Adam just didn’t lose being in the Garden of Eden, laden with a curse and having to sweat his brow for a living before being declared dead – Adam lost an opportunity to become the Interceder with God on behalf of the Woman!

Just imagine the situation immediately after Eve had been enticed by the Serpent, to taste of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, and after having taken a bite, when she offered it to Adam, if only had he remembered the Rule: Didn’t God tell me that i should not eat from that Forbidden tree? And was that proscription not applicable to you too?

The woman would have given the same explanation to Adam which Eve gave God.

The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.”

Adam could have asked: How did the Serpent beguile you? And Eve would have meekly given a gist of that clandestine conversation she had with the Serpent:

The Serpent asked me: Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

Adam would have interjected: So did you tell him which tree? The Serpent did not know which Tree was proscribed by God. Did you give away the details, to that slithery creep?

Eve would have said: i am sorry, i thought the Serpent fore-knew which tree was proscribed, as the Serpent asked me if i shall not eat of every tree in the garden.

Adam would have asked, What did you say?

Eve said: i told the Serpent “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.”

Adam could have said: WE? Why did you involve ‘me’ in that slimy conversation, of yours, with that wily fellow?

I had told you that God had commanded me not to eat of a particular tree in the Garden, i had shown you which tree that was and now you are offering me a fruit of that very tree, after having consumed a fruit from that tree?

At best you should have told the Serpent that Adam had informed you that God is supposed to have commanded Adam, not to eat of that tree, and as agreed between us, even i was bound by that Commandment.

Why did you share those details, which you were made privy to, as i had chosen you as my own flesh and blood, when God presented you before me? Don’t you remember that i was in this very Garden for so long without you, and yet it never crossed my mind to try that proscribed tree?

I refuse to hearken to you to eat from that Forbidden tree and i would rather keep the Commandment of God, than show disobedience to what God had commanded me personally, long before you came into existence!

Eve stood like ever before Adam, but felt a sense of shame creeping all over her and said that She was naked.

Eve ran for cover to hide her sense of shame, which was overwhelming. Adam would have taken pity on the plight of Eve and made her comfortable with fig leaves.

And in the cool of the evening when God came, Adam as usual would have met God and interceded on behalf of his fallen Wife.

May be the most merciful God would not have driven out Eve, for the sake of Adam’s OBEDIENCE. Maybe the Men would have had to live with the fallen women and stitch fig leaves and clothe them, to keep them from being ashamed of themselves, while men would have been in the Garden of Eden, walking without knowing what is good and bad; and consequently without a sense of guilt- and probably meeting God daily in the cool of the evening.

Adam, blew up all that? Eh?

No not at all.

Each man would have been confronted with another Eve, who would make a clandestine conversation with a wily Serpent, and after being enticed, would have eaten of the Forbidden Fruit and be offered of the same fruit and been confronted with the same challenge that Adam faced once: Whether to appease the woman companion or implicitly obey the Commandment of God and REFUSE TO PARTAKE IN ANYTHING RELATING TO THAT TREE OF KNOWLEDGE, would have been a perennial challenge!

The challenge is eternal, if that Adam had not brought us down to the Earth, someone else would have!

There is only one UNFALLEN ADAM and he was hanged on the Cross. The Man who asked: “Woman what have i to do with thee?”, When His time had not yet come. He brooked no coercion even from His own terrestrial Mother.