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Idle plectrum

Waiting to strum.

But the fingers Pluck

On their own,

Besides holding the plectrum

They produce a lasting twang.

But whether it is a strum or a Pluck,

The chords

Held by the other hand

Gives harmony.

Why I couldn’t care less if someone insulted my God? 

Because He was insulted before and He did not react either destructively or disruptively with the Power that He claimed He Possessed. When Dan Brown filled up the gaps of facts in the Gospel with his imaginative possibilities and even imputed that He was married to Mary Magdalene, I couldn’t care less – it was just because He once stood near a well and told a woman with multiple husbands to Ask Him of the Living Water and He couldn’t be bothered about even what his twelve disciples thought.
When He told the officials who slapped Him before the then High Priest, His retort was amazing: Why do you punish me without charging Me?

That is fundamental to all Jurisprudence today. He couldn’t care less.
When I worship a God born Human, I have no reason to defend either the Man that He was in this world or the Son of God, He claimed He was and I believe He is!
Neither can I go back to his flesh and blood times, nor would I be insulted at others tilting at windmills of my invisible God.
William Blake’s poetry could at times be very unsettling. As long as one reads TYGER TYGER BURNING BRIGHT, there is nothing but appreciation and once you touch the POISON TREE, a mystical feeling envelops us, but the moment we read those poems which logicise that if Jesus chose a humble place to be born, does it mean that he was born to the woman with the worst Character too?

Read the following from Blake’s EVERLASTING GOSPEL: 

When even a poet couldn’t stir me to revolt against utterances anathema to my belief, why would I care when hordes and savages insult the name of my God. He is the only one I know who said each would be on his own and didn’t beg for even Justice, leave alone Mercy. Does my God need me to defend Him? Not at all. He needs man to follow the path of Righteousness, He cares a fig for the rest .
I pity those who feel that their God needs man’s protection and care!
Get going, God is good and would make a comeback like the Hound of Heaven.

Achilles heel

Everyone who is faintly acquainted with the Greek mythology, knows that Achilles, who was one of the heroes of the Trojan war, had a weakness that was illogical. But many may not know the story behind it. Thetis, mother of Achilles, to make her son invulnerable held her son by his heels and dipped him in the river Styx( ?). Achilles became invulnerable in all the places where the river Styx’ water came into contact- except where his mother had held him-his heels.

The place where he was held by became his most vulnerable point.

The tragedy was not because of his vulnerability at that spot, but because his opponents came to know of it and exploited it to their advantage.

There is a parallel in the Indian epic MAHABHARATA, where Duryodhana had become vulnerable in the area not exposed to his mother’s sight, when she suffused him with invincibility except for the portion (thigh and loins?) not exposed to her view. The area not viewed by his mother becomes his weak point. Bhima took advantage of that.

I’m sure there must be other parallels in various epics carrying the same concept.

But what amazes me is the myth of Achilles. The point ATTACHED to his mother becomes the very root cause of him getting killed. It is the attachment of the umbilical cord which provides the nutrition to the child and that severance is required for the child to start its life on its own. It is cut , as we all know, at birth. Likewise, despite all the anxieties and fears of one’s mother, it is essential -for the child’s weal -that the mother lets go.

Achilles lost even the minimum natural strength, that was inherent in anyone’s heel. The point of attachment became his doom.

But why did not Achilles realize his weak spot? His mom probably never knew and never had the means to know, in any case Achilles was not forewarned.

The idea is that none succeeds where he/she endeavours to beat the natural order of things. Seeking INVINCIBILITY and therefore DEATHLESSNESS, would be against the natural order. Thetis was trying for that. Had she let go of her son, he wud have suffocated to death in the river Styx & probably Achilles would have died then and there itself and ended as a footnote to a mother’s greed!

In any case, in a man, the point attached to a woman has to be snipped at the point of integration of the self, to achieve even the MINIMUM CAPABILITY of that organ! Otherwise the very point of attachment becomes so weak that anyone having knowledge thereof wud be able to destroy him.


