting of one’s past. This awakening is the dawn of the soul to a new morning.


She came to zorba at an age when she had not lacked in a formal experience. But the formality was not able to relate itself to the personal welling up she was encountering.

Zorba was a master warrior.

A master in that he had an impeccable sense of prediction, and a warrior in that there was an internal preparation for any eventuality. Zorba identified her deeper need. The need to not just theorize, but have the first hand sensation.

He had shunned the theory, that he could be seen as a master of experience.

He got her exposed totally that she could stand in the nude and take commands. she never once thought what zorba thought or felt. He could take her to his room and tell her to strip and squat as if she were to pee- on her haunches.

She would silently do as told without a demur or a murmur. The sense of shame and degradation she had felt as a novice wasn’t there. But a new found joy in surrender, with a sense of resignation.

He moved his fingers straight to her twat and pinchingly took the clitoridal almond between his index and thumb. He quickly squeezingly identified the – what an allopath calls analogous to the penis. The speed with which he got the spot was baffling.

The mare a bridle, the yak a nose ring and a cow a rope strung thru her nostril. But for the woman the remnant strain of a man, hidden deep in her private parts, which she has access- but would be denied unity if she played the man too!

Now she wanted him to play what she thought a man ought to. And zorba played that to a tee.

incongruent memory

Samson’s memories of strength outlived his strength,

just like some women’s memories of their beauty!


The rushing future and the receding past collide at the horizon of the present. That fleeting present is an event always etched in the past. That’s why we say i WAS(past tense) PRESENT at that time. Time flows and any happening recorded or a consciousness achieved is necessarily to be expressed in the past.

opinions passed off for counselling

The radio channel meow at Delhi has been kitschy and the pussies had emboldened the DJs to bring up for discussion polemic topics. One such was CONFESSIONS OF ADDICTION AND DISCUSSION THEREOF. This was on 8th aug 2007 at 8pm. The dj ginny was effervescently  treading on shores not familiar. Yet, when one has taken upon oneself the task of hosting a kitschy show, one has to ignore deeper truths and keep the audience on the surface.
Further the avowed espousal of women’s agenda by the channel had attracted a lot of hare brained comments from chicks who neither are competent to understand nor willing to submit to sense! Entered a stoned guy,who aptly identified himself as Monty and addressed ginny as dr. Ginny. She said she was not a dr. Monty said he thought she was. Ginny was considering that to be a mistaken fact and correcting him. In a low voice he asked if she had had any experience on addiction. When she said in the negative, he said ‘ oh it’s yr opinion’ so all yr listeners are voicing their opinions and u are just offering offhand over the counter solutions? Ain’t it? The effervescence of ginny subsided and within seconds deflated. She was led by her nose by the caller to the realization- babe quick to yr call of kitsch and do not yap on weaknesses and disabilities of individuals, esp assuming a high moral ground. The delight was the way Monty entered the show without causing any flutter and drew ginny out of her smug shell of febrile feminism, and exposed the show to be one of idiotic opinions!

Liberty to be IDLE or POOR

The only two liberties, which have not been trampled by kitschy good intention of the legislating class are the right to be poor and the right to be idle.

That is why in India one cannot find an enlightened rich man. Because if u wanna be rich in India u can’t be idle. U gotta run around and meet officials and politicians to push yr projects thru. Finally without idling there can be no enlightenment.

god can lie, if……….

Your conception of God, defines yr relationship, expectation and attitude towards God in particular and mankind in general. If one were to believe that God could call for a conclave of angels/spirits and give the liberty to one to be a lying spirit in the mouths of prophets- like what Micaiah (1kings 22: 22) said, it is questioning the sovereignty of God. God Himself may not do this to his children, but when he finds that his children have exceeded in wickedness thru willfulness than weakness, He could resort to any sovereign device. But He never uses these against the humble ones before God! God’s will be done.


Hi Guys,

One of the biggest problems MAN faces is the LOSS of INNOCENCE.

