There is bound to be a super bull or a super stallion in every farm. But the farm owner does not want to give the credit to the Super bull or the super stud for having sired the pedigreed offsprings. Hence the stud farm owner collects all the semen from these studs into numbered straws and keeps it frozen for further staggered sale and building up a brand name for the farm.

The bulls and studs are NOT INTERESTED IN the farm owner’s artificial insemination processes or his commercialisation. The bills and stallions are interested in the Cows and Mares.

Get the Cows and mares into the farm, the studs want to perform NATURAL INSEMINATION to not only spread their genes, but also to let the cows and mares know who COVERED them. Covering is important than SIRING!

Leave an imprint or so the Super Studs mused.
One day the Studs saw that the farm owner was speaking respectfully, to the point of obsequiousness, to someone at the other end. The Studs were surprised and launched on who that person at the other end could be who could elicit such obsequiousness from their master.

Some days later it was rumoured that the farm had been sold and that a new Entity had bought the farm. The Studs got to know that whom they believed to be their owners were nothing but FARMHANDS who had been given the charge to maintain those Studs well and generate income to the farm.

The Studs realised on that day that the whole income of the entity, had been derived only by their activity! All that opulence and show which the farmhands indulged in, were out of the channelised and commercialised natural urge of those Studs.