Aaron voiced Moses’ message

But the WORD was from God.

The Baptist voiced the message of Repentance,

But the WORD in flesh was JESUS.

They (MPs) voice their opinion in the Parliament,

But the WORD is from the President.

THE WORD is the Babel from which

spring the visual and the audio interpretations!


Aaron was taken to the hill-top,

By moses, the chosen one.

Aaron was the Communicator

Moses the Medium of Jehovah.

Communication’s to be stifled,

before the medium extinguishes!

Moses defrocks Aaron-

Aaron dies of shame.

Moses condoles,

but secures his words.


John the baptist was the voice of the one crying in the wilderness

But the WORD in flesh was JESUS.

GUILT vs. Sin

The connection between the proscribed ACT and the state of mind of the person who had committed the ACT is GUILT.

The proscribed Act could have been proscribed by the scriptures, the law or even one’s own conscience. We are making our own laws by choosing to stay with a group which has certain norms, and sooner or later we are engulfed by the norms followed or prescribed by that group. Therefore, to criticize the norms of the particular group- of which we made/ acquiesced ourselves a part of- is not gonna help us. We as free individuals have chosen- even if it had been for want of a better option.

There are religious groups/sects which make its members GUILTY.

Guilty of what? Well, we are not aware of all the laws which are in force at any given point of time. Therefore we have all fallen short of His GRACE by having infringed/ violated those laws. Merely because we are not visited upon by the sanctions prescribed immediately upon commission of the offence/wrong, it does not mean that we are innocent. We remain in the state of undetected wrong-doers/offenders/vow-breakers etc..

The issue is that the moment we commit an offence, we could become aware of our guilt or regret and feel guilty later for any number of reasons. But the ALIENATION of the self occurs only and I REPEAT only after WE HAVE FOUND OURSELVES GUILTY.

The organizations which have descended upon mankind in the guise of purifying the guilty have taken full advantage of the power of guilt:-


GUILT MAKES MEN HELPLESS(Cain after the murder of his bro Abel)

GUILT MAKES MAN FEEL INFERIOR IN HIS OWN EYES (Moses after committing murder and hiding in the desert0

GUILT MAKES HIM SURRENDER WITHOUT A FIGHT(Saul the king after he met Samuel from the dead)

GUILT MAKES HIM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK( David after the incident of the intimation by the prophet reg murder of Uriah)

GUILT MAKES MAN WILLING TO PART ANYTHING TO GET RELIEF (Zachchaeus(sp.) after he entertained Jesus)

The list is endless, but the point to be made is that prior to their feeling guilty, they never felt so – as they were either ignorant of their sin or were justifying their acts. It is in those weak moments that the sense of guilt rises and engulfs a man’s mind.

The religious groups that take advantage of the guilt have proliferated without number. The problems that we face are attributed to our sins- mostly hidden to our eyes and crystal clear to their eyes. They expound upon our sins and prescribe remedies to those sins- mostly relieving us of our properties and money!!

It is a must that we have to have an idea of sins and have the alacrity to identify them and confess it to God and help ourselves. Cain after killing his brother Abel could not bear the paranoia of death thru others, but when he approached God, God gave him a relief that the person who kills Cain wud be 7 times guiltier. God did not withhold relief even from the first fratricider- not merely a fratricider but one who killed a person who loved God and offered a more excellent sacrifice!!

The alacrity depends on 2 factors one is lack of WILLFULNESS and secondly weakness. If we are not willful we wud approach God upon intimation/realization of our guilt. If we willfully commit sins we delay our own repentance.


This Grace is like a right and it has to be CLAIMED thru REPENTANCE.

As I have reiterated in my earlier blogs, merely spending time clearing the spiritual mess we create for ourselves is not our purpose. ACTION is our purpose. God makes a promise to King David – u shall not lack a son to rule Israel: God makes a promise to JEHU king of Israel(10 tribes) that his seed shall rule for 4 generations. David was an adulterer/ murderer and Jehu was a Regicider (he killed 2 kings), yet God made promises to them because they were ACTION oriented people and consistently got rid of their guilt thru repentant action.