If Eve had not been aware of the proscription of the Tree of Knowledge, and still had tasted it, would it have made her guilty? rather would it have made her FEEL guilty?? I think not or at least she’d have had the defence that had she known that eating of the tree were proscribed, she’d not have tasted of it. But she was aware of the command, albeit not directly.

The GUILT makes Adam and Eve REGRESS. They are not able to come forward and meet the LORD. They go HIDING. So the point to be perceived is that Guilt is followed by a certain behaviour of REGRESSION and a sense of NAKEDNESS(Exposure to the outside forces). This is the loss of innocence, Adam and Eve had not only become knowledgeable, but have become AWARE of their CONDITION. They cannot go back. The Rubicon has been crossed.

Let us take the example of Zacchaeus (Luke 19), Jesus Christ said, TODAY I MUST ABIDE AT THY HOUSE. Jesus did not make Zacchaeus feel guilty, but His(Jesus’) mere presence made him realize his state of guilt. A sudden RUSH of awareness of his guilt- that had lain hidden and suppressed in one form or the other for a long time. I take a call on the length of time, as he could return not only the goods and money taken wrongfully, but four-fold. 400% return. It takes 5-6 years to just double yr money in the Indian context as on date, and it must have been a long time since he’d been busy extorting !

The GUILT needs to be cleaned. Everyone at some point is likely to face the situation as Lady Macbeth feels–ALL THE PERFUMES OF ARABIA WILL NOT SWEETEN THIS LITTLE HAND. Lady Macbeth and her husband had been guilty of Regicide, Parricide, etc., maybe we are not socially convicted nor have we committed such foul crimes. Macbeth’s crime was just a step away from his position. He was next only to the king and his crime before being committed wouldn’t have seemed of the dimension it turned out.

We are not any different. We are all guilty and fallen short of the GRACE- it is no mere repetition of the verse from the Bible, but a realization. Herod did not feel the GUILT after having granted the wish (John’s head as a reward to her dance performance) of Salome. Herod must have palliated his conscience by the fact that he was merely keeping the promise made to his niece (daughter of the victim of Herod’s crime)!

But when a prophet meets David and tells him of the murder of URIAH and exposes the sinful crime(as it was a guilt against God and the society), he REPENTS. Therefore, he gets to retain not only Bathsheba, but begets a son, through his victim’s wife. who later becomes his heir (king Solomon) to the throne.

The crux is therefore REPENTANCE. Herod wouldn’t repent, instead would incarcerate John the Baptist. It is that which leads him to finally meet his ignominious end.

Prior to repentance is the most important stage, which is SUBMISSION to the statement of charge brought by the prophet. A prophet is one who aids another contemporary human being to become aware of his guilt, which is not visible to himself.

This blindness to one’s own guilt is caused by our own preoccupations. Now the question is do we abandon our duties and go on a long GUILT trip and make a mess of our lives??

NO, NO and NO. The Bible has examples who have made it (obtained REPENTANCE ) simultaneously and that we shall call the DYNAMIC GUILT-SHEDDING. D V we shall deal with it in our next session

Man’s plight!!

In a man’s youth, he keeps her happy with his virility, when middle aged with his property in goods and status in the society, in the pre-geriatric stage with his property in real and in the geriatric stage with his legacy and amnesia!

Hierarchical TRAITS

In a hierarchy the persons on top are WILLFUL,

the ones in the middle are MINDFUL and

the ones at the bottom are DUTIFUL.

Mostly the trait exhibited reflects their position in the hierarchy.


In a debate in channel m tv, on gender issue a woman called anousha springs a question on a callow youth if he was a virgin?

The woman had got into a mental rut!

Virginity is a factual phenomenon only applicable to females, and truly verifiable and provable.

The question can be whether the loss of the hymen was because of a finger or something thicker. But never that it wasn’t there to start with,
poor anousha, a victim of gender equality idea, stretched beyond reality!



