Can there be a more ridiculous statement than this in a democracy?

The constitution of India split up powers – both Legislative and Executive into the Lists. List 1,2 & 3.

Any person leading a legislature can at best make laws and get them implemented within those prescribed powers only. That’s all that is granted to him. But i saw a Chief Minister make the above statement.

This statement is the mindset of persons who are there merely to make laws and implement them. But their language is that of Feudal Lords.

‘My people’ – are these persons ruling by divine right?

Whose people are these so called ’my people’?

They are the electors and he is an elected representative. By this statement the fellow makes it seem as if he is outside the ambit of ‘My People’. He comes with an expiry date to his legislatorship and he seems to have forgotten that.

Covid is unfortunate, all efforts are being made within the permissible limits with the available resources. Each individual is battling his own battle, and the person who has been elected and chosen by his party representatives, to head the executive branch of the Government, cannot talk like Moses leading his people from the clutches of Pharaoh under a Divine Right.

When i hear these kind of feudal sentiments, my blood boils. When they talk these kind of words they think that they are appeasing the public- they are not. They are merely reinforcing that the electors are merely slaves to those Feudal Lords.

Beware these patronising statements which subliminally belittle the individual and the collective choices made by them for a very limited purpose.

I have to say LET MY PEOPLE GO.