The newspapers are abuzz with the news items that since COVAXIN has not been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), except by 9 other countries, the rest of the countries would not allow Indians to enter those other countries which have not recognised COVAXIN based on the yet to be received approvals by the WHO.

This is the hot news today 23/05/2021.

Let us see the status of the two vaccines which have been approved for use in India; they are Covishield by Astra Zeneca in collaboration with Serum Institute of India and the other being COVAXIN by Bharat Biotech.

To understand the status of each of these two vaccines accepted for use in India let us visit the website of WHO, which tells us a little about the processes involved and the present status:

In the above table, please refer to the serial numbers 4 and 16, they refer to the vaccines approved by the DCGI, which is the abbreviation of Drugs Controller General of India. Sl. No. 4 deals with Covishield and the final approval had been granted on 15/02/2021, whereas the status of COVAXIN under the column head “PRE SUBMISSION MEETING HELD” is mentioned as “to be planned May, June 2021”.

So one can understand that COVAXIN is under the consideration of the WHO, which has not been brought out in any of the news items appearing today – strange are the ways of the mainstream media. They don’t bother to check with the WHO website, from where any diligent person could get those facts.

While the process is still on, as of today, an anxiety has been let loose on the Indian public that in the absence of having been vaccinated with Covishield, aspirant students who want to study in any country other than those 9 countries which have recognised COVAXIN, may not be admitted into those countries.

Stop stop stop…

Which of those other Universities have mentioned in their admission brochures that those who are NOT vaccinated by any of the WHO approved vaccines would be ineligible for admission?

Secondly, have the Governments of those Countries, where those Universities are situated, enacted that those persons who have not been vaccinated with WHO recognised vaccines for COVID would NOT BE ALLOWED into their Country?

I guess not.

So who is behind this anxiety driving agenda?

Elementary, look for who benefits from this anxiety?

Covishield manufacturers and the promoters of Covishield vaccine, and those who are interested in the failure of Bharat Biotech! The first would benefit, if it remains as the only cock in the yard – it can create monopoly. Secondly, there are many new entrants such as Dr.Reddy’s Lab, which have also entered the fray. Pfizer had always been on its wings, so it could benefit anyone of those, or all of them. Further, these new entrants are faced with a new finding in favour of COVAXIN that the vaccine is efficacious against certain new strains, therefore jealousy cannot be ruled out. Therefore this news item is to be viewed with a lot of suspicion!

But there is already a story in the public domain that Covishield has huge order book both from India and abroad and that there would be no need for taking any further orders! What about the new entrants?

Good idea, but there is an abiding economic principle which says that demand drives up the cost, so why not build up your order book and make the product more expensive?

Secondly, the thicker the Order book, the easier it would be for the company to raise cheap money from the Nationalised banks, which in any case have been not so prudent either in their norms of disbursal or in their pursuit of recovery.

By the way, an event happened in the past few weeks, which has been suppressed by the mainstream media, which is the DEATH OF DR.K.K.AGGARWAL – due to COVID.

I am just curious to know, whether he was vaccinated and if so, which of the two vaccines was used?

There has been a lot of talk stating that once vaccinated, with either of the vaccines, the severity of the disease would be mitigated and that surely death could be avoided – Oh, yeah?

What is the basis of these assertions? When cornered, the Latin spewing allopaths state that the morale is very important and hence alloying their treatment methods with a little cupric lies would enhance the morale! Oh, yeah?

If so when the Siddha, Ayurvedic and Unani practitioners purvey faith based on their beliefs of efficacy on their concoctions, from where do these allopaths get the nerve to condemn them?

Let us build MODESTY in propagating the efficacy of the vaccines, at the same time tell everyone that as on date being vaccinated may provide better protection than not being vaccinated.

Secondly, let us propagate GOOD HYGIENE and COVID appropriate behaviour.

We know very less and even those practitioners who are supposed to be following the scientific principles are not only not sure but CANNOT be sure of any infected case, as the infection itself hits only @2% of the population and out of that only a few get into real bad situation and meet their end. So not only that those so called physicians know not, they are caught in the cusp between sure knowledge and evolving research, which also they know not.

Let us in the meanwhile also recognise that these two vaccine purveyors, along with those new entrants, are business houses and working on profits. To be drawn into their agenda is unsavoury for our health. If the Government has provided only two vaccines, let us get vaccinated and maintain good hygiene and COVID appropriate behaviour with the HOPE that God would be on our side.

Nothing more, nothing less.