If women did not remind men of their marital status with such outward symbols such as marriage rings and mangalasutras, men may be encouraged to entertain adulterous thoughts with impunity against married women, on the clause of ignorance(lack of NOTICE)!

Rich bitch

If u wanna fertilize her, u gotta frig her- that has changed considerably with technology. Now if she doesn’t want to be ploughed for being fertilized, she can get the anonymous sperm and get her egg done with an og specialist. No ploughing and shoving!

Even better is to hire a woman to carry her fertilized egg to term. Biological, but no traditional hassles.

God put pleasure in that activity to aid procreation- but humans in their innovative best have made them discrete. Pleasure and procreation don’t have to go together for the willful rich!


If superior donkeys are made to assess the inferior horses, the comedy would be that the donkeys would use the yardstick that in its asinine  opinion would be ideal -to slog.

And the horses would be sniggering instead of neighing!

Believed fact?

I am asked to believe firstly that Jesus died for my sins, then converting this belief into a fact i am required to understand his compassion in dying for me.

My logic fails, but, i guess, the only function of religion is to stop human logic after a point.

Honorary husbands!!

Honorary husbands don’t have to DISCHARGE the functions, yet their wives publicly claim them to be their husbands.

The functions could have been assumed by or delegated to someone else, or the functions may be performed by a person who is in adverse possession of the wife.

Hurry up, it’s time!!

History, is what one is made to remember. One cannot take lessons from what one is not made to remember. If one spends all of his time figuring out the facts of history, he’d have no time to know and do anything. Hence Belief is the only substitution for history. Believe in SOMETHING and start acting, with faith in yr belief.

Facts of the past is difficult and Truth is impossible.

old tool, new problem

Her rebellion had been visited by smooth seduction by him and consequently  by a gradual deprivation of her mind. This state of mindlessness brought peace which was not long lasting. Within 2 days she found herself in the rebellious throes of her mind, secretly desiring a return to the state of mindlessness, being subjected to the procedure adopted by him as before.

He was relentless in his method- as he believed that his method was the only way. The fool did not recognize that his own body was mostly a tool of his mind and that the tool blunts with boredom and overuse! Ennui crept in.
A new dimension of problem to deal with.


He was the type of guy who in his penchant for stretching logic, couldn’t reconcile throughout his life that the point next to 30, in tennis, was 40 and not 45!

the crow at the Mac’s

He wanted the CROW to come up to him and perch itself on his outstretched palm. He wanted the crow to trust him. The crow is the least trusting and most alert- in the sense that any activity in its vicinity is perceived as an attempt to hurt its interest and would quickly exit.
God said, besides the nature, the crow has never been loved by anyone other than its own breed. The only way for the crow to shed its genes and memories of its experience is to overwhelm those with love. Zorba, waited with love in his heart and duly reflected in his eyes. But the CROW did not get inspired. After hours of waiting, finally grew hungry and got himself some burger from the nearby mac’s. While chomping on it, he threw a few crumbs of the patty to the crow. The crow shed a bit of its inhibition and with its usual circumspection, that the crumbs were not a human ploy to trap, he pecked a crumb and in one swift and elegant perch landed a lil away.
Zorba, felt a connection. An intended love taking the shape of love. A sort of dynamic love. Now he did not want the crow to shed its skepticism or alertness, it needed it for its survival, after all not everyone is gonna be overcome with such feelings of love for a crow- all the time. His aberration, however well intended and good, cannot be expected to alter the perceptions of years of experience,  and expectation born of it.
Zorba, touched upon a pebble of wisdom and was squeezing it to find a corner. No corner, but a hope that something solid except a sphere had to have corners, kept him squeezing it harder. Something to keep him going. A pebble and a strange love for a scavenging crow!

The bite!

He saw her twat wherein her labia was found draped on the sides of her patulous clitoris, like a bulldog’s upper lip. He thought- this has a better bite,  though toothless!

Flatter flattery

He called her an Angel.

