I’ve screenshot an article which has appeared in THE ATLANTIC, just to ensure that I am not left with nothing, if and when either the author or the publication removes the article, for reasons known to them. At least there would be the residue of their sources reported by them to propagate their rambling ideas, built on material which they have become privy to, but not entitled to, as a publication or as a journalist!

The whole article is by a scribe named Charlie Warzel which has appeared in The Atlantic, built on residual facts statedly emanating out of some disclosures of ‘discovery’ made in a lawsuit between Elon Musk and Twitter.

The scribe starts off by saying that “The Tesla and SpaceX CEO is currently in litigation with Twitter and trying to back out of his deal to buy the platform and take it private.”

Firstly, the use of the phrase ‘trying to back out of his deal’ makes it seem as if any person who has entered a contract should never back out of the deal and if he did, that would be a matter of great social stigma! If a contract is under dispute, whether rightly or wrongly, we may have an opinion on it and entitled to one. But when that opinion is canvassed, it becomes a propaganda; as the scribe is using a popular platform of a journal/newspaper to influence the reader, who could be reading the article as a news item for the first time, or the scribe may be aggregating those who are holding a negative opinion and involved in the creation or accretion of persons to amalgamate them into an opinionated and misinformed irresponsible crowd!

In a Democracy it is all allowed, but when a counterpoint is not presented, such type of journalism gets undue coverage enveloping the electorate with one sided views.

Firstly, the Delaware Chancery courts are seized of the matter and it is they who could pronounce an authoritative declaration as to whether the non performance of the conditions in the Contract is enforceable or damages awardable!

In the meanwhile, drumming up support is one thing but slyly denigrating a person’s reputation is another thing.

I think that Charlie Warzel is doing the latter. Good for him- at least some hydro carbon guys would pitch in and pay for his potboilers!

Discovery is a process in civil matters, especially when the Plaintiff who claims equitable relief and the Defendant who is ranged against the Plaintiff have to show that their hands are clean and therefore anything relevant in subject matter and Time should be laid open for the other side to rely on!

In such a process, there are hyenas which steal those salacious crumbs and bandy those crumbs as facts. Charles Warzel has just done that.

A mobile connection is a secure and more often an encrypted data exchanged between persons who communicate using the telecom facilities. They are private, but in these processes of Discovery, the picture may not be complete. To cite an example, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pitchai has stated that he has twenty or thirty mobiles at his residence. If Google’s CEO, who has no investment skin in Google, except through ESOPs received over the years as an employee and as compensation/ incentives given to him as the CEO, by the company, how much more mobiles could have been in use by an Entrepreneur CEO of multiple multi National companies engaged in cutting edge technologies? Did the pen pusher Charlie Warzel have access to it to provide a holistic picture? Nay.

Let us advert to the blather of the Pen pusher to the contents as understood by him from those ‘Discovery processes’! The pen pusher is talking of the contents of others, which in his opinion are sycophants. Assuming that Elon encourages those types, would it not still be a matter of great credit that Elon has not fallen for all those buttered words and squandered his resources?

When many crony capitalists have through public money, borrowed from public banks, built their commercial empires and call themselves unashamedly ‘richest billionaires’, is it not a matter of mettle that Elon had sold his ideas to venture capitalists, and fund managers to invest in his ventures thereby participating in the profits and losses of Elon’s entrepreneurial ventures of avant garde type?

The way a man made his money is more important that how much he made.

Elon has shown not just the way, but has triggered the imagination of a whole new generation with the idea that the limitations laid down by the previous generations need not be believed as Gospel and that HUMAN EFFORT can always take mankind many notches above the normal organic growth. It is that for which Tesla has the market valuation surpassing the combined value of the next two companies in that domain.

Anyone can write, but there should be not only fairness but one should also see if one’s sources of facts are reliable and complete before daring to calumniate a person of such technological innovation, entrepreneurial success and a Redeemer of mankind from the hands of false accountants and business graduates of dubious integrity.

Relent, Pen pusher Charlie. Again I say Relent.