The best part and the worst part of Power is that, a person with Power can make Assertions without having the burden to prove his assertions in limne.

It is the Challenger who has to disprove that the assertions were erroneous and false. But the person with Power could take his assertions to nuanced meanings, in a language, which only he knows and controls.

But these assertions would finally be settled only through Science – science which empowers sees, the falsity of such assertions and deploys its destructive counter-power to destroy that power which had propped and supported the wilful falsehood.

But no idea, however perverted can be decimated as there would be an element of Truth, which gives it the power to survive dormantly and revive itself in conducive environment.

When the conducive environment arrives, these dormant wilful ideas creep out like snails, with its antennae up, testing the grounds again for spreading its slime. The moment it finds a challenge, these ideas curl up into their shells ruminating on a glorious Past with a Hope for an even more glorious Future.