She was exhilarated to put it mildly,

– till the day he called her the fallen woman.

Redolent of the fallen  Lucifer.






God’s grace is the teflon coating of God, from scrutiny of His relentless principles of retribution!

David upon intimation, of any wrongdoing by him,

obtained God’s grace through timely penitence and propitiation,

There is no greater shield than GRACE, and

there is no worse vulnerability THAN without Grace.


God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Yes such epithets are emotionally sustainable, but on second thoughts is a human being in a position to judge and ascribe such laudable epithets to God? No, when he has to assume his inferiority in terms of Knowledge, space limitation, Time, health etc how can he judge God and ascribe those things to a superior Being whose attributes he can’t even imagine??


God is love- naturally, as he can fear nothing, why should He not love all!

Our lack of love is more out of fear than out of our inability to love.


Free to that extent that u could choose anything, but nothing to choose from! It is the  downslide of inactivity. It is from this point that one realizes the importance of activity and starts limiting his mind, which constantly judges and refuses action through rejection. The servility of the mind is understood only at that point.

To exalt the MIND and WOMAN are the most decadent activity of the inactive!

the MCP hypothesis!!

Fidelity is most important for a woman for avoiding confusion- under normal circumstances. Confusion because, if she were to make love to more than one on the same day or thereabouts, the father of the issue may be a cause for doubt, thereby causing confusion. The least that a parent could do is to tell the child who the father is. Since it is the mother and only the mother who could certify that, it is essential that she be sure of the facts.

But if a man were to have sex with two or more women and the woman were to have it with one alone, there would be no such confusion.

Hence recommending fidelity in a woman has the effect of avoiding confusion. Thereby bringing stability to the society. But women demanding fidelity in men, has no effect other than social implications.

It is organic in a woman and inorganic in a man.


Every seed in the store is crying out to God to get it into circumstances to sprout.

All such cries aren’t answered but the seeds which have not cried out don’t sprout when put in conditions compatible.

PHALLIC devotion

Ductile duct- drawn out by slender fingers,

languorously tracing the bulbous ridge,

choking the shaft and sighting the mushrooming  glistening head,

lowers her head to get the tactile feel in the buccal vacuum.

The ultimate in linga pooja!

JOSEPH’S story!!

Did Joseph tell Jacob about his brothers’ deed of having sold him for a price to the Ishmaelites after him having become the minister in Egypt? I think so. He reported all matters to his father and to destroy his brothers’ credibility he’d have done that further he couldn’t have concocted a better story than telling the truth as to how he ended up in Egypt. Truth stated to his advantage! Or had he learnt the lesson, not to carry old and damaging tales to others, with all those terrible experiences? Maybe. But he in all probability to wangle the birthright he might have stated the fact. But what was the fact? He wrote the history in Egypt! God gives the good man the opportunity to give final touches to history.

Dual deal!!

this girl of all seventeen with her bro of twelve, went to the mall like Dinah to see around.
Her youth and scanty dress were riveting the attention of many a bull around. She parried those admiring and betimes lustful looks, with pride, coyness and sudden tingle in her loins!
She’d interact with her brother, who was accompanying her, as if she was all with him- poor fellow, little did he realize that she was doing what every woman was created to do. Allure, when willing be demure, and when ready get it manured!


The world is divided into those who Fear and those who love. Those who fear, fear the happening of a thing negatively perceived by them, consequently want to avoid those perceptions which induce fear. But those who love, want to do something or want something to happen. A thing which they positively perceive would elicit happiness, safety, security etc. The fear factor underlies all love, but the overcoming of fear, after it crosses a threshold, inspires love. The old testament predominantly exhorts, FEAR NOT. But the new testament of Christ, exhorts LOVE- the love that inspires brotherhood and allays humans fearing other humans or unpleasant situations . This was the rending of the veil- the mental liberation of fear granted through the crucifixion of the Christ. He that hath an ear, let him hear.

considered concession

The prophet Mohammed’s allowance for males to marry up to 4 females at any given point of time, as per some social scientists was because lots of widows were turning vagrants and hence to avoid that plight. I don’t think that that could have been the sole  reason. Spiritually, he probably did not want men to be frustrated by viragoes, nags and other unwholesome women, instead he wanted men to be a satisfied lot. Further a man should not be controlled by any single woman, rather he should be treated as a lord by each woman vying with the rest. Simply put woman worshiping should be shunned by the valiant men. Further, men should be given greater liberty to choose their partners without losing favor of his existing wives. Men should not be made to feel guilty because of women- simple and straight.

ALAS, it is done with!!

If u have walked long enough on the wrong path, it is a fait accompli and any amount of penance cannot wipe it off except for God. The reason- a line of action involves Time and Space. Space can be retraced, but Time cannot be recalled or retraced in absolute terms. For an outsider, the record stays!

Samson’s folly

Samson paid for delilah’s body but not for her loyalty. The lords of the philistines could not have tempted her if she had had lots of money- enough to secure her future. But samson failed to appreciate this in the whore.

a father could be his son’s son!!!

One is not able to resolve certain conundrum – for eg. Whether patience begets purpose or purpose begets patience. This type of question is born out of the belief that a father cannot be his son’s son! Patience beyond a point becomes the father of purpose and purpose beyond a point becomes the father of patience!

gotta be strong to see

One cannot see certain things if he doesn’t do certain things. For example, if a man has not acquired the physical skill to plough for a long time and the mental toughness to last beyond the woman’s antics on bed, he cannot watch her lose her state of mindfulness and see her drift into the delirium of loss of self monitoring mechanism of the mind. If he doesn’t build up that tempo, he is sure to be caught up in her wiles of pleasing, sympathising, judging, consoling, encouraging, egging etc. The man recognizes his power not thru depletion but by doing the act that presupposes depletion and controls the depletion and raises the mind -that expects depletion -to a state of mindlessness.

Luck vs. Fortune

Luck is erratic and fortune is timely. The former is not trustworthy but a boon. The latter is trustable but testing one’s patience.

power doesn’t corrupt

Lord Acton missed the mark narrowly, power doesn’t corrupt, but primarily makes one impatient and the absolutely powerful, absolutely impatient. Corruption is to cut down the time taken or to avoid the unpleasantness and thereby being bogged down. Being bogged down is getting stuck in Time. Hence wanting to avoid unpleasantness is relatable to time.

daniel’s expose of nebu’s untold dream!!

Like the dwarf stuck with his name, nebuchadnezzar was stuck with the dream. He could not utter it, otherwise the chaldeans and the jewish captives would give untrue interpretations. But the weight was heavy- to the point like the dwarf, had to cry out loud. So as he stood on the terrace of his garden and was reminiscing one of the pussies he had dilated, he called for her. She after servicing him was asked by the king what she wanted. She wanted him, but a king could never ever give up himself to a woman, so she asked him for the dream as yet untold to any human ears. He narrated the statue and the shining this and that etc. Daniel meanwhile had people to tell him who the king had been spending time with. One of the lessons that Daniel learnt early was that- make the mouth that is neighbour to the ears the king spoke, to talk. He enticed a eunuch to speak to her and casually get the details of all the private things exchanged. She, to prove that she knew something that only the king knew, said everything in great detail- not wanting to miss out on any detail. The eunuch for the gold, gave the dream to Daniel. He thanked shadrach meshach and abednego for all the help. Went to the king’s court and very ably presented the vision and whatever he thought it meant- all so far in time and proportion that it was unverifiable!
He came back with all the importance of a sharp winner. Nebuchadnezzar, had a sneaking suspicion if daniel had met the cunt of the harem. Thorough verification showed that daniel had not had a chance to meet her. Now nebu had a good night’s repose. Daniel had to keep it a tight secret. Arioch and he met with and had a pact, i help u by feeding the ears of nebu with good reports for the help. U keep the secret unto yourself. Meanwhile daniel wrote the book and therein mentioned that God revealed it to him. Of course God, gave him the wisdom to ferret out the info without leaving a trail. Smart ass daniel! The jewry as usual love incredible stories and the ones at the top know that God gets most of the things done thru human agency.


