On the coconut tree, facing my house, on the top branch sits a kite cranking its neck up, down, above and below. Watchful with predatory eyes and announcing its presence with its trill.

On that branch of the coconut tree sneaks a crow and shares the perch, with the imperial kite.

The kite has a job to do – to protect its young one, which is tentatively perched closer to the coconuts, helplessly watching its parent kite and assuring itself periodically of its protection, from those scavenging crows, by looking at its parent kite.

Those crows believe that coconut tree branches are their natural perch, but for want of better height, kites have made those coconut trees their home.

The kites and crows have their opinions of the coconut tree top. The crows believe it is their natural home, but the kite believes that when higher positions are unavailable, the crows have to make way for the kites to make its home.

The kites when they have to protect and nurture their young ones, have a dual duty of guarding as well as procuring food for itself and its young ones. The crows sniff the kite’s predicament- and the scavenging crows after a good feed- perch on the same branch as the kites, to bask on the vulnerabilities of the kites.

City scapes have deprived the kites of their high altitude perch and have to choose the transmission towers or coconut trees.

When need strikes, perches are shared- even among unequals!