Entertaining a doubt is premature acclimatization of the mind for defeat!

When u don’t know how good the field is,

or how high the bar is set,

how can a competitor presuppose a negative result, instead of getting ready for it?


Can He? Reflects yr assessment of His capability as to whether he could or not.

Once this is settled in the affirmative, the next question is Would He?

Which means whether He would WILL his capabilities to be directed towards what u desire?

Now the subsidiary question is, why would He will to deploy his capabilities in yr favour?

Now u have to know or believe that He knows yr expectation and that u r worthy to receive His line of action favourable to u.

Now if He could and would, then the question When arises. Since u as well as yr desire could be limited by time, it becomes imperative to obtain an answer to this.

This is mostly to sustain yr Hope and expectation.

After this point, nothing sustains a man except His grace!


Belief is the perfect substitute to man’s imperfect understanding.

Since facts are not knowable always, structural beliefs step in to fill up the gaps.


A petty thief steals a pen and seeks God’s help to get away,

a murderer after committing a murder either seeks God’s aid in escape from capture or retribution,

the scientist looks up to God for enlightenment

– we thru our actions draw to God.

Good ones lead us to him for growth, and rotten ones to him for forgiveness, or out of fear and retribution.
To put it, we thru our actions are constantly defining our language of interaction with God.

May it be good and progressive.

DEVIL’S advocate

A devil’s advocate, primarily is a person who wants to arrive at a predetermined conclusion after eliminating thru disproving ideas and facts against his predetermined conclusion. It is a process of elimination which is the tool to carve out the adverse ideas and facts and thereby arrive at the TRUTH.

In contrast, is the system of belief where choice is made, if the ideas or the facts are in consonance. To play the devil’s advocate one needs to have enormous knowledge and the power to exclude, not the power to choose!

To become a devil’s advocate, one has to have a duality- a mind to reject and a heart to give direction. The objective of the advocate is not to gloss over the foibles, but to verify and if found true to arraign and prevent canonization of the unholy!



Hi Guys,

Sunday, therefore another day to hear the sermon and hold one’s peace at church, and to set the record straight in the blog.

The theme for today’s sermon was EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN.

We all face only one shortage and that is TIME. Had things been the way it was prior to Noah’s time, we’d have had all the time to do 2 things:-

1. to ascertain from those older than us ( maybe a Methuselah could ask for details from Adam and wud have had an un-perverted narration of facts on history) and form true opinions. and

2. not having to rely on the biased & preconceived notions of the so called researchers who look for something,and when they find nothing, they substantiate their theories with straws- which get bandied about and make the issues hazier.

But Alas! that is not to be and here we are with limited time at our disposal and unless otherwise it is our job or is paying, we do not want to spare TIME to clarify issues, which are cardinal to our being. Hence an accurate HISTORICAL perspective may not be available to me, but I am also aware that anyone else touching upon this topic wud be under the same liability.

When we talk of EMPOWERMENT, we are talking of giving a greater say in the decision making process of the systems, and to ensure that – when the opportunity is well used by those empowered- if the objectives of the systems are met and those objectives are salubrious in the long run, then those suggestions are to be adopted- however contrary to the existing system the suggestions might be.

Practically this may not be so- as the system might need revamping before such salubrious suggestions are given effect to. Then, the suggestions adopted cannot see the germination thereof. And as already stated, we don’t have time to follow through, and the suggestions languish for want of implementation.

In a church if one talks of empowerment, what is one talking of? To be a member of a Committee of Appointments for the profs in the colleges run by the church; to have a say in the spending of the diocesan funds?; to become a priest and have a say in the politics of the Christian flock? Nay- there is a Christian side to the system. If one wants to be the forerunner to CHRIST, he has to be like John the Baptist and live outside the societal comforts. No protection, gotta call rogues as vipers, antagonize tetrarchs, get one’s head served in a platter( all for the sinuous dance of Herod’s victim’s daughter- Salome).