In the adversarial form, it is none of the judge’s duty to plead a point or even in favour of any party’s interest. The justices of the supreme court have assisted the writ petitioner by suggesting to him that he would have a good case, if he could file a contempt petition against the chief minister of tamil nadu for having enforced the bandh despite the court ruling against the bandh. It seems to be advisorial litigation and not adversarial litigation. The issue to be decided should have been as to- if the chief minister and the party president are one and the same, which way could he go in a situation like this. Would there be conflict of interest if he in his capacity as party chief act illegally, can he be detained under the law? if not, he should be prohibited, as the immunity enjoyed cannot override the operation of the rule of law ! Only his overt support could be taken cognizance of in law and therefore any overt act which smacks of conflict of duties ought to be judicially settled one way or the other.

collective consciousness

In fact there is no such thing as good and evil. Evil is something that is avoided by most humans as they presuppose that the challenges those arise after the choice of evil cannot be handled by them and history shows that not many who have trodden that path had been successful and happy. But when many humans choose the very same evil, the society acquires an ability collectively to handle the challenges hidden therein. Thereby collectively eliminating the insurmountable challenges which follow consequent on that choice.


If u haven’t done it while u could, u’d b having that much less memories to regret or cherish!

on second thoughts

If prima facie u don’t find something beautiful,

what u subsequently discover as beautiful is an invention,

which has more purpose than quality.


If one looks for something long enough, even if the thing didn’t exist at the time of one’s looking, he would create the thing by having looked for it hard enough!

the recoil

Any cot reminded zorba of the anvil. Like a blacksmith, he saw that as a place to lay something and hammer it into the desired shape. He had hammered many an iron willed babe into shape, on the anvil of life! But his greatest chagrin was that unlike the blacksmith’s they refused to perpetually retain the shape hammered into! The babes had to be rehammered the moment he saw them forgetting the hammering or rebellion creeping in to test his slave driver traits.


Adjusting the facts to accomodate a prophecy, is an art that is nurtured thru keeping history and looking for events to have the events interpreted in tune with the prophecy.


By the time the canvas got arranged,

the paint went dry.

By the time fresh paint was bought,

the maestro lost the inspiration.

Now the vision is desiccated and

like a gene stuck in the strand,

struggling like philomela to express itself.

beatitude- mercy

Blessed are the merciful, as they remember the mercy obtained by them.
Blessed are the merciful, as they hope that they can obtain mercy.
Blessed are the merciful, as they know that the day may not be far off, when they may seek it and having been merciful then would entitle them for it now.

devil,the needed evil

Between God and Man one needs the devil. But for which, how does one escape from guilt on one side and hubris on the other side? If when one is righteous like Job, one can’t accuse God- that would be hubris. If one is humble and yet weak how can he bear the guilt- he needs the devil to off-load his guilt . Hence a spiritual life without the devil is unimaginable as that of life without god.

beggarly elements

Besides the scientifically established gravitational force, the forces that act on one’s mind is palpable only when the will built by one thru childhood disappears. At those willless moments, uninvited those forces dawn on u. To submerge those forces any amount of knowledge won’t help, but Faith in a Belief, gradually removes one from the grip of those forces. Relating those forces to a system of planetary positions may be exciting initially and thus may lead one to believe that those are the causes and hence placating them might alleviate one’s pain if not altogether remove them. But non corporeal forces cannot be fought by corporeal force. The non corporeal force which alone helped me was the idea of Jesus, and subjugating the mind to that power.

stretch the lie

Her charm primarily rose from the fact that she put all her wares to display, but none for sale. Mere display made people think, that they could have it for the right consideration. Many offers, were received and lingeringly rejected. The display parts were kept in order and view, burnished, buffed and bouncy! She was under no illusion that the bounce and buff were eternal, but she also recognized that effort stretches the end of the Time of anything! Now and then some sly comments were reported of her discreetly by some of her cronies, who enjoyed her proximity, just to learn how she was doing whatever she was doing.


