That’s the best thing one could do – BEAR MARKET SHOPPING – the only hitch is that one doesn’t know the bottom of a bear market. Any fall in prices could be a downward spiral after the shopping. For example there was this friend of mine who was a fan of Infosys, his cost was ₹3000 way back in 2006. But those 15 shares had grown to 240 by 2022 that he felt that any price below 1600₹ was a kill.

So he not only bought, but persuaded by his personal example, convinced a few of his friends to buy it at 1600₹. When the price of Infosys plummeted to 1370₹ or thereabouts, he had exhausted his funds and was even under the firm belief that it might go to 700₹! The sad fact is that it never went below that 1300s!

But an Indian couple’s son in law would become the prime minister of the UK was not in any one’s thought. Now that a son in law of an Indian family is likely to reach the helm, Infosys is likely to see further gains only on sentiments. If we dig a little deep, the Pakistanis have a greater claim based on the geographical location of Sunak’s paternal grandfather!

But the Father in law and wife are both Indian born and I’m sure the

In the meanwhile Anand Mahindra, nephew of Keshub Mahindra has come up with a tweet referring to a statement supposedly made by Winston Churchill! You may, if interested, visit his Twitter account and read that tweet which doesn’t befit the standing of Anand Mahindra who had been raised in the schools at Lovedale and Harvard. Though his caveat ‘supposedly’ redeems to some extent the non verification of the putative statement of Churchill, the tweet has still used as its foundation the attributed statement for which there’s no source verification!

However, though my resources are not comparable with that of the Indian billionaire, a cursory peek into the Google throws up a challenge to the attribution of that quote to Winston Churchill– a screenshot of which I am appending below:

To believe the contents is up to the reader, but that there’s a doubt raised for a better source verification is a fact!

The WhatsApp messaging service has helped India in many positive ways but it has also spawned unverified, motivated material being attributed to persons whom one hates or likes! That such material should become a cornerstone of a tweet of an industrialist is amusing!

Let us look at it through an interpretation! There’s no date referred out the context in which Winston is supposed to have said this. Did he say this of the pre independent India or a post independent India? Did Churchill, assuming he made that statement, make a statement explicitly against India in contradistinction of Pakistan? Time to look for fact checking.