When such were the consequences , no woman was willing to walk in camel’s skin, eat wild honey and spew venom against the powerful. But now that the years of hard work of the staunch believers have borne fruit and in the foreseeable future none might be required to do the dirty and difficult jobs as described before, the chicks are putting pressure to be closer to the honey-pot and squealing for an occasional dip in it. The worst is that, men are eager to push their women folk in front and get their agendas fulfilled thru them! So much for empowerment!!!

Woman was not made to get into the hurly burly of leading in spiritual matters, but was created to be of support to man in his endeavors.

God said I WILL MAKE A HELP MEET FOR HIM. Help and nothing more. Eve wanted to rise above the status assigned and there she opened communication channels with the serpent and REVEALED the secret of the tree of knowledge; ate of it; gave some to the MAN- whose assistant she was- and thereby created the mess we are in. It may all be symbolic, but the symbolism has to be extended to squeeze out the implications.

I do not agree with the diktat of Paul that HE DOESN’T GIVE AUTHORITY FOR WOMEN TO SPEAK IN CHURCH. No doubt, this is a passage in the Bible, but when no such PROHIBITION was given by JESUS through all the four Gospels, there is not much weight to the Paulian prohibition.

Further when the disciples tried to stifle the shouts of Hosanna, Jesus’ command was that, if these did not cry out the STONES would cry out the Hosannas. Therefore, God could make anyone a tool in His absolute will. It could be a woman too.

While Jesus was still in the flesh, there is no record to show that he chose them for spreading the gospel. That does not mean that a woman shud not become one- but it also means that we shud not make it an overt agenda to make a woman a priest or a Bishop for the sake of making a woman priest or a woman bishop. Women shud become worthy before they breach the male bastion and then fix standards for their gender. That is how it has been and that is how it ought to be.

There was this Judge named BARAK (cf: JUDGES in the Bible), whose reliance on Deborah was absolute and had to share the glory, of defeating Sisera, with her. He was warned of such sharing and consequently the reduction in Glory , yet he chose sharing. If one wants to depend on women it is nothing wrong, but prescribing it for statistical purposes and for tokenism, is a TABOO.

CHRISTIANITY is a religion for proving it with one’s life and not thru one’s acquired skills and connections! May it remain to be so and let every sane Christian uphold the same.


He after obtaining her emotional submission, would launch on the physical assault, that led her to drift from her partial consciousness to total dissolving and disappearance of the observing mind.

She was no more watching herself, much less him, she was rapidly losing herself on the onslaught of the strokes which tingled her being.

The man was observing the molten mass and redoubled his oaring, wanting to see her in that state of mindlessness!
That state was what gave him the ultimate sense of manhood.

The observer in him was severe and would not tolerate him being lethargic or giving in to the pleasures of so base a nature.
This observer within, made him a marvel in the minds of those women. They used to come out of those mindless periods, with a sneaking suspicion that he had seen them during those gaps of their consciousness- the thought that he was the author of their mindless state brought a sense of shame to them.
She would scratch him to see if he would talk about her dilapidated state of consciousness. His silence gave her a feeling that he hadn’t noticed her mindless state, which pacified her.

But her urge to get into that state of mindlessness impelled her to seduce him. He was crowned the king of her consciousness.
Now that he had mounted the tigress, he had no option but to duplicate her mindlessness. A task to which he was equal. She used to call him fondly ‘ MY GAP FILLER’ .

A true tribute to what happened, but none who heard her could sense even remotely the intensity and his dexterity of their union!

the dilemma

When u make up your mind, it is easier for God to prepare u to receive what u want.

But when u can’t make up yr mind, god has to prepare u to receive whatever u get!


The cub asked the lioness, why can’t they hunt down a rhino and eat its meat. The lioness said that its meat isn’t tasty.

