After going through all the nonsense relating to the covid vaccines, i have to paste two screen shots which are two parts of the same write up in a media report:

This means that as per a study, for 5,000,000 persons the total number of instances at the rate of 1 case per 1000, the total number of such instances ought to be 50,000.

Now let us get back to the previous paragraph, which is as under:

So out of 5,000,000 people who had received AstraZeneca vaccine, there were only 30 cases of ‘thromboembolic events’.

Now of we use our logic, in fact in the normal course there should have been 50,000 cases on a population of 5,000,000 whereas only 30 persons had had ‘thromboembolic events’ ! What a miracle!!

If nothing else, the vaccine appears to have avoided ‘thromboembolic events’ in respect of 49,970 cases on a conservative average.

Should we not celebrate this?


Statistical b.s should stop somewhere.

As it is, the greatest principle is that do not apply the general principles to the particular and vice versa.

Where are we heading with corporatised policy making?

The context: