It is well known that after Apollo XI there’s been no landing on the moon by man. Rather the discovery was that spending tax money on discoveries impelled by curiosity and arm flexing, was not sustainable. And the result was Space agenda went into hibernation and countries with lesser resources started desiring to put their satellites in orbit for communication and other profitable purposes!

Then lands Elon Musk.

What were frontiers in science- costing much to explore, fraught with risks of heavenly proportions was taken up by an individual. Should one call Elon Musk an individual? Nay- an INSTITUTION.

Greed of money would have made Elon Musk to start with the cost benefit, but that was not his script. That would have been a typical MBA’s method of doing things- neither is the money the MBA’s nor any skin in the purpose hence no risk.

Elon Musk’s passion drives him to understand the technology, The wheel has already been invented, therefore it is just the cost has to be rationalised with technological men and material. Done.

What’s Elon’s greatest contribution to mankind as yet?

If an entrepreneur meets the Surface Transport Minister of a country and asks him merely to provide him with the plan for auto bahn roads throughout the country and the Entrepreneur paves the whole country with roads using a technology which didn’t take much time to lay and pave the roads and states that the Government, without spending its tax money on laying roads could collect toll taxes for enriching the government coffers and for the maintenance of the newly laid roads, wouldn’t the whole country be happy?

Faster locomotion of goods , quicker reaching of destinations, more commercial outlets on the sides of the roads- motels, shops, cinema, malls etc. That’s what Elon Musk has done to the world.

All this, Elon Musk has done to Space not only by NOT plundering the tax money, but has created options for mankind to put satellites in orbit at Will and at attractive prices so that the income therefrom becomes a source of income for a suite of sustainable businesses!

That Elon Musk is the richest man on the Earth shouldn’t be an eyesore for any sane individual.

Unlike the MBAs who broke the skull of toads to mine that Shakespearean jewel and peddle it to some willing buyer at fantastic cost of an useless showpiece, Elon has DONE, what every human being would realise that it was Elon who helped us leap from the tax money to viable business models on Frontiers in Space Exploration.

Below is the launch today 19/06/2022. Isn’t it a matter of great joy that we, in the comfort of our homes, are able to see the space travel with precision?

Is this not a superhuman achievement? It was a delight to watch, how quick man could leave the Earth and take an outsider’s vote of it.