One of the Truths I had personally discovered and I believe firmly is that KNOWLEDGE CAN WAIT, BUT POWER WOULDN’T.

Knowledge is interconnected and to use pieces of information to form a fabric would give its structure. Knowledge accretes and becomes a part of the cause and effect continuum.

Notwithstanding the Oracle of Telmessos, Alexander never thought of cutting it till he discovered that there was no KNOWLEDGE available then to untie it. In fact the knowledge that had emerged by then, after many attempts by many at untying the Gordian knot was that, if one were to set a strand loose, another end would end up into a knot. That experience precluded the assumption that THERE HAS TO BE A WAY TO UNTIE IT.

In fact experience of Alexander and his knowledge of those who had tried and failed, impelled him to take a decision. Had Alexander the Great allowed the presumption that “THERE IS A WAY TO UNTIE THE KNOT AND IT IS JUST THAT I HAVE NOT DISCOVERED IT” to survive in his mind, he would probably have untied the knot later or would have left it to the posterity to succeed within those rigid terms of ‘untying’. But the MILITARY POWER that stood behind him, wouldn’t brook such a thought.

Asia had to be conquered, ‘if not now, how would any Emperor ever be vested by providence with so much success with military POWER to fulfil the oracle’ Alexander must have thought. Alexander ensured that he fulfilled the predictions of Telmessos, NOT by untying the Gordian knot but by cutting it or probably by removing the lynchpin. Either way, the ‘untying’ was not within the rigid framework of knowledge or skill as had been supposed.

Could a man of limited means have survived with such a thought much less acted so? Nay!It needs a Conqueror with an indefatigable army to do what Alexander the Great did.

Now the cognoscenti interpret that there are ‘inextricable’ problems which do not need knowledge and skill to ‘extricate’, but the Power to cut and delink the cart.
Gordios’ good fortune of having rode into Phrygia on an ox-cart when the people were waiting for the oracle to come to pass, might have been serendipitous for Gordios, but the cutting or removing the lynchpin was based on the confidence of the military POWER of Alexander.

This cherry picked example of mine proves that Knowledge can wait, but Power won’t.