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Abner, despite having been the Chief of the Army of Israel under King Saul, which I believe was more because of his kinship with Saul than his fighting skills alone, DID NOT HAVE A RESUMÉ, like that of David, soon after the latter defeated Goliath.
Resumé is assiduously built based on the opportunities presented, embraced and utilised, for display of one’s skills honed in idle hours!
What stopped Abner from offering to Saul that he be nominated to combat Goliath?
Fear – Fear of losing. Lack of a Plan backed by appropriate skills. Abner had become the head of the armed forces and to indulge in a dogfight was neither befitting his stature (or so he must have thought) nor a wise move. Abner avoided, where David embraced and succeeded. That success was entered in his Resumé. David did not win wars for Saul, but built a name for himself as a protector of the Hebrew tribes. He became the alternative to Saul as a brand in the minds of the Israelites! That’s why after David ruled in Hebron, that the same Abner, for whom he had carried parched grams, figs and honey, was made to sever the matrimonial links between Michal and her enfeebled husband – whose name my subconscious doesn’t want to remember with certainty – could it be Phlatiel- was made to pimp for David “THE SHEPHERD” !
David had a Resumé, that the Jews have carried his ideals till date, under his name ‘David’.


Regret & Remorse

A successful son’s regret is that he could have done more but didn’t while his dad was alive, whereas an unsuccessful son’s remorse is that his father could have done more for him!

The greatest achievement of an individual is his capacity in having drawn Future to the Present through an idea, a principle or an act.
There are infinitesimal things to be known and to be done in the Future. Human endeavour is not merely to be functional for providing the necessities of the Present efficiently but to strive and make the efforts of humankind easier through discovery of a Principle or a Fact so that our move forward is fast forwarded with Certainty and ease. It is such discoveries and deeds which leapfrog man to the Future.

When I did not know the difference between Belief & Truth, I was believing as truthful all those things which I believed in. My belief validated Truth. What is my Belief made of? Impressions, certainty of cause and effect and occasional run ins with Scientific Facts. All an amalgam of hope/ despair inspiring Impressions; results of action/inaction; and trust in chemistry/maths induced Beliefs. The only substantive of the three above are Chemistry and Maths.
Chemistry defines the material therefore properties and the results of the interaction between different materials. But to prove that you need a system and that tool is maths – which is built on the predictability of a constant result irrespective of the mode of counting numbers. This being the provable, those who insist on scientific beliefs rely on the provability and deny the Truthfulness of anything that doesn’t provide proof little realising that the tools of Chemistry and Maths are limited to chemically composed material. Now that there are new compounds being concocted out of the elements and compounds, since there are possibilities which have not YET been invented, they cannot deny Beliefs as untruthful those which do not stand the scrutiny of their own yardstick which is expanding triggered by inventions of new materials – which have not been tested thru interactions with other material and proving the same through Maths. They cannot deny an Assertion which has not been proved wrong by their own yardstick- at best they can assert that they have either not tested it or that the results of their tests have NOT denied such a possibility.
That being the case, when all religions are based on ASSERTIONS, the margin for Liberty of Religion is huge and only a negative proof would suffice.
Does it mean that all and sundry ASSERTIONS are to be suffered till proven wrong through some scientific method? The answer is that When the society has granted the Liberty of Belief, the society by implication has granted a reciprocal Liberty to Hope, which turns into purveying of seductive future skimming off your present labour/ time.
Awareness is the only test of that Hope.
Anyone who believes that Beliefs may be true or not, but I want that belief to be true. When you run to catch it, it is a reality for you notwithstanding the fact that the reality may be a mirage, but to insist on that to be a Universal Truth as an assertion is being Cussed!
Awareness lets one live this Life, DOING things which would aid his Happiness, Health and Growth, without asserting on the wrongness of a thing without a proof of falseness to that Assertion!
Liberty to remain a fool is allowed but NOT TO BECOME a fool at will.


Liberty is not the oft walked path, yet if you are of the few, who tread that path, no one can accuse you of any criminality, yet you may be responsible for the damages – simple, whoever dares ought to go out there & try out something new😊💐💐💐

Dangerous Rum sold in TN

Read this news item appearing in the ToI on 23/10/2017. Tamil Nadu earns 30% of its revenues from liquor sales, based on a monopoly status exercised through the provisions of certain Articles of the Constitution of India. The State Govt is the licensing authority for the manufacture and the same Govt has monopoly in marketing liquor within the state of TN.

The responsibility is dual, rather their control could be exercised at the point of production as well as at the time of sale.

Let’s cut the cackles and come to the horses, it has been reported that ANCIENT CASK PREMIUM XXX Rum contained alarming levels of tartaric acid, acetic acid and ethyl acetate which could cause gastrointestinal diseases!

That the Govt has failed in its duty by not banning that brand or at least warning  its customers of the health hazards.

The wives and women of regularly drinking men have been expending their ire on the shops; and the Supreme Court had issued orders to remove liquor shops on highways much to the perverse delight of some women and wives, but what about the quality of content sold by these shops? The health hazards of these chemicals are passed off for the ill effects of drinking! The deaths and ill health caused by these hazardous drinks are billed to drinking, whereas the reality is that it is the profiteering of the distillers and the connivance and lack of quality checks by the licensing authority, who are the culprits!

Why not make an open market for liquor sales when the government, which has taken upon itself to sell and collect taxes on it has grossly abdicated its responsibilities?

Should we take the taxes collected from liquor sales and build our infrastructure at the cost of serious exposure to gastrointestinal issues to those regular drinkers?

Don’t we as enjoyers of those taxes disassociate ourselves, like the priests of yore, citing moral reasons, and allow the distillers to sell substandard products?

Let us leave morality aside and provide the minimum safe guards to those products the consumption of which we may not agree.

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