He entered the field with a sickle;

And i with my seed bag.

The fields were boundless

He put his sickle to the harvest

And i to the ploughed fields.

Both rested our nights

In the languorous comfort of our homes.

I met him with his sickle

And me with my seed bag.

I sow and he reaps.

Neither the sheaves he reaps are his,

Nor the seeds i sow are mine!

The owner of the fields

Had assigned our tasks.

I may go with empty hands

At eventide;

And he with sheaves on his shoulders.

Neither the seeds that i brought

At Dawn were mine,

Not the sheaves at the even

Were his!

But i complain that he steals my Labour,

And he thinks he’s smart!

Each to his Labour

And plods his way back home!

The indelible ledger

Is reconciled and wages meted

In Full, if not here,

Then there.

There’s another who invests

And contracts the Labour

Of the innovator.

Innovation is the investor’s,

The credit for innovation

Is the innovator’s.

The investor obtained patent

And monetised,

The innovator improved his CV.

Investor assumes it balanced,

But the indelible Ledger,

Maintained by the Divine,

Has its own algorithm.

It’s reconciled in Full,

If not here, then there!

The priest who preaches brimstone,

Gets his tithes.

The payer has diluted his guilt,

The preacher is busy

Making legal heirs to the

Undistributed tithes.

The Preacher calls it a blessing,

The payers, feel relieved.

Yet the accounts are not closed,

In the indelible ledger.

It is reconciled in Full

If not here, then there!

Is there a ‘there’, at all?

Asks the rationalist.

The seen is what there is!

Nothing more, he asserts.

Fool, there’s more to the seen

Than what’s been seen!

The indelible Ledger

Opens to reveal the

Self blinding reason!

The ledger says:

“It’s not there, but here”.

When the There becomes the Here,

To be ready

Is all that God leads us to.