Strange as it may seem but true, that the palace had for its guard a few weak Pomeranians with even fewer Dobermans to support those Pomeranians.

The Dobermans had been fascinated by the fluffy white coat of the Pomeranians and had put themselves at the service of their master, who interacted with the Dobermans only through the Pomeranians. The Pomeranians were the Lapdogs but the Dobermans were guard dogs. Therefore the Pomeranians were used as a go between the Royalty, which occupied the inner sanctum of the palace, and the Dobermans.

These Dobermans were true to their salt but not true to their nature, they had aligned with the Pomeranians to serve the interests of the Royalty.

The master was pleased with the arrangement as the Dobermans could guard their campus like any guard dog, but they didn’t have to be fed or treated as a Doberman, as they had been emasculated of their pugnacity and belligerence by the suaveness of the Pomeranians.

The Dobermans had neither been fed with proteins, which they were used to, nor were they allowed to interfere in any disputes that arose among the Pomeranians. Even in the fights that arose among the Dobermans the arbitrators were the Pomeranians. Thus these Dobermans had lost their muscle and their power of judgement.

The prospects of food security had led these Dobermans to serve not only the docile and cunning Pomeranians, but had lost their connectivity with their genes which has been isolated and purified by the Germans over a period of Time. Alas! The Dobermans have no master whose call they heed, but listen to the intermediary Pomeranians and do their bidding and wag their tail-less behinds.

The milk and other vegetarian foods consumed over a period of time have ensured that these Dobermans secrete less acids in their gastric juices and have become a breed, that has the coat of a Doberman, but the cunning and docile brains of the Pomeranians.

The Pomeranians, in their exclusive enclaves, gloat over the transformation that they had brought about in the mordant Dobermans and how these few Dobermans are used in keeping away the true Dobermans which roam the streets around the villages, towns and cities of their country.

The true blue Dobermans are watching the Dobermans which have sold their birthright like Esau, to the cunning and Jacobean Pomeranians, though hirsute!

The Greeks have entered the Trojan horse, it is to be seen if the the horse would be dragged into the city and left for plunder and pillage by the foolish Trojans. Beware the gifts of the Greek.