The cub- which had grown to a lion- met a rhino grazing alone. So, as it happened a few years after the question had occurred, wanted to find out if the rhino’s meat was that bad. So he ventured to ambush the rhino. Swiftly he clambered over the rhino and attempted a mouthful of grab, but the pachyderm in one swipe dislodged him and while still in the air, charged and tossed him in the air.

The lion scampered back to his pride, with some sensible ideas.

He fathered many a cub, and one of those iconoclast cubs asked him, ‘why not hunt and eat a rhino?’.

Said the wise old lion, ‘ its meat isn’t tasty.’ – with a silent prayer, god if my cub ventures, let him come out safe!

Some experiences can’t be transmitted thru WORDS.

But if one survives long enough, one arrives at the truth untold, yet his answer to the question, will be the same as that of the previous generation’s.


Hi Guys,

One of the biggest problems MAN faces is the LOSS of INNOCENCE.

If Eve had not been aware of the proscription of the Tree of Knowledge, and still had tasted it, would it have made her guilty? rather would it have made her FEEL guilty?? I think not or at least she’d have had the defence that had she known that eating of the tree were proscribed, she’d not have tasted of it. But she was aware of the command, albeit not directly.

The GUILT makes Adam and Eve REGRESS. They are not able to come forward and meet the LORD. They go HIDING. So the point to be perceived is that Guilt is followed by a certain behaviour of REGRESSION and a sense of NAKEDNESS(Exposure to the outside forces). This is the loss of innocence, Adam and Eve had not only become knowledgeable, but have become AWARE of their CONDITION. They cannot go back. The Rubicon has been crossed.

Let us take the example of Zacchaeus (Luke 19), Jesus Christ said, TODAY I MUST ABIDE AT THY HOUSE. Jesus did not make Zacchaeus feel guilty, but His(Jesus’) mere presence made him realize his state of guilt. A sudden RUSH of awareness of his guilt- that had lain hidden and suppressed in one form or the other for a long time. I take a call on the length of time, as he could return not only the goods and money taken wrongfully, but four-fold. 400% return. It takes 5-6 years to just double yr money in the Indian context as on date, and it must have been a long time since he’d been busy extorting !

The GUILT needs to be cleaned. Everyone at some point is likely to face the situation as Lady Macbeth feels–ALL THE PERFUMES OF ARABIA WILL NOT SWEETEN THIS LITTLE HAND. Lady Macbeth and her husband had been guilty of Regicide, Parricide, etc., maybe we are not socially convicted nor have we committed such foul crimes. Macbeth’s crime was just a step away from his position. He was next only to the king and his crime before being committed wouldn’t have seemed of the dimension it turned out.

We are not any different. We are all guilty and fallen short of the GRACE- it is no mere repetition of the verse from the Bible, but a realization. Herod did not feel the GUILT after having granted the wish (John’s head as a reward to her dance performance) of Salome. Herod must have palliated his conscience by the fact that he was merely keeping the promise made to his niece (daughter of the victim of Herod’s crime)!

But when a prophet meets David and tells him of the murder of URIAH and exposes the sinful crime(as it was a guilt against God and the society), he REPENTS. Therefore, he gets to retain not only Bathsheba, but begets a son, through his victim’s wife. who later becomes his heir (king Solomon) to the throne.

The crux is therefore REPENTANCE. Herod wouldn’t repent, instead would incarcerate John the Baptist. It is that which leads him to finally meet his ignominious end.

Prior to repentance is the most important stage, which is SUBMISSION to the statement of charge brought by the prophet. A prophet is one who aids another contemporary human being to become aware of his guilt, which is not visible to himself.

This blindness to one’s own guilt is caused by our own preoccupations. Now the question is do we abandon our duties and go on a long GUILT trip and make a mess of our lives??

NO, NO and NO. The Bible has examples who have made it (obtained REPENTANCE ) simultaneously and that we shall call the DYNAMIC GUILT-SHEDDING. D V we shall deal with it in our next session


God is love- naturally, as he can fear nothing, why should He not love all!

Our lack of love is more out of fear than out of our inability to love.

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