Once a mounting Eagle sighted a moulting Eagle perched on the crag of a rocky mountain top.

The Eagle on its wings asked the moulting one why he was idling; and was it not a sunny day to mount the thermals, and sight those rodents and rabbits from above and make a meal of them by swooping down with delight?

Said the moulting Eagle: Days of yore were spent thoughtlessly, never mindful of these moulting days, which come to pass to all eagles. I asked the same to those moulting ones then.

They replied in silence, holding dear to those memories of their mounting days.

Hope is what I draw from those eagles which soared again; but on the other side close-by lies Despair, when i remember the carcasses of some of those moulting flightless eagles, done in by the cougars then.

Hoping still, but Despair and Fear is not too far either.

Times have to be experienced, but memories keep us grounded and help us keep our mouth shut when we sight those in misery.