There are many shares in the stock market which do a peacock dance to attract the gullible retail investors who have been fed overnight with dubious analysis of stock market data by the mushrooming YouTubers.

These retail ‘investors’ without understanding that YouTubing is only an ancillary industry purveying attractively packaged spurious stocks, rush in and buy those stocks on the first bell emptying their anxieties of missing out by disgorging their bank accounts.

The smugness lasts till the last trading session of the day when the traders dump and exit leading to a glut and a consequent fall in stock prices.

Thereafter, the post coital palliatives are purveyed again by the YouTubers in the next night – keeping the ‘investors’ in an anxiety of hope.

The end game is that from the geocentric anxiety of the fear of missing out the retailers are hushed into heliotropic anxiety of unexpected future gains!

Time flies, Hope continues to feed their expectancy – the clever trade on others’ margined money and live on a state of equilibrium.

If one is small, reconcile with your smallness and make continued small calculated investments and like a Banyan seed would take time to sprout and grow in stature, but surely would withstand the storms and vagaries of the stock market!