He ran after a thought that was looking for a worthy man to carry it. The thought said, ‘ u can enrich yourself by flaunting me, but u can’t defend me against other rivalling thoughts, so why want me?”

title, possession & enjoyment

He had sown in the furrows ploughed by the other.

No doubt he had saved himself of a lot of labour.

But when the reaping time came he saw his seed

being garnered into the other’s barns!

The status and title DO matter.

Don’t allow them to dawn on you at the reaping time!

the wasted question

He asked her, ‘ when she had her first sexual experience? ‘ she was not only a liberated person but who did not apportion privileges based on the gender. She said- are u asking for the first time when my hand was held and i became a jelly or when i was kissed on my hand and i turned gooey, or when i was first kissed on my lips, or when i boldly participated in the kiss that i darted my tongue into his mouth and also licked his moustache or is it the first time he held my hips and fondled my tit with one hand and kissed my naked nipple and felt his moustache as bristles on my areola, or the first time when he smote with his wand but failed to part for fear of losing what a fool like u would check to find on the day of the nuptials if i had it or not? She said i am a virgin by all physical standards- give or take a few stolen kisses and intimate rubs. This made his mind agitated, he could neither swallow what he heard nor show that he resented her indiscreet past. That would be like telling her why don’t u lie and keep me happy!

Hello world!

Hi Guys,

This relates to india. The burning issues are floods in Bihar & acquisition of land in Singur. The issue realating to Singur is best explained through an analogy by regaling a story from the Bible.

There was a king called AHAB who badly wanted to have the VINEYARD of NABOTH for the purposes of planting herbs. Naboth refused, Ahab’s countenance fell, his queen Jezebel couldn’t take that the most powerful man was not man enough to take what he wanted to have, thru guile, enticement or force.

She devices a plan with the elders of the area, gets NABOTH implicated in a case of blasphemy and gets him stoned and thus hands over the vineyard for the use of AHAB, the king of Israel. So much for the manliness- leaving it in the hands of the wicked woman to obtain what he wanted.

In India there was a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT granted by the constitution when the constituion was adopted by the people of India. In the name of stripping the Zamindars and other land lords and princes of large land holdings, the right was down graded to that of a constitutional right. Subsequently , through the LAND ACQUISITION ACT 1894 (?), the right to acquire was given to the government to acquire land on behalf of Companies.

NOW, like JEZEBEL, the govt of west bengal has acquired land forcibly from individuals and handed it over to the already cash rich TATA (AHAB)!!

The issue boils down to whether the government should interfere in the affairs between individuals who hold small parcels of land on the one side and big businesses on the other, all in the name of DEVELOPMENT. I am sure that if the NANO factory did not come up in Singur, it could have been brought up in Uttarakhand, Orissa etc.. Earlier in the name of liquidating the concentration of wealth (LAND) in the hands of the few we raped the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT. Now in the name of DEVELOPMENT we are doing the same.

The only difference is that, earlier the RICH landlords were involved and now the poor farmers are involved. Earlier we rid ourselves of a precious right without compunction, now we are impotent to revive the dead right, even though we know that the poor are involved. Are we being judgemental that the poor have only got this much right to demand for their land and when they want more, it is nothing but greed? Nay, the man who gets a life-time opportunity to make a bargain with the company, should be protected by the GOVERNMENT to drive as hard a bargain as possible. If the Jezebelite Government feels for the Ahab like companies, it should allot land which is in its own title, possession and enjoyment.

The pretext of DEVELOPMENT should not be exalted in this vast country merely for a 1000 acres, especially at the cost of the original FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT.